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  1. Venezuela’s hard habit to break, can’t forget to pack a few goodies to eat…

  2. No no sa top 5; Usa,philippines, mexico, kosovo and guyana is my new top 5.

    • Miss Universe 2014 pageant to introduce new DIC crown; Philippines bet garners most attention for her advocacy and spirit

      Read more: http://www.vcpost.com/articles/36764/20150107/miss-universe-2014-pageant-dic-crown-philippines-garners-spirit.htm#ixzz3OEMJE0y0http://i58.tinypic.com/xnte2x.jpg

      The 63rd Miss Universe is already set to expose the 88 gorgeous women from all around the world competing to be the successor of the incumbent title-holder Gabriela Isler from Venezuela.
      Live all the way from US Century Bank Arena at Florida International University in Doral, the final night is set to determine the new winner of the said pageant, who is also the first to wear the new DIC Miss Universe crown — which will be revealed later during the show.
      The venue, FIU, contributes more an almost $9 billion annually and is recognized for its colleges and school offers of nearly 200 program fields. This is, as reported, the chosen host to endorse and advertise the beauty of Doral.
      As the pageant’s season is heating up, there have been the early crowd favorites named including Miss USA Nia Sanchez, Miss India Noyonita Lodh, Miss Brazil Melissa Gurgel, and Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa.
      As of the moment, Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa garners the most likes and shares on the official Facebook page of Miss Universe. The contestant has been loudly recognized on the social media for being ‘such an advocate for peace and humanity’ considering that she grew up on a war-torn province in her country.
      Meanwhile, Natalie Morales and Thomas Roberts are appointed as the hosts of the grand event, together with Miss Universe 2013 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida from Philippines as an ‘On the Scene’ insider.
      In the side of the judges, the organization suggested the World Boxing Champion Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao to be one of the judges, in which he still has not confirmed yet.
      Still, the organization has not posted the list of performers who are set to boost the crowd’s hypes.
      Tomorrow, January 8, at 6:30 in the evening, the contestants will be at The Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Miami to promote the Best Buddies International, and begin the pre-pageant event. Meantime, the tickets of the Dress Rehearsals, Preliminary Competition, and Final Night may be purchased here.
      Miss Universe 2014 will be broadcast live on January 25, Sunday, at 8/7c on NBC and Telemundo. Who is your bet to win the highly coveted and newest DIC crown? Stay tuned for more details about the pageant.

      • And now, our Queen is Getting the Attention she deserves!

        I checked all their Gown Photos, I believe no one can beat MJ’s gown photo shoot pictures.

        MJ might even win Miss Photogenic with these pictures. A very wild guess, but very possible. 🙂

        God Bless MJ Lastimosa.

  3. Gorgeous face! But she is out of shape . With so many banging bodies in the competition and with Yamamay swimwear as a major sponsor, how can a body like that win the crown? Although Molly wasn’t the prettiest MU candidate last year, no one can deny her body and curves were perfect.

  4. I think ok naman ang game plan ng BPCI. Their strategy makes sense. Titignan muna ang gowns ng iba and then closer to prelims, magdedecide na sila. Para alam nila kung anong gown ang magpapastand out sa pambato natin. Look at Ariella’s gown last year…. YES the design was A MESS! mali mali. PERO tama yung kulay. She stood out from the rest! Pati nga sa background ng stage, lutang yung pagkayellow ng gown niya..

    Ang masasabi ko lang this year, if ganun rin ang strategy nila, they better be MORE careful! please lang. Last minute decisions are risky, kasi konting konti lang ang time ng candidate natin para ipractice ilakad ang gown. Look at Ara again last year, color was good but the design and fitting… FAILED. nahirapan si Ara idala ang gown sa prelims… The finals was better. Kaya BPCI, if ganyan game plan niyo, make sure lahat ng pagpipiliang designs ay WORKABLE kahit last minute. And huwag lang magfocus sa kulay ng gown, isang factor lang un eh. dapat correct din ang fitting, magandang design and amazing details!

    Keep praying guys na kabog ang gown na ibibgay kay MJ!

    • Tignan niyo tong pic na to. Unang sulyap mo, kay Ara ka titingin kasi stand yung kulay ng gown niya.

  5. My Top 10 are ( Alphabetical order):


  6. One word: STRATEGY.
    The queen has arrived. Tabi tabi na ang mga nagmamarunong.

      • I’ve discounted Migbelis because she never really lost the weight she gained. If Paulina continues on this streak but fails to be socially capable, the crown will not be hers.

    • I still think she’s a gorgeous woman and someone to look out for! But I do see her either advancing to the Top 5 OR failing to make the Top 16. Yes she’s beautiful and charming but remember Miss Poland last year??? She was a crowd favourite and was adored by MANY sponsors but she didn’t even make it to semis…

      with MJ. She has a very strong and inspiring life story to share which can help her secure a spot in the Top 5. Despite failing twice to snatch that MUP crown, she joined again for the third time and she won! That shows determination and perseverance which are wowing qualities if you ask me.. Also her being exposed to a very violent environment at such a young age and yet she’s still standing tall with a beautiful smile on her face just goes to show how strong of a woman she is and that whatever challenges come her way, she can push through and continue living her life to the fullest. I don’t know about you guys, but those are amazing qualities to have. MJ can inspire (and she already is) many women around the world. Something a MU winner should be capable of doing.

