14 comments on “The 7 Most Overlooked National Beauty Contestants in the Philippines for 2014

  1. Maganda sya talaga in person pero kelangan nya mag start na mag brace. Nakaka distract un teeth nya. Once na maayos yan teeth nya for sure winner na lola natin. Tito Norms may nag advice na ba sa kanya nyan? Dapat after nung 2011, nagpa brace na agad sya.

  2. Diana Arevalo! Until now I have not moved on. If you still believe in her, pls help me message her to join again. diana_arevalo19 is her instagram account. She deserves a crown. I don’t care if it’s her 4th time to join, as long as she will do whatever it takes, we her fans will forever be with her! Lord pls DIANA AREVAO!!!!!!

  3. Aiza Feldonia needs to be represented by a bigger camp. With further trainning, she could be perfect for Supra, Intercontinental or maybe even Universe.

  4. Of this group, I say Ruffa and Aiza should give it another shot. I think Diana’s time has passed… unless she can bring back the aura she had from a few years back (but I think she’s done). I’m surprised that Kimverlyn did not make the cut especially since I thought she was better than a few who made it over her.

  5. Off topic…sa Miss ASEAN panalo na naman santolan. 2nd runner up di ferina. Oh come on kagaguhan….Ang ganda ganda nung satin I’m sorry…cha chaka nila!

    • sa kanila na lang lahat ang mga chipanggang beauty pageant title pero sa pinas naman ang pinaka-prestigious-miss universe! 🙂

  6. Sana sumali ulit si Diana Arevalo for the last time sa BBP2015. Sana super prepared na siya pag sumali siya just like MJ. =))

  7. I feel like the reason Kimverlyn wasn’t successful was due to the way she was presented visually. I remember when aces and queens showed her, she was tanned with too much make-up and straight hair and it didn’t just work for her. Her beauty is of a mestiza so they should have at least worked on that. They should have emphasize her light skin or at the bare minimum emphasise her western beauty. When she was competing last year with the straight hair she began to look like a grandma more than anything. It is very disappointing because she was one of the prettiest out there.. Hopefully she could try again.

  8. Diana Arevalo is such a waste for me. I feel that she should have placed higher but perhaps this year’s pageant was just too crowded with such strong candidates.

    Aiza and Kimverlyn just didn’t stand out which is such a sad thing for me as well.

    • I couldn’t agree more. DIana Arevalo should join again sayang ang ganda ni ate. 2009 plng fan na nya ko. Thou on the side note I can’t blame Binibini napakaraming dyosa na sumali nung 2014. Malay natin pang 2015 pala si ate diana 🙂

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