9 comments on “Raw selfies now. Glossy images next year.

  1. The clue is ‘Natural Beauty’ whilst the only place I know with true beauty is ‘Paradise’, where in the Bible, God sent Adam & Eve to live. Hmmm…if I translate it in Pilipino…it’s ‘Paraiso’ 🙂

  2. First, I have to say i like her eyebrows.

    Second, I’ve never been a fan of this type of selfie collage. Its essentially the same picture multiple times over. Too juvenile+self-absorbed+jej for me. But then ako lang naman yon.

    Third, yes she’s pretty. But being conventionally pretty doesn’t mean a whole lot nowadays, at least pageant wise.

    Mukhang bagets pa si ate girl. Looks wise, the needed basics are there, tamang training at enhancement lang ang kailangan. Unless she’s 26 years old, I’d say sit out BbP 2015 muna

  3. pretty xa sa mga pics nayan pero mahirap makasigurado coz uso na ang filter at cam360 ngayon

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