44 comments on “Paulina Vega is in it to win the DIC Holding crown

  1. To be very honest, I am not a fan of Miss Colombia. She looks sweet, yes, but there is something “off” about her mouth. Apart from her long legs and “sweet”, friendly face I do not see anything special about her.

    Facially I like Miss Spain, Miss Serbia, Miss Kosovo, Miss Ukraine, Miss Slovak, and Miss Philippines. MJ is really pretty, this is from an impartial point of view.

  2. The girl with THAT chin. She is gorgeous. I hope she does well in the preliminaries. I loved Miss Colombia last year Lucia but after she went home empty-handed dissing Miss Universe Organization, I doubt Paulina will win the crown this year, in my opinion.

  3. My Top 10 are ( Alphabetical order):


  4. my sentimental favorite lol Just love her in this vid. her personality gives a cool sassy vibe. very fun and real. she knows how to have a good time. hope she makes it far in the competition. but still mj has to go the the farthest 😀

  5. isa to sa fave ko ,si Miss Colombia.. mala – Stefania Fernandez ang ngiti.. lakas ng dating.. pero syempre number 2 lang sya.. number 1 si MJ…
    si Puerto Rico naman nakakatakot yung mata.. masyadong matapang yung mukha..

  6. She will not win…if a girl from latin countries will again in MU bka bumabsak na lalo sila…it seems like an asian girl will win this and i hope its MJ…runner up lng to sa tingin ko even brazil…Migbelis might be on top 10 only…miss usa is sure in top5….im interested to indonesia she might be a surpise…will see its just my opinion and observation …marami ding magandang black beauties…

    • I agree if Latina wins again…MU will become too predictable and they will lose too may fans at lalo silang babagsak! They must bring in a super duper bongga show worth waiting for a long time and something to be tuning again and again and again every year.

    • Tama ka jan. boring pag puro latina pero feelng ko si venezuela pasok parin sa top5 pero si indo gang top16 lang. Tama blck beauties madami. Sa teaser ng MU tlgang feelng ko ph na ang korona

    • Good point. This is why I think MJ will not win. She looks too Latin … To similar in styling to Gabriella. Most likely Indonesia or South Africa will win. Pretty girls and trump has a lot at stake in those countries business wise.

      • South Africa? I doubt it. Indonesia? I dont think so. Indo will reach top16 and that’s it. Well in my opinion MJ doesnt look latina, she’s a combo. Multi dimensional. And even tho she looks latina, her sash says philippines. You get my point?

      • “She looks too Latin”????? WHAT???? What are you talking about? HA-HA…How ignorant!!! She has more of “Middle-Eastern” countenance and physique which is very far from being a Latina!!!

  7. Many moons ago, i stated that Colombia was the girl to beat on the finals night. Looking @ her pics now with the other girls, Colombia is still as gorgeous as ever, but it seems that she is looking one dimensional. Migbelis , Mj , the Indian girl (she had boob augmentation done, hadn’t she?) are more chameleon type and give you lots of surprises as far as the looks are concerned

    • Yeah i bet indi had her boobs done. It has its own life. But i think she’s also one dinensional imo

    • Tomasevic of Serbia – Lackluster
      USA – looks like a college girl
      PR – an athlete?
      Kosovo – The Face
      Austrlia – should join Miss Australia ….again. joke

    • Maiba ako, Pansin ko lang pati sa MW 2014 luwa ang boobies sa gown ni USA, yun ang pang-benta factor nila lol na effective sa MU

  8. Yes top 5 placement for colomobia alongside mexico, usa, ph and kosovo. I bet usa and ph will battle for the crown. Alanganin pa ko kay kosovo so im still waiting baka venezuela. Kasuya puro latina beauties. There’s something about mexico talaga pero syempre mj for the win. Pansin ko lang dami ni indognesia na pics feature sa FB ng MU, pampalubag? Or what?

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