      • Yes, she could be this year’s Poland casualty in MU! And same name too.

        Just need to keep this girl on your radar.

  7. I love her earlier photos when she was still in Venezuela.
    Her arrival pics do not seem to impress me much.
    I must agree there were quite a number of candidates who arrived earlier than her that got so much buzz and attention already.

  8. to be honest, i was looking for her pics already but arriving late (IMO) is really a NO NO.

    just like their previous reps, this lass is pretty but i don’t think there will be another back to back this time 🙂

  9. Bakit parang ang daming filler at fat transplant ng mukha ni Migbelis? Nagmuka tuloy maton.

  10. Unfortunately, that little trick flopped.. Migbels is a pre-pageant favorite, but boy oh boy, arriving late was a crummy idea.. Most of the front runners came early and made quite some noise for themselves already… So many pageants fans and forums are focused on these early front runners that most of them completely forgot about Venezuela. I mean people wondered where she was but that wasn’t enough to elicit an excitement for her arrival.. :// Now Migbels need to perform twice as hard to be on top, but I know she can and most definitely will, she’s representing Venezuela for crying out loud.. passion for pageants are practically in their blood.

  11. I still think miss Philippines is the one to beat this competition. nobody really has seen a face like that of mj’s in a miss universe competition. Asian bombshell with the brightest smile

  12. late pala xa dumating,d ko man lang napansin na wala pa pala xa and I’m sure marami ding hindi nakapAnsin,iisipin mo pa ba yung wala jan kung madami nang magaganda at eksenadora ang umeeksena.. parang mas maganda ata na dumating ng maaga para hindi ngarag,anyways mukhang d naman to mananalo,so enjoy enjoy nalang


  13. Nakuh lagot kay Teacher late nanaman si Vene. May deduction na sya kaagad sa grade. Nag diva divahan si Vene wala namang dating.

  14. I didn’t know Ms Singapore is trained by Ines Legron. Di ba pati si Elvira nag-train/workshop din sa kanya? Di ba consultant something ek din si Ines sa miss malaysia? Talagang mukhang lume-level up ang mga kapitbahay ha! Ready gumastos ng pera for the crown. Parang lahat sila nacha-challenge talaga na makipagsabayan sa performance ng queens natin!

  15. Two words para sa late arrival drama ni mars migbelis: WALANG DATING.
    Luma na masyado ang strategy na yan, lalo pa ngayon na ang laking factor ng social media. Para ngang di pinansin ng mga fans na wala pa siya.

    • Because Pageant Fans are not interested on those who are not yet there but on those whose presence are making an impact left and right!

  16. Tito norms what u do u say sa post ng pageantasia about sa rumored card ni donald trump na congratulations to “T and I” the post mentioned thailand and indonesia, and some girls with T and I, nakalap nya lang daw sa spyier ni pageantasia, hmmmp, si donald trump pa rin ba masusunod sa mananalo? Pinpakeelaman pa ba nila ang scores? Kahit may judges na kung fav ni trump ang indo o thai kahit ligwak sa top 10 o top 5 ipupwesto ng MUO ang T or I, hmmmp

    • The Donald does have a say on who gets to be in the semis. After that, the live judges get to decide. It’s inherently unfair to some of the smaller countries where Trump doesn’t have business interests. I would prefer that semifinalists are determined solely on their performance in the prelims.

      • At least now, the underdogs can fight for the best in National Costume, Ms. Friendship and maybe even the People’s choice… It seems he can make a few personal picks but the most beautiful and desserving candidates always gets in no matter which country their from. I don’t think DT has any business in Kossovo but it seems that they sometimes make it to the semis based on looks.. 😀 Same with Angola and yet she won for being a crowd and judges’ favorite.

      • I think the reason why there are more semifinalists now is so that they can accommodate the MUO picks; otherwise, they will probably just have a Top 10 (like in 2001 and 2002). It is nice to see smaller countries make it (if they are deserving) so that it does not seem like it is the same countries all the time. But if the delegate is truly a stand-out, I think they’ll be noticed enough to make the cut (regardless of what country they are from).

  17. If anything, I would think that it is a much better strategy to show up early — perhaps even before the official check-in dates begin — so you can get acclimated (especially for those travelling halfway around the world). You will want to be at your best and not getting over jet lag when the competition starts. Hit the ground running, as they say.

    • As I was saying last year…

      The thing about arriving “later” is that you have to double-up your action in organizing your luggages and other things, in doing your photoshoots, etc…

      Good that BPCI has learned a lot from the “horrible” experience last year of getting our candidate adjusted and revitalized. Had she come early, she could have edged Gabriela Isler from getting the crown!

  18. Not impressed with this one.. reminds me of 2010, when Osmel knew he had no chance of winning three in a row so he sent a meh delegate.

  19. In this case, the planned late arrival(s) backfired. Now they have to play “catch up”. The others have made such good, if not great, impressions, that the late arrivals “grand entrances” are now more meh than wow. It doesn’t mean they won’t fight hard but it’s an uphill battle at this point…

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