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  1. we are of different religions I my self is not a catholic but I went to baclaran with other non catholic friends to show our support for our friend mj, we joined our fellow Filipinos in prayer. one of the best experience we had, witnessing Filipinos of different religions praying for mj. ang sarap pala sa pakiramdam na walang insultuhan walang bangayan kahit magkakaiba ang paniniwala. napatunayan namin that night na pwede palang mangyari at pwede palang ma achieve ang word na PEACE if only all of us understood the word RESPECT and practice it. “Pinagpapala ang bansa na ang Diyos ay Panginoon”

  2. Kaya nagpa mass si MJ dahil ang mga beauty contest may element of luck. Miriam choked on her final answer, si Janine clear winner naagawan ng crown. Si shamcey religion ang question. Haaay! Ke gloria at jaimie hnd kagndahan ang content ng answer but the delivery may conviction.

  3. Let’s put this issue of a publicized attendance of MJ at a mass in Baclaran and other related activities in its proper perspective:

    * Before she joined BBP 2014, MJ visited the Baclaran Church to seek for guidance and strength thru prayers.
    * As her way of giving thanks (now that has she coveted the BBP-Universe Title) and of seeking another spiritual guidance and strength before she embarks into International Competition, MJ would like to offer a mass and prayers in Baclaran Church.
    * Her fans and supporters, wanting to accompany MJ in this spiritual journey, invited all other fans and supporters to join a “light a candle for the universe” activity which would be after attending a mass at Baclaran.
    * Since the invitations to a planned “offering of mass” and “Light a candle for the universe” activities were opened to the public, the media (as it is their job to scoop for entertainment news) came to cover the event.
    * MJ’s presence was appropriately recognized by the Baclaran Priest as our country’s representative to MU 63rd Edition Pageant…MJ was asked to come up in front by the Priest to be prayed over.
    * To maximize her visit, MJ spent time for a deeply personal prayer…and to make the most of the occasion, she got near the tabernacle for a more intimate connection with what many would consider as most Sacred.


  4. I’m not religious (exChristian.net) but mas lumalim respect ko for MJ and her team. This offered mass, esp the last photo, just shows how she badly wants to bring home the crown, or penetrate the finals. I can’t imagine the pressure she has on her back. And I just hope she doesn’t pick a judge who will ask a question related to religion or politics.

  5. I like her energy, very natural and truly engaged with the interviewer. I agree with the eye makeup, it’s a little heavy but the rest of the face and presentation is gorgeous. We just need her to get to the semis and then she’ll take care of the rest. Excellent communication skills, keep up the English 24/7!

  6. This church production is embarrassing. You can pray on your own and in the silence of your home. Why bring the media and hundreds of people just to create a spectacle? It’s a cheap show.

    • May mga taong malalim ang kabobohan talaga….nagpa mass si MJ or ang camp nya sa Baclaran…as simple as that..now kung media di na nila kagagawan yun….

      At minsan sa mga special occassion ng family…like mag boboard exam…eh nagpapa mass din…like MJ na lalaban sa contest.

      Anung publicity pinagsasabi mo. Ang ibang lahi ma expressive pa sa faith nila..lalo na mga latina at european.

      Normal lang ito noh…nagpamass lang publicity na…eh sa madaming fans ni MJ ang gustong makidasal at samahan sya sa panalangin.

      Napakabobo talaga.

      • Pumpkin, you don’t need to show your faith with cameras, iphones, and thousands of fans. That’s hypocrisy!

