15 comments on “Skip the fireworks and blow the horns. Make your own noise. It’s 2015. Happy New Year!!!

  1. a BLESSED, PROSPEROUS and HEALTHY NEW YEAR to everyone.. and to you Norman – whose blog i try to faithfully read everyday( even when am in school) .. whose good nature is reflected in your updates and insights, and whose objectivity, i believe, is beyond question.. may you be granted all the desires of your heart!! a pageant-fruitful 2015 to all of us… CHEERS!!

  2. Happy New Year Sir Norman. Have a great year =)
    Countdown na ng Miss Universe…. magkakaalaman na!

  3. #‎MissTourismInternational‬ 2014/2015 is VENEZUELA!!!
    Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International goes to CHINA
    Miss Tourism Global International is NETHERLANDS
    Miss Tourism Metropolitan International goes to PHILIPPINES.

    Note: Mukhag walang taga Santolan:)

    • Thailand is Miss Tourism Queen of the Year (the first runner-up placement).

      • yes i stand corrected:) syanga ang Miss Tourism Queen of the Year….yung taga Santolan:) anyway…lets be happy….!!!! pasok pa rin si Glennifer!!!!!! Miss Tourism Metropolitan International!!!! crown pa rin yan!!! and speaking of placement…still, its a back-to-back-to-back….:) three years in a row…:)

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