17 comments on “Rogelie Catacutan: Getting transformed for Bb. Pilipinas 2015

  1. Huwag na mag join sa pageant, average at ordinary beauty lang siya. Walang dating.

  2. She’s pretty but her nose job is too obvious which makes her face a little weird to look at. The more you look at it the bigger it seems to get. I’m sorry but can she get a refund?

  3. I guess we need to make it clear that Rogelie will KF Cebu’s rep to BBP2015 – KF Cebu is their beauty camp arm that will handle beauties from Cebu and nearby areas, I guess.

    KF will field other candidates as well. If you notice, KF’s roster are mostly from outside mega manila.

  4. I think KF camp is playing safe in this year’s Bb. edition by fielding only one candidate…we all know that 2014 was ther biggest year to date, reaping mostly all the coveted crown in national derby.

  5. I wish Norm that you would post the height of these wannabes. Kinda tough to judge their potential without knowing that. She pretty but won’t matter is she’s 5’6

  6. New nose? New cheek bones? New Chin? Kaloka mga babae ngayon, buwis buhay para lang maging Binibini Candidate. Very nice transformation though! #noTeaNoShade #Cebu

  7. Hmmm…it is still a “wait & see” period for me…I want to see the final transformation…meanwhile, let her undergo more trainings!

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