18 comments on “Move over, Rolene. Here’s Ziphozakhe Zokufa

  1. Ay nako, may laban din tong si ate! Uma-African goddess din. Check din ang pasarela.

    If there’s one thing i could change though, i would prefer a slightly slimmer nose. Matangos kaya lang mejo malapad for my liking as per top most pic. Makukuha naman sa contour yan. Dun sa interview, maganda rehistro niya sa angle na yun. Mukhang relax saka nakakapagsalita naman ng maayos.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes………………………..yes!

    How many more times can she say that word?

    Physically acceptable but not as communicative as Rolene.

    A 7 out of 10 is my score.

  3. I like this girl, she’s gorgeous,I think she will do well in Doral,another strong candidate,great walk and body… and I love her name..
    Good luck girl..

  4. I love her. I personally think she’s pretty. I think she’s the candidate from Africa who will make it to top 16.

    Her height, body and walk is also a killer. Even though she didn’t talk much, she seems like a good public speaker. She didn’t sound nervous or dumb. Like her!

    After South Africa winning Ms World, she’s definitely getting some extra buzz.

    • Until now…duh…MJ was crowned Miss Philippines Universe 2014 last March or April pa ata..tagal na issue yan..judge pa nga si Gabriela Isler….and despite all odds she won….pls. move on.

    • With Ms World putting the emphasis on smart and not sexy, Ms U will want a more wholesome,more natural looking queen. MJ is gorgeous but she looks too “done”. Please tell me is anyone will believe those teeth occur in nature? Why is it when anyone expresses a dissenting view here we get attacked?

      • Baklesh, what do you intend to accomplish with your negativity and bashing of our country’s bet? Whether you like it or not, MJ is our resresentative. The best you can do is to get over it and just throw your support behind your fellow Filipino.

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