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  1. She should have been the one crowned Ms Philippines-Universe instead of Pamela Zeny Zabala Jr. back in 2009.

  2. Even if their not a winable candidate as long as they have a huge fanbase, they will make the cut. BPCI of course want Araneta to be packed with people and more people means happier sponsors. They can all compete localy but only a selected few will bring home a crown. 🙂

  3. Lalahok na naman pala ang mahaderang si Ali Forbes.
    Pag na-boo na naman yan sa Q/A portion ay tyak na manenermon yan ng audience.
    Pero in all fairness, malaki ang tyansa ng babaita, imagine pag sya ang nag nagwagi ay makakaharap nya si Miss Venezuela sa MU2015 na minsan na nyang pinakain ng harina’t alikabok sa MGI.

  4. Sir Norman katuwaan lang po. If you are goiNg to give crowns to the repeaters, let’s not mind the age requirement for the international pageant. Where will you send them?

  5. Come pageant night, these recycled candidates will be wearing recycled gowns courtesy of Binibining Pilipinas Boutique.

  6. Hannah and Kim are my sentimental favorites.

    I want to see them as crowned Binibinis.

    Best of luck girls.

  7. What would they offer this time? Anything new? Anything exciting?A few deserved to have the second, or the third time. Others, time to move on to something different than pageantry.

  8. There are girls who I would be happy to see join again and some na i think dapat umawat na. Pero As long as pasado sa requirements ang mga ate gurl, sige join lang and fight for the crown. Dama ko sobrang ingay sa araneta sa bbp 2015 dahil a lot of the rumored repeaters have earned their own sets of fans through the years.

  9. Ali forbes is my favorite among the repeaters… shes best for misss supra or international… i hope hannah ruth sison gets the universe title im also looking for new faces the fresher one that poses extra ordinaty beauty…..

  10. Any news of Luzelle Felipe possibly rejoining? I have always had a sentimental spot for her.

  11. Honestly po, I’m looking at Pia’s latest IG posts and bodywise, hindi siya as prepared as when she first joined. Kahit ang pisngi medyo mataba po.

    • Emma Mary Tiglao – I want her to join in 2017, will be perfect for BBP International!

      • I like Emma Tiglao too. And yes, better for her to skip this year to give way to the many “last chance” repeaters since bata pa naman siya. Continue training then sa mga corporate pageants like Miss Resorts World muna siya sumali for the meantime.

  12. Of all the repeaters, Hannah Ruth Sison is my favorite. i hope this time she gets a crown. she’s witty and beautiful. Next would be Pia Wurtzbach. A big no to Ali Forbes!

  13. Charmaine should wait a couple of years. All these other girls are hmmm rather stale … Kakasawa… We need fresh faces… Girls who have a life and career outside of pageantry.

    • Agree! Girls who have a life and career outside pageantry. Pia, Ali et al move on or try Ms World or Earth Philippines. Exception lang yun si Mj at hwag ninyong icipin na 3rd try Bb Pilipinas-Universe na.

  14. Elima is the only worthy repeater that everyone will agree must be crowned. All others are controversial. But why give up a life flying around the world to be tied up with BBP duties? She has moved on and seems in a better place.

    • Charmaine Elima – yes!
      She can try a vacation leave from her work. If she is not lucky, then she can go back to her work. I think she can go back on flying anytime even if she will be crowned. Ibang level ka na kasi if nakoronahan ka na and would have a chance to compete and win in international. (IMHO)

      • What I like about her is that she found something else to do —- a career! To better herself and gain a worldly exposure. These other girls just waited for a year to go by without really making something of themselves beyond being a pageant regular.

    • Elima was my pick that year also, but too bad nerves got the better of her. I think exposure to other people and places will season her.. I hope she gives it another shot.

      • I hope so too, DanDan. With her professional experience in the last 2 years, I think she will be more capable of composing herself in front of many people.

