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  1. JUICY INFO: from SashFactor

    From SNOW QUEEN:

    As I write this thread, MJ Lastimosa is having a non-stop chitchat with her Fairy Godmother about her current situation in Doral, Miami. If you have seen this from any other sites, they copied from here:

    1. She is having a superb time in Doral and is enjoying every activity. She has been swaying her hips endlessly during the Welcome Event!

    2. She also danced during the Pelican Party. When the girls started the rigodon dance, she also joined.

    3. She is very nice to all the girls. She always says hi and hello and she always show her super smile.

    4. There are girls who aren’t very friendly to the other girls but she just ignores the thought. She always make an effort to talk to other girls.

    5. The front-runners are very well-trained in terms of their smile, walk, and speaking. Hers is ‘competitively poised but relaxed’ so that she will not look stiff nor trying hard.

    6. The reason why she didn’t put make-up as seen with her picture with Miss India is because she just got out from the gym. India requested to have a picture with Philippines and being friendly as she is, she granted the request sans make-up.

    7. There are no Special Events yet for MJ. It’s still too early according to her and MUO hasn’t released any schedules for girls yet. She will inform us immediately if something comes up.

    8. MJ loves us all, especially to her loving and supportive fans. Every minute and every second, she always thinks of the country and the fans because ‘ang laban niya ay laban niyo rin’.

    9. MJ is enjoying the journey. She doesn’t want to think of any stressful thoughts. She is asking for our prayers.

    10. She said ‘Laban Pilipinas’.

    11. There is a ‘mistery’ to the shining, shimmering, splendid white gown!

    12. She has not seen the National Costume yet so she doesn’t have any idea what it finally looks like!

  2. Ang dami talagang haters ni MJ… mostly mga kapitbahay… they’re putting photos of MJ next to a horse… tapos they’re publishing them on instagram and such… how did we even gain so many haters? to be specific bakit naging rivals natin ang Thailand and Indonesia?? We’re al asians, dapat todo support tayo sa isa’t isa. Look at the Latinas, great comradery..

    Kaya nga nakakatakot eh, what if MJ wins nga, baka ma-Boo pa siya ng audience… tapos ang dami pang latinos dun…. eh dami ring latinos na may-ayaw sa Philippines. tapos mga personality pa nga nila, mejo bastos… kaya baka kung ano pang magawa nila sa finals…

  3. here you go FINALLY Phils EG ! ( well… at least according to the band wagon it’ll be white 🙂 )

  4. bid for the million dollar smile starts now ! … abree breet brataatreet 1.1 lady in red …. abree breet brataatreet 1.5 guy in pink …. abree breet brataatreet 2mil guy in mankini ….. SOLD 2.5 lady in red !

  5. I think Argentina and Spain will be the Latinas to watch out for. Merong rin colonial mentality ang mga Latinos and these two consider themselves European and not Hispanic. A victory by either country would still please the Telemundo market without starting the nationalistic bickering of the former colonies of the Americas.

    • In the Latin world, a hierarchy exists based on how fair you look and who conquered you. When Spain comes in, all Latin countries step aside. But without Spain, all Latin countries based their social status on complexion.

    • MU 2014 (to be crowned) = Lady in Gold. MU 1986 (co-host) = Lady in Gold.

      It’s a sign!!!

      (Please no Barbara Palacios v. MJ comments please. Just enjoy both na lang!)

  6. Sa tingin ko nasa usa, mexico at pilipinas ang laban. D nila ma.ignore ung usa kasi grbe ung special treatment, inaalagaan ng husto.

    • Hahahha kulit ni MJ tingnan lolz! Yan ang pinoy! Go MJ! Consistent lng to the end 🙂

  7. TH super trying hard si venezuela!! Annoying na sya !! Well at 19 so bata and KSP and childish ang peg!

  8. Ganda nila MJ, Brazil and Spain! si Venezuela maganda, pero parang may something. she doesn’t look her age.

  9. Mars, wagas ka nman kung makabakulaw. Jusko, ano na lang aq kung mukha syang bakulaw. 😀

  10. Miss Mexico 2014 reminds me of Miss Mexico 1994 Fabiola Rovirosa beauty…..top 10 will do.

    • May nakita akong insider info sa MU dun sa sash. Sabi may espesyal na treatment ung home candidate at mexico

    • Ha ha ha,,,wa epek pala ang APD
      Kailangan ng ikulong sa basement with latigo q.i.d. 🙂

    • Nope:-) takot nlang ng mga may sayad sa akin na di tumatalab ang APD kagaya mo. lol
      Kaya better see ur doctor before it’s too late 🙂

    • Yes…may mga telenovela sya……..after sumikat nila Marimar…etc..etc..si William Levy ang sumikat na sunod at madami din telenova…pero nagkaron ng Korean Invasion..kaya nawala mga telenovela from Latin aMerica

    • INFO: William Levy Starred in a Mexican Telenovela aired in ABS-CBN: “Maria De Jesus: Ang Anghel sa Lansangan”

    • Medyo ngarag mukha ni mj dun sa red pantsuit pics nya..nagmukha syang ate, or principal na aatend ng pta mtg..peace!

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