27 comments on “Getting their grooves on for the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant

  1. MJ is hot no doubt. She’s working it. She’s putting into use what she’s learned from the rigorous training she underwent. She looks so prepared and relaxed. She will go very far in the competition.

    • Btw, the dark smooth skin of Ms Kenya is driving me wild. She is so beautiful. She reminds me of Lupita Nyong’o

  2. Wow, MJ is fierce! I’m not sure who is responsible for assigning the delegates which swimsuit to wear but I am so glad she ended up with this style as opposed to the other styles I see the other delegates are wearing. This style totally complements MJ’s curves just right!

  3. Based on all the pictures taken at the venue, here are the standouts:

    01. USA
    02. Indonesia
    03. Australia
    04. Philippines
    05. Ecuador

    06. Kosovo
    07. Austria
    08. Brazil
    09. Italy
    10. Angola

    I’m extremely disappointed in Miss Thailand. She’s all just height (so far).

    Still waiting for India, Costa Rica, Colombia and Venezuela.

    • Ako din mejo disappointed kay thailand so far, like ko din kasi siya. Underwhelming mga photos nya na lumalabas.

      Wait ko pa sina india, malaysia, singapore at indonesia

  4. I have to say, every year the Europeans always look so fresh when they arrive. Gorgeous. However, most usually end up flat by the time prelims come around. Then the Latinas turn the competition gears on and leave the rest in the dust. It’s a rare type like Roz Purcell and Melinda Bam who stand out.

    The ones who I’m keeping an eye on are Brazil and USA. They exude so much warmth and energy. Would not be surprised to see them up there with Dyosa.

    • I agree, justgrc. I think maybe because the Europeans are usually so subdued… while the Latinas are very dramatic and “in your face”. It’s sweet to be subtle and subdued but when you’re in a beauty pageant competition with so many other lovely ladies around, you sort of need to be more aggressive and “in your face” to get noticed on stage. Sort of like stage acting versus TV acting.

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