20 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: The Original Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Official Candidates

  1. Sir Norms, Arabella Hanesh was Mutya ng Pilipinas 2005 2nd runner up. Jennelyn Natividad was also 2nd runner in the same pageant in 2009.

  2. LOL… wow.. walang tapon!
    May konting napanis pero madaming tumagal na lalong sumarap! 😀

  3. I watched the show again coz i got curious of the other candidates… You’re definitely right norms, this batch has lots of gorg and fab ladies…

  4. Mj, Diana, Patricia and Shamcey registered very well in this batch🐷🎀🐷

  5. Wow, we’ve come a long way in just 5 years.

    Glad so many of these ladies never gave up because of a stumbling block (or 20) along the way,

  6. Sir Norms its me again, just want to know if Zephora Mayon and Zara Aldana the same person?

  7. Hi Sir Norman, Ladylyn Riva was also part of batch 2011, she was crowned Miss Casino Filipino 2013 ( if im not mistaken)

  8. This is a wonderful post Norman! I didn’t know the class 2011 of BBP was *this* incredible.


  9. Wow look at MJ’s body in this photo!!! If she shows up like this in Doral…. oh my!!! The original Lamunera

  10. Ninang, you forgot the contestants like,

    Laila- who eventually got married to a cat.
    Mrs. Spainhour- she became the directress of Mental Hospital where she is the living mascot.
    Benjie- who is now Benjur Luy

    • Hay naku Mars…bakit mo naman ako binuking? May pa-New Year pa naman sana ako sa yo na Hummer. Di alam ni Madaam Janet na kinupit ko ang isa nya…para dapat sa yo yon, Mars!

      • Mareng Jopet…ayan tuloy, dahil sa binuking mo ako at nalaman ni Madaam Janet na nangupit ako sa kanyang bilyones, pinaiimbestigahan nya pati bank deposits ko…Yon O:

        Napoles wants Luy’s bank accounts opened
        By Michael Punongbayan (The Philippine Star) | Updated December 29, 2014 – 12:00am

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