42 comments on “How strong can Elvira Devinamira of Indonesia get in the 63rd MIss Universe Pageant?

  1. Indonesia is really pretty and she registers very well in her photos. Her experience in photoshoots really paid off in this part of the competition. It would be nice to see her make the cut 🙂

    • Why should we mark your words?!
      Cause you’re also Indonesian and you made her national costume?! Sure, she’ll make the cut! LOL

  2. Isn’t it funny how pictures can show you more than just the physical appearance? I think she’s fresh, bubbly, modern and has a lot of personality, which could go a long way. I hope she makes the cut.

  3. Si indonesia may mali sa fcial features nia. Yung left eye heavy makeup or ganun talaga? Si india pag nakapasok sa top5 alam na, they’re known to be intelligent. Si thailand gang top 16 lang in my opinion

  4. She’s very beautiful to look at! And based on the IG videos i’ve seen of her, this gal knows how to have fun. She definitely has that charming personality that can light up a whole room! Even Fame Tabares adores her! Although she’s lacking that extra oomph the stronger candidates have… But even then, she’s still someone to look out for.. This girl can never be underestimated cause she might come out of nowhere and steal everybody’s spotlight

    • kalerki ah.. ang OA niyo.. makapuri lang ng ibang contestant, thumbs down na kaagad. take note, this is a competition. Kahit kabog ang ating MJ, be aware of others rin dapat. para hindi magulat pag sumulput sila. jusko..

  5. Puro balakang! Parang nanganak na! May nakasagap ako balita betsina ng staff ng MU ang atin dilag na c eMj kahawig daw ni scarllet johansson ang peg! Dumating na raw ang NC at gown ni emj humanga raw ang staff kahit mismo c emj nagustuhan yung gown nia! Kung sino designer ? Suprise! Magugulat kau!! Toink

  6. Well, who knows, sa listahan ni Pambansang Kamao eh #1 si Elvira (na may hawing kay Krista R)…at #2 naman si Thailand na may hawing kay Ara Mina…Yon o:

  7. Hahaha si kuya Norman “best miss universe placement ever”.. as if to say 1st Runner Up ka lang at si Mj ang winner. I personally would want Mj and Elvira in the Top 5. Boring na palagi latinas. Asians & Europeans naman.

  8. Like i said before, she registers better on pictures. She lacks the x factor, the marketability, the “it”. She reminds of Anna Theresa Licaros. We’ve sent girls like her before but it didn’t work but… who knowss.. every year has different sets of judges.

    • True. She takes good photographs, she seems to have a very fun personality. Can she make it to the top 20. Yes. Can she be MU 2015? Dont think so.

    • she doesn’t like big hair, promise. Can be a national costume too for Miss Hairuguay! or
      Miss Hairgentina ! or Miss Heiru !

    • Told you guys.. Big hair ang uso sa mga Latinas… Kaya ko lagi sinusuggest dati para sa styling experiments ni MJ yung big hair ni Shamcey… I hope MJ had enough practice curling her own hair.

  9. She’s really gorgeous in her photos.. You can tell she’s confident and ready to have fun.. She also looks like she has lovely personality..

    So yeah, she’s one girl to watch out for, definitely.. But then again, the competition is still in the early days.. So we’ll just have to wait and see how this girl will turn out to be..

  10. Quite a decent chance based on modeling skills and camera poses. But there is something lacking in her — the oozing X factor and sexy appeal which tends to favor MU placers. Her eyes do not show that fierceness from India, Venezuela, and Philippines.

    • I agree with you, Franco. She is definitely pretty… but seems to be lacking the “x factor” that takes one to the next level. Who knows… the competition is still in its early stages so she make get in competition mode as the days go by. But, as many have mentioned here, one really need to be in fierce competition mode the moment you land in Florida for competitions like this.

  11. Kung nakapagtraining sana sya either sa KF or AQ baka umabot sya hanggang top 5.
    Pero base sa mga pictures nya pwedeng pwede sya.

  12. her abs are not that toned. my hunch is that she will be part of the top 16 or 20 but only that far but who knows she has good stage presence and that may change her luck

  13. I still think India is the biggest threat to MJ if she makes it to the Top 5.

  14. WHAT A GORGEOUS WOMAN!!!…She’s Hot..!!..and that dress fits on that mermaid body…I hope that she does well in MU…

  15. So far, she knows how to confidently pose before the camera…she has less of the “stiffness” that other candidates are still groping to let loose of.

  16. Madami din tayo mga candidates previously na magaganda at very Filipina ang look na hindi nakapasok man lang sa semis.

    Lets see how the judges will pick the winner.

  17. She’s gorgeous and has an amazing wardrobe.

    However, she comes across a little immature on her IG. Borderline annoying. I can’t decide why, probably because she’s acting like a 16 year old on vacation instead of a competitor out to conquer the Universe.

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