31 comments on “Height will always be might for Pimbongkod Chankaew of Thailand

  1. Towering nga, e ayan at nasa ibabaw ng tower eh.
    Makaakyat nga sa tower.
    Ang mga pinapadala naman ng mga taga- Santolan Station e mga mukang paa.
    Mas maganda pa paa ko sa feslak nyan e.

  2. She is towering and beautiful …for me ang kulang lang sa kanya ay sexiness… Hindi ibig sabihin pag payat ay sexy at pag mejo malaman at hindi na sexy… pag mejo malaman siya tapos sa ganyang height ah big WOW.

  3. I am seeing a Miss China Universe 2011 vibe on her.

    Top 20 and maybe Top 10. I have a feeling that Asians will dominate the pageant this year.

  4. Just like the 1988 edition of the Miss Universe pageant, This year, Asians will emerge victorious, at least as far as top 20 is concern. Malaysia will finally be given the rightful position in the top 20 after the shocking snubbed of Deborah Henry in 2011. Misses Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Kazakhstan will be called to the Top 20 semi finalist. A noticeable exclusion is Miss India. Height indeed matters in this pageant. Her 5’6″ stature is her downfall. The Asians will have a difficult task of surpassing the likes of Misses Venezuela, Kosovo, Ecuador, Finland, Russia, Poland, Angola, Albania, Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, Ireland, Colombia, and USA. In this group of ladies Miss Universe 2014 will be crowned.
    Standby for my final prediction.

    • Although I agree on some of your points I don’t think height is at all that important as long as the candidate reaches the height requirement then it’s an equal footing for everyone. This is not Top Model or the taller the better contest anyway. 🙂

  5. She’ll make it to Top 16/20 I’m pretty sure. I just don’t know how far she’ll go after that though.

  6. T&T is giving me a Whitney Houston vibe here … and i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ee yaaaaaay will always love you hoo hoo hoo hoo….

    • The dress i love!!!

      Disappointed ako kay Allie sa pics. The fringe dress is too big for her. I wonder about the training she got from miss thailand universe org. Needs to work on projection. Isa pa itong kailangang mag refresher sa fashion posing 101

      Hala sige Dominique, i-crash course mo sina Allie at Noyonita

  7. Hindi sya maganda…
    As I have said, top 5 finalists in this years MU edition are the not so tall ladies.

  8. Pinagkakaisahan mga santolan ang ating c Emj, ang masasabi ko lang kay pangbakod! Matangkad lang na TUOD !

  9. Miss Thailand is tall,alright but even an Anna Buquid can easily outclass her in a most glamourous way.

    • Agree. That Anna Buquid has way more class – and character, and edge – than this girl.

      Pimbongkod is height with a pretty face, alright. But (so far) that’s that. She’s like a Gretchen Barretto with zero sex appeal. She reminds me of this list I encountered way back of pretty girls with zero sex appeal — Celine Dion, Toni Gonzaga.

      She should change her gameplan, else, that height will be put to waste.

  10. Height may be Might for her…but beauty exudes from a combined forces of “physical pulchritude” and “cosmic aura” that surrounds the person…both of which Miss Thailand is wanting of!

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