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  1. Pleaseeeee… We all know that the jet black hair and strong arched brows completely lost valeries characteristics.. It is as if we sent a completely different candidate there in MW..she was overly manufactured tht she was robbed of her REAL self and freshness by aces and queens. she was too Filipinized. They (A and Q) never respected her natural look. Had she gone thru the pageant in her brunette higlighted hair and natural brown brows, my gosh, she might put rolenes beauty to shame!!! I hope this girl wont suffer the same fate as Vals . Ths girl is very exotic and fit for miss universe. I hope she will learn FIERCE because her face spells that word in bold letters!

  2. She has a beautiful symmetrical face, and she’s tall. She’s smart and educated. She should be able to win a national title with no problem if she’s truly determined to win and willing to train. But she’s not yet even 20, so she has plenty of time to mull it over. And please, enough whining about being bi-racial. Venezuela sends bi-racial reps all the time and no one cares!

  3. Yes.. We need fresh faces . So tired of stale girls who try too much… Pia Wutrz for example.

    • Mars…naunahan mo akong sabihin ang gusto kong iparating…Sabagay Mars, isa talaga sa nagpatalo kay Valerie ay ang hinayupak na “Hegalong” na yon…kung di dahil doon, di sana na Jet-lag ng todo si Val…naging masigla sana sya sa simula pa lang ng competition!

  4. What is her course at Ateneo? I hope she graduates with flying colors… I love the combination of curves and angles on her face… their not too soft and not too sharp… And she inherited the ideal eyes and lips of a Filipina. Her body and bone structure are well proportioned… It’s not voluptuous nor modelesque thus it can be easily shaped for pageantry. I hope she becomes active in the socio-civic activities of whatever ģroup she’s in… She could become a future International winner. 🙂

  5. OMG, YES YES YES YES!!! The second pic and the collage… WOW!!! Breath taking!!! Gorgeous!!! Ganire yung gandang Fil-Foreign na bet ko, yung ang halo ng ethnicities eh mejo ambiguous.

    Aral ng mabuti Kelsey, tuloy lang sa pag-mowdel, huwag magpa-photoshoot sa men’s magazine, ingatan ang pinoy passport, sumali sa mga outreach program, practice sa public speaking at debate, ok hija?!?

    Hopefully we’ll see you compete in BbP in 3-4 years time.

  6. Given the proper training, I think she’ll be ready for the “big” league in 2-3 years. And yes, I see some potential in her.

  7. Love her! There’s great potential. Get her with A&Q or a comparable camp and let’s see what the outcome is. I’d love to see her in MU even though BBP usually sends her “type” to MI. Why not MU? It’s been awhile since we’ve sent a Fil Am mestiza to MU. In the last four editions of MU, we’ve sent four different “types” of Filipinas and now we’re sending a fifth “type” with MJ. So let’s continue that trend by sending Kelsey (if she is deserving and shines during the BBP 2015 Pageant). Just a thought….

  8. Develop her skill in hosting.
    Develop her talent where she is very good.
    Start involving or support a project where she enjoy most(for BWAP).
    Start going to the gym and ask professional advice to help perform well in the sport fasttrack activities.
    Be a member of toastmaster’s club to develop her communication skill and can debate on important issues.
    She is already a model.
    Winner na ang mukha.
    Join Aces and Queens or KF.
    Develop a “pang-masa attitude”
    Join a small-time beuty search every year for 4 yrs. before joining MWP or MUP.
    After 4 yrs… a Miss World or Miss Universe from Philippines.
    Pinag-aaralan talaga at pinaghahandaan talaga kung gusto nyang maging International Winner hindi yung instant.
    Parang sasali ka ng sports sa Olympic games ang preparation.
    Good luck to her:-)

  9. She’s from AdMU, 5’8″, beautiful. She ‘s already got 50% of what it takes to have a shot. The other half will come from her heart & mind. Her being a half-Filipina shouldn’t even matter in the equation because she can still look very Filipina. At d end of d day, it’s d total package that counts most, not just beauty, not just ethnicity, not just body, not just comm skills, not even just bwap project if i may add.

  10. We should wake up and accept the reality that being a woman of mixed race, tall and beautiful is not good enough to win a crown in a beauty pageant abroad. In this time of competition a real beauty queen must have talent and communication skills also.

  11. She’s one of the models around Megan in the Metro Magazine Dec 2014 photoshoot. She’s one of the girls in the background. She actually looks a bit like Megan and she’s the prettiest next to Megan. Clearly, she stands out amongst the model in the background.

  12. we should learn from valerie weigman. top model doesn’t necessarily translate to beauty pageant queens.

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