15 comments on “Is Parul Shah competing or not?

  1. Attention: BPCI tapatan ang Miss Earth magpa contest ng pang intl at gamitin ang title na Miss Heavenly Bodies or Miss Galactica or yong previous na Miss Lantern of the Universe 2015

  2. BPCI should create and established a new intl title and let Parul Shah to be the first entry and very significant to the new world eidr pageant the Miss Lantern Universe and shall be held every December coinciding the birth of Jesus Christ and so far Philippines is the only country in this universe who celebrate this lantern festival.

  3. I really do hope that Parul gets to compete internationally. Sayang siya kung ma frozen delight like Kat Dimaranan

  4. Kahit wag na lang mag-compete.
    Mas safe kung nasa bahay na lang.
    Home is where the heart is, and it should stay as is.

  5. I think BPCI should franchise Miss Globe International this is one of the longest beauty pageant in the history of pageantry. Est. 1925 and every year they have annual competition. Before Binibining Pilipinas appointed some Binibini title holder like Maricar Balagtas who eventually won the title in 2001. Karen Agustin in 2002 end up runners-up. And I think, this is better than Intercontinental and Supranational.

    Miss Universe
    Miss International
    Miss Globe International
    Miss Intercontinental
    Miss Supranational

  6. New Year is almost here…the “season of Parul” is ending…papalipas na ang mga “naka-sabit”…at ang magbibida naman ay ang Tatlong Hari (na nawa’y kasama si Mamang Pulis sa mga maghahari)…

  7. I love how exotic and sensual she looks. Would be a waste if she isn’t given the opportunity to represent our country.

    I’m sure she’ll do great.

  8. Madam SMA should get rid of that BB Pilipinas tourism title. It is so obvious that Miss TQI is now an epic failure pageant that GB is still trying to promote as a grandslam pageant.

    Hope she will compete in MWP or MPE.

  9. Oh how I wish to see Parul compete and represent the Philippines internationally. She is fabulous… and I know will do very well. Just send he somewhere already!!!!

  10. I would love to see her compete in Miss Universe!!!! She screams Miss Universe! Sana pwede pa talaga syang sumali ulit

    • ngcompete n sya s miss grand international 2015 and i hope that parul shah will be in top 10 or top 5 in miss grand international 2015

  11. It is true that Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. If you look up the information regarding Patricia Tumulak, it says that she is currently the reigning Miss Hawaii USA 2015 and will compete in the Miss USA 2015 pageant next year!

    • Why someone would consider Wikipedia is beyond me. FYI, anyone that has internet access can add/edit information to its contents. That in itself says it all!

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