    • Ang galing namang humusga ng bading na ito. Ikaw nga, sumususo ng tite ng may tite…

  7. Mapapatili rin kaya ng ‘shutangina!!!!!!!!!’ si Father pag tinawag na last semifinalist is………


      • I agree! She looks so good with those natural looking pinkish lips and light make-up. I think her eye liner looks a bit dark because it doesnt match the studio lighting and no one from the production or her personal stylist mentioned anything. Remember at a TV set, use some not so dark brown eyeliner all around and white eyeliner on the lower rim of the eyelids perhaps would look good on the set, the blending of the eye shadow color should transition gradualy from the eyeliner to the color of the skin. (Why do I know these things?) Do some test shots 1st before going live on Camera… I hope she gets to try this technique here 1st to see how she would look on TV before she leaves for DoraI. I guess her peg should be more on Jennifer Lopez than Kim Kardashian on the eyes since she already has a bit of those middle Eastern features. An exotic looking Latina would surely be a hit at Doral.

  8. Ang importante nasa puso niya ang faith! Ganyan talaga ang mga katoliko sa atin magdasal kinagisnan na yang pagdarasal sa mga santo! Anyway I will pray for mj to succeed on her journey to Dora!

  9. Whatever is meant to be, will be. Best of luck Mj, it’s not going to be easy.There are going to be fierce competitors and haters galore but always keep your head in the game and just remember your country is behind you 100%. #Mjalltheway

  10. It’s perfectly fine to have this show of faith so long as it’s personal and not a platform at Miss U. It’s tricky to navigate religious beliefs on stage when there will be many viewers/judges who will have different beliefs or none at all. I roll my eyes when faith is invoked in a Q&A without it being asked.. it comes across as pandering and lazy, trying to elicit instant clapping.

    • Any question that is related to religion, politics or finance is a death sentence in most pageants. At MU, the question is usually related to the country and people of the representative. Dun nyo makikita kung pinapaboran ng Miss U ang candidata para manalo. Alam ng lahat na si Shamcey (Christian- associated with fundamentalist thinking that opposes Catholicism) ay matalino at kaya matalo ang bet ng locals na si Angola (Catholic and also a former Portuguese colony like the host country- Brazil who’s also predominantly Catholic) sa Q&A hence the religion related question. Samantalang si Venus at Ariela naman ay halatang pinapaboran kaya nabigyan ng madaling question. Kung nasagot nila yuon ng maayos or with confidence ay sila na sana ang nanalo. Janine was underestimated by the Miss Universe Org thinking a politics and language related question would leave her baffled but she was too inteligent and well prepaired that she gave the most diplomatic answer to the tricky question hence she got higher placement than what was meant for her. Gusto ko manalo si MJ kaya ako natatakot na mabigyan sya ng religion related question because of this publicity.

      • If ever MJ is asked about religion-related question, the safest possible anwer would be something like this:

        Like Politics and Economics, Religion is part and parcel of human life. While we fight for our ideologies in Politics, and while we plan and take risk in Economics, we respect each other’s beliefs in Religion.

      • Thank u for your answer Benj, but i’m afraid it’s a sweeping generalization. About 25% of d people i know now don’t have religion. I don’t have any basis to believe that elsewhere in d world, a certain % of d populace don’t have religion. If some of d judges happen to be among those people , then, as C2F fears above, it could be a death sentence. & to answer a religion-related question head-on is jumping into a whirlpool or a quicksand. But a wise candidate should be able to recognize the danger & not fall into it. Learn from Olivia Culpo. D question that landed on her was a quicksand, but she managed to jump over it. She & Venus got similar self-incriminating, suicidal questions. Had Venus done tgat in 2010, i had no other reason to think tvat she would have brought home our 3rd MU crown. A question along d same line was thrown at Leila Lopez, & she beautifully evaded d pit with that your-question-is-good-but-hey-i’m-not-gonna-jump -into-your-trap swerve. It seems that d candidate who is able to bring forth something positive out of what could initially be self-destructive & negative is d one who gets more judges’ nods. Why? Simply because the questions are a test of character. If your answer could restore faith in humanity, then even better. That’s how they separate d smart from d wise. Smart ends up runner-up, wise gets crowned.

      • Good points, guys. And I think the Q&A is where MJ’s age may be an advantage. Not always, but wisdom blossoms with time. I just hope that she’s able to give an inclusive and world-aware answer to whatever question’s thrown at her. It’s really the biggest job interview in the world and she’ll have to treat it as such.

