16 comments on “Sunday Specials: Everybody wants Gabriela’s crown

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  2. Ang fresh ni Molly!

    Maganda naman si India at feeling ko magpapaka Ariella Arida siya pag makapasok siya sa Top 16 yung tipong pout pout lang at di papakita ngipin.. katakot kasi smile niya pag may ngipin nang kasama.

  3. Goshhh an daming magaganda…oh well, positivity and preparedness lang yan for MJ…
    Isapuso at isaisip n xa ang winner…

  4. If she makes top 10, I think Miss India’s going be tough to beat. Her downfall would be that awful slithering… reminds me of Shilpa Singh 2012 — that walk was horrid to behold on stage AND tv. MJ’s got her work cut out for her.. ilampaso sana nya ang mga chicas.

  5. So many lovely ladies! I am so looking forward to the competition. The prize will even be sweeter knowing that the competition was fierce!

  6. I’m sure Gabriela can’t wait to crown her successor. It’s been a.long year and she would probably like to move on. I for one am tired of looking at her – as pretty as she is of course. 😉

  7. Ang fresh ni Molly dito. I really think we have a shot at the crown this year. Super well rounded na si MJ for me. Keber na kung mga kalaban nya mga 19 or in their early 20s. She looks great in a swimsuit and she speaks well. Sana lang maging very visible sya and wag syang padala sa stress. I hope she can sustain her energy. Go go MJ!


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