29 comments on “All happy to be in Doral Miami

  1. MJs styling looks very Gabriella . Is that a good thing? Indonesia looks so fresh

    • are you serious? she just looks latina that’s why. indonesia looks weird with one eye smaller than the other. lol

  2. they shouldn’t be taking photos together all the times, this should be the last or else they both won’t make it to the semis. the lips, eyes, eyebrows they look like sisters. brazil being the younger looking sister looks happy-go-lucky and vibrant, kosovo being the older looking sister looks sophisticated and wise. Kosovo got this one.

    • Love Brazil’s bikini bottom. Its like a row of chimes attached in the front. How beautiful it must sound when the wind blows! 😀

  3. stand-out sa mga photo above sina usa at guyana, may pagka-michelle pfeiffer ang beauty ni kosovo, si kenya parang napaka-bubbly, i like her.. 🙂

  4. guys, wag na kasi nating punahin yong iba, lalo na kung nega lang naman sasabihin natin. sa bawat puna nyo, tanungin nyo sarili nyo: pag si mj kaya ganituhin sa ibang blog, ok lang kaya sakin?

    good luck, mj. we believe in you.

    • Tama @jonathan

      We don’t need to put other candidates down just to bouy our bet up.

  5. I already have my top 3 based on that photos… in no particular order…philippines… usa brazil…..the next 5 strong candidates… angola australia indonesia india and trinidad andbobago…im still waiting for russia venezuela md colombia they look syunning in their profile picture.. my choices will be chsnged as soon as i se them in motion… but mj has a sure spot in he top 5…hopefully the crown…

  6. Oh my goodness… what the heck is Miss India wearing — or should I say NOT wearing. Sheesh. I like her but now I feel she’s trying too hard.

    I still think Philippines, USA, Australia and Ecuador are leading the pack in this group… along with Kosovo who bears a striking resemblance to Kosovo Universe 2008 (as a matter of fact Artnesa and Zana has the same last name. I wonder if they’re related?).

    Indonesia, Thailand, Panama and Guyana look pretty good too.

    • I thought Indians have naturally plump breasts?How come this one needs a boob job?.. She should’ve had it placed under the muscle for a more natural look…

    • Medyo inappropriate gown niya. Walang taste for me. Just my honest humble opinion. Sorry 😦


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