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  1. she is really fat by pageant standards. Her arms and chin are her most problematic areas.

  2. Mars Migjubis, goodness grape juice naman, bentesyete na ko pero mas mukhang matanda ka pa saken. Pero keriboomboom lang dahil sabi ni madam auring ligeak daw sa semis ang Valenzuela ayon sa bolang kristal nya. Hihihi happy much si MaryJacko

  3. Mukhang malabo ang back to back, madami kasi mas deserving pa kay Migbelys at give chance to others muna.. nkaka 7 na kayo, he he he.. yung iba khi isa wala pa.

  4. Is it just me or feeling TH–trying hard na ang Venezuela. Seems desperate to get the crown! I mean good lord she’s only 19 and osmel made her look like in her 30s! Kaloka

    • Si India, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Philippines may crown na this year.. Sila nalang wala… Goodluck!

      • Hola muchas corona Internacional es pero Cuba nunca a side miembro del Miss Universe Hello……


        Miss Tourism Planet (in Athens GRE – 17 entries) WINNER: Venezuela 7/10/14
        Miss Teen Earth (in Panama City PAN – 11 entries) WINNER: Venezuela 10/25/14
        Miss Tourism Universe (in Beirut LEB – 28 entries) WINNER: Venezuela 11/21/14


        Miss Int’l. Queen (transgender, in Pattaya THA – 22 entries) WINNER: Venezuela 11/7/14

  5. Mixed feelings ako sa kanya. I mean she’s very beautiful, confident and charming BUT i think her age is problematic. She’s too young…. still too raw! Despite how hard they try to make her look older than she really is. MJ is being bashed on how old she is. Sure she’s one of the oldest contestants in the pageant but she still looks fresh. And I think it’s an advantage for her. Within her 27 years of existence, there is no doubt that MJ has learned and experienced a lot of things in life. And because of that she has a better understanding of the world and based on her past learnings, marami siyang maituturo sa mga kababaihan at kalalakihan sa buong mundo.

  6. Beautiful? of course she is. A Miss Universe winner? Not sure.. knowing that she’s only 19yo and looking like this already? She’s trying too much to look matured. Big hair kinda too 80s in this style. Top 10 for now. She’s sporting an Alicia Machado persona. Im not sure if it will work this time. With USA 8 crowns and Venezuela 7? You think USA would like to tie with Venzuela? No way! So girl, Top 5 will be possible, a crown? I don’t see it in my crystal ball.

  7. Maraming maganda, maraming may killer bods, maraming fierce, marami ring may character sa mga candidates na yan. Pero iisa lang ang nakatadhana. Sabi ng mga Venezuelans si Migbelis; sabi ng mga Thai si Elli; sabi ng mga Pinoy si MJ; and so on… Ang masasabi q lang, good luck sa lahat ng candidates & may d best girl win. I’ll just relax, wait & see…

  8. Yes Mrs Spainhour top 10 for her, or a runner up placement. Mj will take home the crown.

  9. anong nangyari sayo girl? ang tanda mo nang tingnan,19 ka lang ata. at. ang hair mo myged,akoy giigang naglantaw sa imung buhok baye,murag perteng bug ata,mas young looking pa si Gabriela at si MJ pati sa yo.. wag na umasang mag ala stefania ka girl,yun e fresh at classy talaga.. advantage mu sanang kabataan at freshness mo girl,e anong nangyari…yun iba hirap na hirap magpaka young looking e ikaw naman sinayang mu girl wala kanang youthful glow chenezzz.

  10. ako lng ba nkakapansin na sa “look-up” picture nya e kamuka nya si miss world 2014, rolene strauss?

  11. Migbelis’ Threaths and Disadvantages.

    1. Migbelis is not as fluent in English as Gabriela who’s a journalist in Venezuela. Not to mention her being over the top based on gestures and movements. Lucky for us, MJ has been trainning for the past few years in conversational English which is her 3rd Language… (If MJ speaks Arabic then it would be her 4th).

    2. The Latinos are also competing with each other. Meanwhile, more people are rooting for MJ Internationaly from East Asia to the Middle East which is a bigger market demographic. Based on online popularity, Migbelis is competing with MJ who’s people- 1). has the most widespread diaspora in the world 2). 4th Largest population density- who at least understands English 3). The most active demographic in social media. Luckily, the major sponsors like Yamamay wants a big slice of the Asian Market (Btw, they already have a store in Glorieta).

    3. Venezuela’s political instability can take a huge toĺl on Migbelis’ chances. Being a Christian who’s part Arab and coming from South Cotabato, MJ’s win could be better for Miss Universe’ and the US’ international public relations. Manny Paquiao’s win who’s also from the same war torn province already gives MJ a huge headstart based on good publicity.

    4. Based on confidence, Migbelis’ loud personality seems like a perfect fit but MJ has toughened up for the past few years. MJ is more confident based on her accomplishments as a beauty queen, humanitarian and entrepreneur.