    • Yep, charmaine elima must be crowned indeed! She still a few years pa naman to join again so fly fly lang muna sha while the older girls scramble and claw each other for a crown. I believe we’ll see a well traveled, more experienced and better charmaine elima sometime after the 2015 season

      • Definitely! I love that she is a professional woman already and not just a basic pageant regular. All that travel and the chance to meet many people should make her a better candidate.

  15. Wag nang ipilit ang sarili kung natalo kana last time ibig sabihin hindi ka talaga magandang maganda. I wish bagong mukha naman kasi yung mga sumali na before eh hindi naman kagandahan kaya natalo. Kung manalo man kayo ngayon taon wala naman kayong binatbat sa international pageant. So yung dapat sumali eh talagang pag international yung mukha yung tipong pag pinadala sa ibang bansa eh wala kang takot na hindi mapasok sa finals. Look what happened sa mga pinadala natin last year , hindi naman kagandahan ayun clappers.

  16. This is awesome! Nice to see determination and perseverance. As an amchair judge, here’s how they should place for now–barring any other major entrants:

    BbP Universe ’15: Wurtzbach
    BbP International ’15: Suiza
    BbP Supranational ’15: Sison
    BbP Intercontinental ’15: Forbes

    Sayang lang si Parul, but that’s life.

    • Exactly! Who uses Tourism today when you have social media to promote tourism as is?

  17. It’s unfortunate that Parul is unable to compete again. 😦 She is so gorgeous and her non-participation in an international competition saddens me. I will definitely be cheering Pia on for sentimental reasons. I am excited, however, with the possibility of seeing new beauties who we haven’t seen before enter the competition. There are so many gorgeous ladies in the Philippines so I’m sure some are bound to enter the fray.

    • Hay true on Parul. So sayang. She and Kat Dimaranan ang mga sobrang nasayang na biktima este queens ng BbP Tourism curse este title.

  18. Anybody know anything about these girls joining? 🙂

    Charmaine Elima
    Kylie Verzosa
    Janicel Lubina
    Anjelica Balatbat
    Alaiza Malinao
    Aya Abesamis
    Julian Flores
    Mariel de Leon
    Nikita McElroy
    Wynwyn Marquez
    Aya Abesamis
    Diva Montelaba
    Emily Victoria Oke

    • Janicel Lubina – I want her to join BBP in 2016 or 2017, will be perfect for Miss Universe Philippines by then.

      • I’m sort of hoping she joins BBP this coming year… but I suppose the roster will already be too crowded by the looks of the screenings. She’s a beauty!

    • WOW, those are a lot of strong contenders! It’s gona be another strong Batch again this coming 2015… Even better than 2011 plus a lot of showbiz and pageant royalties… I can’t wait!

    • I agree. Diva montelaba should join, pwedeng pwede sa MU even winwyn is MU material. Body wise okay na si winwyn pero diva needs to work on that part. Pwede din isama sa list si jodilly of asias ntm cycle 2, yun ay kung pwede sya

  19. Last year for both Hannah Sison and Kim Suiza so why not join again. There’s still two years for Pia but I feel like this year is her year.

  20. Just like a refrain of a song…the second time you sing it, it brings out a more textured sound and emotion…it has more life and meaning…

  21. I would imagine there are plenty of beautiful and intelligent ladies in the PI. Wonder why the same girls keep popping up.

    • I think not all beautiful, sexy and inteligent girls are interested in beauty pageants. If you are not interested in anything you will not succeed. And in order to succeed you have to follow your dreams.

      • @Diva – di po ako qualified, as much as I want to. But if I know somebody who has a big potential, I will try to convince her. Yung iba kasi, kailangan lang i-push at idevelop ang personality. At kung interesado sya, why not?

    • Yeah, I wonder the same thing. I’m surprised Ali Forbes, especially with her stint at Grand and that Beauty Academy TV show, is competing.

      • Maraming na-inspire si mareng MJ.

        I didn’t have the patience and will power to watch an entire episode of PBQA so di ko alam kung nag improve na ang comm skills ni ali

      • @DivaDivahan: You’re right! The trailers did not interest me enough to bother watching the show either. LOL.

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