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  1. Kuya Norman, just this wild possibility: MJ will make it to the first cut…then she will top the Fan Vote award…her fellow candidates will give her the Congeniality…and she will win the National Costume. Am I dreaming? Am I overly presumptuous? Am I asking too much? Or Am I just optimistic and rightly open to possibilities? LOL

  2. Who made this gown? Is this a Barrazza gown? If yes, then 2 thumbs up for him.
    But am still hoping that she will wear a Leo Almodal gown comes Prelims and Finals night.

  3. It looks like MJ is wearing a red velvet gown a fabric that’s so clingy to the body that it shows off her curves and displays her vavavoom body. Gorgeous! I think having top 20 during the telecast is possible since it will be a 3-hour show. They need to fill the extra one-hour. Maybe they can include the too 3 vote getter and not just one so we can see how they advance to the next cut without their fans voting for them.

  4. I like this notion. It’s somewhat similar to MW’s fast track events. I have already accepted that Philippines will never win the National Costume portion of the pageant lol. Not with that tiresome BPCI wardrobe hahaha. Unless Madame Stella’s new year’s resolution is to hire fresh talented stylists and designers for the year 2015 then maybe we might just have a shot but i’m not counting on it.

    MJ most definitely can bag the Fan’s Vote Title like Ariella in the previous year. Especially because her fan base is so much more colossal than any other MUP representative we ever had. And the MJ fanatics are indeed very loyal and will dedicate their time clicking that Voting button perpetually.

  5. I’m in full support about having Ms. Congeniality and Best in National costume in the TOP 20. Best idea by Trump ever. Miss U is notorious for having reps who are so desperate to win that they sabotage each other through psychological or even biological warfare. Sabotage issues are always prevalent every year. This new fast-track will encourage girls to be nice to each to increase their chances of winning. Surely, this will also give chance to the underdogs who will probably be voted by most girls because they have the least chance of winning.

  6. I like the idea of a top 20. The more the merrier.

    My only head scratcher is why the winner of the Nat Cos will automatically make the top 20 and not the swimsuit or evening gown.

    The fan vote is ok – at least us fans have a voice on who we want. The miss congeniality is also a good idea – it’s like the delegates will vote themselves on who will make the top 20 – so that means no bitches.

  7. Ha! This is Miss Unverse’s version of Miss World’s “fast-track” automatic qualifiers. Smart move by Donald Trump/MUO and great news for Miss Congeniality and Best Costume winner.

  8. The Philippines is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world… and yet we’re not able to showcase our very colorful historically significant costumes through our reps…

    Sana naman this time kareerin na ni SMA and National Costume please lang?!

    • Kung true man ito, talagang no choice si SMA kundi karirin na nga ang NatCos moving forward. Ayoko isipin ang possibility na in a future edition ng MU, a deserving pinay candidate gets shut out of the top 20 while a weak rep from another country gets in because of her costume.

  9. Mj doesn’t need natl costume or congeniality win. She will be top 20 on her own merit BUT OMG THAILAND ! Undeniable that she is a head turner with her height and that face is very open, very asian. For sure her gown will be better than MJ and with her height she will be a factor.
    A bigger threat is INDONESIA . She has the best looking asian face. MJ looks great but very Latin looking.
    Both Thailand and Indonesia are huge markets for MU and Trump. With both countries are inspired / jealous of philippine success in the past years. Both really want to win. I’m afraid they are huge threats to MJ

    • OMG! HER FACE! HER AURA! she’s just so BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the styling of her luscious hair here.. No more super dense curly hair please (referring to her departure photos)

      and I am very much impressed with that dress. FINALLY! a step up from the dull BPCI wardrobe collection..

  10. Aprub! Nang matauhan tong si Araneta at magkaron manlang ng siguro dagdag 5% dun sa usual effort nya. Tuping dagdag ng kalahating brilyante. Ung ganon. Or dagdag feather ng peacock na wala kinalaman sa kung anong klaseng bansa ang pilipinas.

  11. Fan Vote and National Costume malamang mga Asians pasok dyan.
    Kung sa Congeniality pwedeng taga Africa.
    Top 17 (3 Asians, 3 South American (Latina), 2 taga Caribbean, 1 Oceania (Australia), 2 North American, 1-2 African, 4 Europe)

  12. I welcome a top 20 pero I don’t think it would be fair to give automatic placements to the winners of the NatCos and Congeniality. Most likely kasi hindi naman yung delegate mismo ang nag-design and/or gumawa ng costume nila so why reward her for wearing something na gawa naman ng ibang tao? Sa congeniality, may chance na magpaka-fake yung ibang candidate para lang makuha tong award.

    To answer Tito Norms, shempre mas bet ko pa din na makapasok tayo based on the preliminary scores. Keri lang din na makapasok as fan favorite.

  13. I am hoping so. But I think it’s not true? Someone must have messed up with the MU2014 information in wikipedia.

    It said Top 15 from Preliminaries, Top 2 in Fan Votes, Best in NatCos, Miss Congeniality, and Best in Talent.

    Since when did Miss U had a talent competition? Darn. People erroneously editing Wikipedia information should be traced and persecuted.

    • If im not mistaken 15 from prelim, 4 from trump fave and 1 from fan vote,

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