    5. Based on looks, Migbeles may have the height and legs but MJ has a better Asian hair which would be perfect for Farouk Hair systems, Her Asian complexion is the perfect canvas for Mac or wathever cosmetics line they have this year and best of all, her 22 inch waistline cannot be ignored while wearing a Yamamay swimsuit.

  12. Migbelis looks older! She’s trying to be mature. Biggest turn off for me is the shape of her mouth, not proportional to her face. The current Miss Universe and Migbelis have oversized mouths! I still prefer Stefania’s beauty than any of the other Miss Venezuela Universe of late 2010 to present.

    • I agree with you with Stefania!! She looks uber classy! 😉 I also like Dayana! IMHO, Venezuelan girls are really beautiful! I think the only advantage of Migbelis over MJ is her way of reaching to the people. She may not speak English quite well but she’s not afraid to speak what’s in her heart. I know almost everyone of us saw the video of Migbelis’ guesting in a TV show in Venezuela. She’s very engaging and warm. You can easily relate to her :)) But I am still #MJalltheway por la corona de #MissUniverso.

  13. Her biggest advantage over MJ are:

    1. Her bigggg personality. I watched her interviews. She’s VERY engaging, charming and very quick. Something MJ lacks.
    2. Her height
    3. Her hair 🙂

    • I so love our own candidate….MJ all the way.

      Yeah MJ lacks the advantages you mentioned…because MJ has more.

      Just my thought a back to back win for Venezuela is not healthy for MU org at this time.

    • She doesn’t look fresh… Features and styling just too over the top. Mj doesn’t look fresh either but she doesn’t have the burden of trying to go for back to back win

  14. One has to admire the tenacity and determination of the women who attempt to get any one of the crowns Venezuela has. After Osmel picks the winners, sometimes he “gets it right” (Diane Mendoza) and sometimes he “over manufactures” (Marelisa Gisbon). In this case, it’s bordering “overmanufactured”. One can’t deny her appeal but it’s almost become cookie cutter for Miss Venezuela. Lately, all the winners and runners up are starting to look the same with just variations in hair color and skin tone. Beautiful they are but without that “thing” that makes them stand out. That “thing” is the character and life experiences one has and is etched in their faces reflected from their life. Migbelis may surprise us all and pull off a back-to-back, in which case, Osmel is to be congratulated once again but would be a bit of a disappointment to me. Let’s wait and see how she is when she arrives. It always blows me away when people fall all over themselves over a beauty queen’s pictures and basically “hands them the crown” without seeing them “live”. In some cases, the photoshopped pictures are waaaaay better than the person who shows up at the pageant and then those same people are stunned to see their “goddess” not at all like her photoshopped pictures. Anyway, regardless of what happens in Doral, may the best woman win with her brains, her beauty, her personality!

    • @Philip de la torre

      Its Dayana Mendoza (MV 2007, Miss U 2008) & it’s Marelisa Gibson (MV 2009)

  15. uniform na ang face ng mga Venezuelan parang Koreans lang..ang tanda niyang tingnan e 19 years old lang pala xa,parang treinta na,mas matanda paxang tingnan kesa kay Gabriela

  16. Di lang ang mga Pinoy ang nayayamot kung bakit walang ginanap na MU Pageant sa taong ito (2014). Marami pang ibang bansa ang nagtataka kung bakit walang matinong lugar na pagdarausan ang MU Pageant? Pabagsak na nga ba ang MU? Kung kokoronahan ni DT ng back-to-back ang Venezuela, maraming bansa ang ma-tuturn-off…baka maging hudyat ito ng tuluyang pagbulusok pababa ng MU.

    Maaring pasok at swak si Migbelis sa categoria na Beauty & Confidence…pero sa dinagdag na categoria na Elegance, mukhang wala sya noon (OA pa nga kung kumilos)…ewan ko lang sa dinagdag pa na Categoria na Passion and Community.

    At upang maibalik ang interest ng marami, alam kong gagawa ang MUO ng mga gimik upang mapag-usapan na naman ito ng todo…gagawa ito ng mga ilang controbersyal na hakbang. Patitindihin nito ang paligsahan sa pagbibigay ng matinding exposure sa mga Pageant Lovers na bansa gaya ng Pilipinas, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Russia, USA. At palagay ko, manggagaling sa isa sa mga bansang ito magmula ang 63rd Edition ng MU at di makamit ng Venezuela ang inaasam na back-to-back.

  17. She aged!! Di na youthful yung look nya but okay na din.

    What osmel does to her girls is beyond me…so sorry for them really!

  18. Is it just me?
    Di ako masyadong naa-amaze sa ganda nya, parang generic na.
    For me lang ha, idk kung may iba pang nakakapansin.

  19. Kalaban to pero I get the feeling na over manufactured sya. Na super expected mababagot mga tao kung sya manalo. Na-aafraidy aguilar ako kay Ms. India. Parang due na ren rent nya soon. Pag nakikita ko sa IG parang sya na….watchuthink?

    • Yeah,malakas ang dating ng india rep this year…iba din ag kutob ko…cross fingers!!! Di pa rin ako nawawalan ng pag asa kay MJ…medyo worried lng sa Q& A portion parang laging kabado si MJ…hehehe

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