  11. I thought “some” said it’s over the top. But reading the comments, only one said it. LOL
    I love MJ. And there is no reason to judge her because we don’t know what she went through before joining BBP 2014. She’s actually doing a history here because so far, she’s the only MU rep from Philippines who did this.

  12. Why is this an issue? Freedom of religion! Mary Jean is praying for a victory! However and MORE importantly she should also pray for the dedicated passionate gay commenters/readers on this blog that; 1) they say NO to drugs, 2) YES to abstinence, 3) get tested for HIV, and 4) inform their multiple (or multitudes) of partners of their health status.

    Mary Jean please light a candle for all Filipinos who have died of AIDS and those who battle terminal cancers and diseases. Prayers have priorities. Some things are much more important than a crown that perishes. Thank you girl and do your best on January 25th.

    Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

    • More seriously, please pray for d 177 passengers & crew of QZ8501 my friends. It’s nearly 48 hours & their fate is still unknown. 😥

    • So what’s next?

      MJ should pray for those prisoners whose criminal acts were Pageant-related?
      MJ should pray for unwed mothers whose desires are to raise their daughters to be beauty queen someday?
      MJ should pray for blah…blah..blah…?
      Napa-kademanding naman natin!

      May pa “MORE importantly”…pa tayong ini-impose!!! Pag-madrehin na lang kaya natin si MJ???

      • “..pray for unwed mothers to raise their daughters to be beauty queens?”

        Well mam, some things don’t need prayer. Ironically, you seem to be a perfect example. Your mother raised a son who ended up a queen with no assistance from her at all.

        There you have me! Happy New Year again. 😉

    • Angeles,

      Pag bakla drugs agad?! “Multiple or Multitudes of partners” talaga?! Get tested agad hindi practice safe sex muna?! At pag negative or positive inform ko sila through group message GANOWN?!

      Ikaw ipagdadasal ko na wag ka maging masyadong assumera at mag generalize…
      Sana din wag ako masyadong conservative ng magka lovelife na ako!… kaloka!…

      • To answer your questions from your first paragraph? 1) yes, 2) yes, 3) yes and 4) excellent idea! 😉

      • Angeles,

        Bakit?… Alam mo ba buhay ko?… Sure ka may multiple/multitudes of partners ako?… Sure ka nag dudrugs ako?… Wag ka mag generalize kung basehan mo e common stereotypes lang.

    • Thanks Laila. Really saddening. Imagine what they could have been through & how tough it is for their loved ones now. Hope they will be found well & really soon.

  13. Natutuwa ako dito. Catholic din ako pero hindi na rin ako ganun ka devout. Over the past few years marami na ring religions na nag ge-gain ng momentum so for me, kinda na miss ko maka kita ng honest to goodness Catholic show of devotion na hindi lang dominated ni Nanay Dionesia. Mas ok na sakin maka kita ng ganito, medyo mas nag cringe pa ako nung nakita ko si Krista Kleiner (tama ba) nung nag offer ng flowers sa grand stand. Now lang ako naka kita ng beauty queen na may ganitongg publicity from the media and ganitong activity na inarrange for our candidate. tama ba?

    may pagka OA siguro for some kase hindi ito yung kina sanayan natin na activities for our candidates but this is so different that it makes me believe that we have something worth looking forward to talaga…feeling ko talaga may balik satin to!

  14. Medyo oa lang.. She could just have stayed in the pew and kneel in prayer. Need talaga na pumunta ng altar to touch the tabernacle? I dont have anything against her faith, but things like that (in the pic) is just way over the top.

    • Kung kulto ang sinasaniban mong relihiyon, i expect you have that kind of judgment. MJ exercises her faith and that is her right. If she has a contrite heart and a sincere prayer not only for herself, i for sure MJ is more apt of my admiration than those cults who continue questioning our faith. KaILAN LANG KAYO NAGSUSULPUTAN. PARA KAYONG MGA KABOTE.

