26 comments on “To those who wore the sash and waved the flag that mattered to us

  1. So proud of my home girl Jamie Herrel 🙂

    She owned it from start to finish. Bashers can say what they want but there’s no denying her very fresh and youthful glow.

    Home boy Alvin surprised me with his performance – pleasantly surprised.

    I guess the lesson here is that we should look at all parts of this beautiful country of ours to find our international bets. There are gems outside Mega Manila just waiting to be discovered.

  2. Hi Norman, thank you for the summary of achievements made by our representatives.

    It clealry shows that the Philippines is still a force to reckon with in beauty pageants.

  3. Merry Christmas, Norman!!! And thank you for being one of the best pageant blogger in town.

  4. Mga gurls…magrelax na ngayong Christmas! Wag magpa-stress…! Sisigaw tayong ulit sa Miss Tourism International at sa Miss Universe, kaya, mag-reserve na ng energy para pak lang ng pak!

  5. Thank you Team Philippines! Good Luck to Glennifer and MJ! #TeamPhilippines #ForTheFilipinos #ParaSaBayan

    Happy Holidays to Sir Norman and his readers

  6. Merry Christmas to all the beauty queens and kings(? Lol). Thank you for putting up a good fight, and giving us an awesome beauty spectacle. Win or lose, y’all are to be proud of! 🙂

    And Merry Christmas to you too, Norman. Thanks for creating this blog. I read this everyday because aside from being full of pageant updates, this blog is written with so much heart. I wish you good health, happiness, and all that your heart desires.

    Please keep on writing.


  7. kung sino pa yung sobrang pibagmamslaking walang makakatalo at walang panama ang mga kalaban yun pa ang pumalakpak..hay minsan kasi wag masyadong mayabang mga fantards,lakas mangbash pag me masabing d papuri sa mga idolet nyo kahit constructive naman,kala bapakaperpekto ng mga idolet ayun sa background pumalapak lang pala.
    Merry Christmas Clappers,( bianca,Valerie,john,Yvette).. may you have more energy to clap…..cheersssssssss

    • Karen, you really hate yourself this bad? Whatever you’re going through, God bless you.

      • no mah friends I don’t hate myself,I love me and I love my life I never dreamed of representing this country you know,I don’t need you people to be proud of me or something,my family’s proud of me and what I’ve achieved in my life,I have a great job that pays the bills good friends and I’m able yo travel and go on vacation twice a year,so I’m just calling spade a spade you know,its true they’re clappers,and their fans are so arrogant bragging beforehand that no one will beat them but guess what,they clap,so I’m just stating a fact and maybe it hurts,but that’s life.
        I still remember all those fantards who bash people in this blog who said Val is not this and that,rolene is no match, val’s a MW prototype whatever that means..
        anyway happy holidays guys

    • amakin mo yan kahit pasko di mo pa rin sila titigilan hehehe. and to adam davies who waved the flag that mattered to basil, alam na! merry christmas ate, ano kayang handa nila tita norman, gusto ko mamasko sa kanila lol

  8. ay wala ang winner ng Starz Hunk INternational si JM, idagdag nyo po para makita ng mga tiga santolan, tsaka po yogn sa miss princess of the world.

    THANK YOU sa inyong lahat…

    • I agree Mama Norms, please add also the name and photo of JM, the winner of Starz Hunk International 2014.

  9. Wow, what a year! With all the high expectations demanded from our delegates to match or even surpass the achievements gained from a very successful 2013, 2014 was certainly quite stressful. Hopefully, we’ll get to relax a little in 2015 and have fun at the same time. 🙂

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