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  2. Happy New Year everyone! Let’s continue the fun and look forward to a much better year in pageantry. Thanks Norman for your efforts in making this site interesting, respectable, and credible. Cheers!!!!

  3. Happy new year frenemies..thanks for a wonderful 2014… looking forward for 2015… 🙂

  4. happy new year lola norms! 🙂
    wish ko for the philippines peace, prosperity and the miss universe crown! 🙂

  5. What did we learn in 2014? That 2013 was and still is the best in Pageantry for the Philippines! One that will remain untouched for a very long time! #Truth #NoTeaNoShade

  6. Norman’s Blog Okra Award:

    Best Picture: “Bea Rose in Set the Bar High”
    2nd Best Picture: “Valerie in Hegalong English, Please”
    3rd Best Picture: “Yvethe: The Gown Chronicles 2”
    Best Actress: Basil
    Best Director: Codex
    Best Screenplay: Closer2Fame
    Best Original Story: Bea Rose
    Best Supporting Actress: Benji
    Best Make-Up Artist: Sheena
    Best Visual Effects: Mole
    Best Production Designer: Laila
    Face of the Night: longtime lurker hirap managalog
    Breakthrough Actor: Benji

    • It is with great honor that I accept this Okra award from Norman’s Blog. Thank you to the most distinguished one-man-judge — Observer — for his meticulous selection of winners and for my inclusion to this company of elite few. My gratitude is “FOREVERMORE”!

  7. Happyy new year Norms and to all ur blog readers,followers… Enjoy HK…
    Its fun reading ur blog… Cheers to 2014..

  8. Tito Norms, enjoy Hong Kong!! I hope to bump into you somewhere in the city for a photo-op! 🙂

  9. Sir Norms, enjoy the much needed HK vacation!
    Muchas gracias, grazie, salamat, danke, merci, gamsahabnida, arigato, spasibo, and many other thank you’s for your fresh, up to date, wonderful pageantry blogs!
    You keep us excitingly anticipate for news, good or bad and you didn’t fail to deliver.
    Kudos to you, wishing you the best of love, health and wealth for 2015.
    From Brooklyn New York to the Blog Writer of the Year 2014, Happy New Year!

  10. The Top 4 of Asian Top Fashion Model of the Year (Male Category) with June as the ultimate winner.

    • Guapong guapong talaga sya. pero hindi malaki sa titi mga asian lalaki bakit? nako nakakahiya at sayang. Hihihihi

      • Itim
        Asian (pilipino din)

        Talaga yun! Sorry lang 😦

  11. Enjoy Hong Kong Sir Norms! Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Happy New Year everyone!

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