    • we should be after the person’s sincerity. if you were just there, she even told everyone how significant baclaran Church has been in her bbp2014 journey. Lets just be happy that a beauty queen ,despite her beauty wit and supporters, is believing that she cant do anything with the help og the Lord. God bless u mj and yes i am mJalltheway 🙂

    • Kulto agad when you say your piece regarding the picture? It’s my point of view na over to the top ang drama nya sa altar…its my prerogative to voice my opinion kasi tito norms was asking if what we (the readers) think about the picture. Wag OA mga MJ fanatics ok? I still wish her all the luck to win the crownpero wag mag paka OTT!

  15. Lakas maka-Krista Kleiner sa Luneta.
    Wag na ipamuka, magdasal kung magdasal, no need to shout it out for the world to see.

  16. Pope Francis even prayed inside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul:

    ISTANBUL (AP) — His head bowed and hands clasped in front of him, Pope Francis stood Saturday for two minutes of silent prayer facing east inside one of Istanbul’s most important mosques, as he shifted gears toward more religious affairs on the second leg of his three-day visit to mainly Muslim Turkey.

  17. Respeto lang sa paniniwala…at take note latin america ay dominated din ng Catholics kaya normal na kanila ang ginagawa ni MJ.

  18. Idk Sir Nornan, but looking at her now she is more like a Latina beauty. I like her so much but I can’t see the uniqueness in her beauty like ther other previous stand outs Venus,Shamcey,Janine, and Ara. Opinion ko lang naman. She looks like common.

  19. What she’s doing is not over the top. MJ is now a public figure so everything she does could be a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’ from anyone’s interpretation. IMO, there’s no bad intention to carry out such event but to strengthen ones faith when you go to a battle . 🙂

  20. mas madami pa syang hinawakan na imahe. i saw it from the other forum. i don’t think na tamang i question yong faith nya. Madaming deboto ang gumawa n’yan and walang masama kung matindi ang pananalig nya sa Diyos. Ewan ko na lang kung naglakad sya ng paluhod from the entrance ng church hanggang sa first row kung saan sila nakaupo. what do you think mga Beks?

  21. That was too much. Is this how obsessed the Philippine is on MU? I have never seen this before, not even the major catholic nations in South America. What would you guys do if she lost? You couldn’t blame that church for unanswered prayers? I would love to see this happening for Christian Michael Martinez when he competed in Sochi but for a pageant!? MJ is probably assured of a semi finalist spot but Kosovo and Venezuela will be the last two standing. Philippines may not make it in the top 5.

    • Remember to bring d voucher/coupon when claiming d crown. Available at all participating sm dept stores. Jowk lng! 😉

  22. Eggs are offered to Saint Claire. Handkerchiefs are used to wipe the feet of The Nazarene.
    Nothing’s over the top here. It’s an individual conviction and belief.

  23. Should have gone to Baclaran had i known…haven’t seen her in person and it would be much of a pleasure. Sayang.

    When do you think i could have a last peep of her before she leaves ?

  24. I will include you in my prayers MJ. May your wish will be granted. We are practicing the same faith. I really admire you as well Pia Wurzbasch for being so prayerful. God be with you always.

  25. Good luck nalang kay MJ sa last picture… Baka headline sya bukas sa net 25… Sabagay, publicity din yun.

  26. What’s so over the top there? This is what you call faith and practicing ones religious beliefs. I can’t believe other people still find fault in this picture? Don’t their other delegates do the same thing too? Kasalanan na ni MJ na religious Siya? Kasalanan ba ni MJ na I-cover ng press yung thanksgiving mass niya?

    Never mind the naysayers…just keep Doing what u have to do MJ!!!

  27. All the BEST for you MJ…let your spirit soar…higher and higher…Rest assured, you can hear us Roarrrrr…in Doral!

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