52 comments on “Rathi Menon of Singapore: Will the Ines Ligron magic work on her?

  1. Binabawi ko na lahat ng sinabi ko since friend pala nya si MJ…. I love this girl from now on!

    • I just don’t like the pattern of the gown… Who ever designed it does not understand the body of a woman. He or she placed the curves of the patterns all at the wrong places… Ines should’ve seen that.

  2. Ka-shokot talaga ang last picture ng babaitang itey! ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy Halloween! Dapat sa Trick or Treat na lang sya kasali not in Miss Universe. LOL

  3. You can’t deny, though, that Ines knows how to make her girls be noticed. Singapore and Indonesia were always under the radar in previous years, but this year they’re getting come attention. In my opinion, Ines is a godsend to Asian countries. I want all the Asian girls to succeed! Tama na ang domination ng mga Latin countries sa Miss U! It’s time for the world to recognize that Southeast Asia is just as diverse as the Latin countries (even more so linguistically and religiously) and has a lot of beautiful women.

  4. Who here thinks this was photoshopped to make MJ look bad? They are feasting on this pic in the Latin forums. Check it out if you understand Spanish.

    • It maybe photoshop but its also possible that Noyonita tricked MJ into having a selfie when she’s all made up while MJ isn’t to show the difference. It’s Noyonita who posted the pic.
      What a whoebag!

      • I think its more on pphotosop because MJ’s eyes and smile is very symetrical… I realy doubt if MJ would ever have that haggard eyebags… She has her own RF machines… I hope she brought it at Doral… MJ owns a beauty center for god’s sake!

    • Whoa! That’s gotta be photoshop! If not, the knives are are already flying ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s going to be an interesting pageant.

      • Sa tingin ko photoshopped kasi blurred pagdating sa eyes ni mj. Nakakabwiset toh ah.

  5. Tito Norms, can this be true? malalaman mo kaya mula sa iyong mga constituents hehehe

    Miss Philippines was scolded by her National Director because in the first few days, she was wearing her own clothes and not what provided for her. At the gala event last night, Miss Philippines prefer to wear her own cocktail. She wore the black provided dress.


    • Can you please clarify the last 2 sentences – sorry I got confused… are you saying that Miss Philippines preferred to wear her own cocktail dress but ended up wearing the BPCI-provided black dress instead because she got scolded? Thanks in advance for clarifying!

  6. I find her beautiful. but please, re-style yourself dear. matapang na ang facial features mo, wag kang masyadong galit sa mukap teh.

  7. For modelling, yes maybe. But for pageants? Nah. At least she has a very bright future in modelling in SG

  8. She looks jetlagged in the last pic. She’s looks fresh and youthful in the 2nd one though.

  9. Ganyan sya dumating.. BULAGA!
    Tubig nyan Kape…
    Yan ang bagong fierce nandidilat ang peg! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. A classic example of a beautiful girl whose styling is so poor. So many candidates already possess beauty, especially Eastern Europeans, but lack the proper training and styling…

  11. Bakit pa sya dumating eh kakalyuhin lang naman sya kakapalakpak. Buti pa si Malaysia kahit pinakahuli dumating fresh at maganda padin.

    Kuya Norms, request naman po for Miss Malaysia…ang ganda nya.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  12. Nope. I don’t feel it. Kung si Deborah Henry nga di nakapasok ng tough 15 eh. Kung si mareng migbelis walang dating nung nag late entrance, lalo na ito. Natabunan na ng atensyon ng ibang candidates.

    Si Miss Malaysia ba dumating na? Parang walang paramdam si mars Sabrina.

  13. Sorry for the description, but the third photo of her looks like a wasted version of megan young lol

    • Sayang daw ang pa-hotel ni tito Donald eh. Saka na-brief na daw siya na clap pa more siya this year.

  14. Tito Norms, is it true MJ will be a part of the Special Dinner event this coming Saturday? and how true that she is also filming a CHI commercial to be shown during the telecast?

  15. Kamukha niya yung patpating lalaking klasmeyt ko nung high school na mukhang di natutulog. Lagyan lang ng wig at gawing beki…

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