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  1. Indeed age and experience are Miss Philippines’ Trojan-strong, palpable traits. She arrives at Doral, Florida not merely to compete but to win the Miss Universe 2014-2015 crown. I admire her unwavering perseverance, tenacity, discipline and hard work. She has truly earned the right to represent the Philippines (and most proudly, the Filipinos) in the much-awaited Miss Universe Pageant. Her strong wit, alluring grace, vibrant sophisticated style, ethereal physical beauty and engaging character are definitely gaining a fathomable size of media attention and a strong sense of palpability.

    I would like to share a Venture Capital Post trending article on January 7, 2015, “Miss Universe 2014 pageant to introduce new DIC crown; Philippines bet garners most attention for her advocacy and spirit.” You can read the original post by going to the VC Post Website, http://www.vcpost.com/articles/36764/20150107/miss-universe-2014-pageant-dic-crown-philippines-garners-spirit.htm.

  2. From sash factor (kulang ang pinost mo Mrs_spainhour)

    And it seems, our very own national org has began to adopt the same strategy, beggining last year with Ara. Who would have thought she would wear that eye-f*cking canary yellow gown? (Puerto Rico also had the exact idea, that’s why they also sent their rep with a same-color dress). Strategy-wise, both Philippines and PR stood out because of their eye-f*cking gowns, though Ara beat Monique, hehehe.

    This year is not much different from last year, they will only decide on the final gown after they have scooped out the competition’s attires. The goal here is to put MJ in a gown that would help her to further stand out and become the brightest star on the pageant night.

    So if you are now hearing rumors that a certain ‘someone’ will still be bringing ‘some dresses’ to Doral so MJ could fit and choose among the options… DON’T BE DISAPPOINTED. Instead, be happy. Be very happy. Because it is a big strategy that only the best, smartest and pageant-craziest countries like the Philippines are doing… FOR NOW.

    Now on to the eye-f*cking.

    Anong palagay nyo sa strategy na to? o di din kayo mapalagay? hahaha

  3. My Top 10 are ( Alphabetical order):


  4. OMJ!!! While the other 12 girls are feeding the kids, the 12 “true” favorites of MUO will hog all the spotlight because the media will all be in the Media event (of course). Are these two events on the same day? Last year I remember the only ervent Ara wasn’t in was the Yamamay fashion show only because it fell on the same day as the Mercedes Benz fashion show which was the more prestigious one. I hope that’s the same reason here.

  5. She has the best story among the 12…
    Who among these girls could say she grew up in a war-torn region?.. And she survived it looking oh so gorgeous… LOL 😀

  6. She’s making a lot of noise and has been getting good media exposure !
    I believe MJ is super ready for the competition 🙂

  7. sir norms….here is the list from other sources;

    Event 1: FOOD for the POOR
    Date: January 12

    12 Chosen Candidates:

    01. Dominican Republic
    02. El Salvador
    03. Trinidad & Tobago
    04. Saint Lucia
    05. Panama
    06. Haiti
    07. Guatemala
    08. Mexico
    09. Jamaica
    10. Guyana
    11. Honduras
    12. Nicaragua

    source: Missosology’s Facebook page

    Event 2: MEDIA EVENT

    4/12 Chosen Candidates:

    01. Philippines
    02. El Salvador
    03. Colombia
    04. Dominican Republic

    …. more to follow

  8. sir norms,
    She wasn’t included in the “food for the poor feeding” event but she was one of those chosen in the ‘Media” event to promote MU22014/115……as what I read from some other sources……

  9. lola norms parang di naman siya kasama dun sa fodd ek-ek, puro mga taga central america at carribean lang ata…

  10. Now na papansin na si mj, some of them sya ang ineexpect nila na manalo, and i am hoping na sana galingan nya sa performances nya, sana mapapa wow ang judges sa kanya, mag top sya sa swimsuit and specially sa gown, minsan kahit total packages sya pero if ang gown nya eh…. Alam nyo na,,,, haysssss, ito na ung pagkakataon ng pinas na magka 3rd crowm sa MU, wag na nila palampasin pa,

    • don’t you worry jeff.. MJ is MJ. she’ll deliver! Like what Ara said in her recent interview, hindi pakakabog si MJ. That’s already proven numerous times by MJ herself. I mean when she joined her first national pageant (BBP), despite being a newbie, she performed like she’s been doing pageants her whole life. No doubt, she made a long lasting impression!

  11. i think she wasn’t chose in the “food for the poor” event.. per sash factor news

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