14 comments on “Avonlea Paula Paraiso: Binibini, MPE or MWP?

  1. Tignan niya nuna kung sasali rin si Catriona Gray sa MWP, baka ending niya 1st, runner-up lang.

    • Yeah I’m also thinking of Catriona. As for this girl Avonlea, she seems a good candidate. I think she has a lot to offer – beauty and talent. I just hope that she also has the heart for helping too. 🙂 I’m rooting for Catriona for this year if the rumors are true.

      Rumors are already flying that she might join. Catriona seems to be very well rounded – she’s sporty (it’s in her lifestyle & trained martial art – taekwondo or something else), talented (fine arts & singing talent), beautiful (model beauty and has a lot of asian in her), multi-media (active blogger, has good insights), has stage exposure (so probably a good speaker too, insightful about life since she seems like an old soul) and probably active in charity work since she’s bff with Val. I always wanted Catriona Gray to join and it might happen next year. Oh and Liza Soberano too… when she’s older and has gained more experiences in life.

  2. For me, typical tisay sa looks dept, nothing more. Be-blend sa crowd ang beauty kapag kasama sa int’l pageant. Di ko bet ang prominence/halo ng caucasian features niya. Wala yung lagi nating hinahanap na dyosa/exotic/sultry/latina-ish/asian goddess factors..at least for MU ha.

    And yes to nikita mcelroy.

  3. Thanx for clarifying your point, although peculiar generally meant strange, weird, bizarre, abnormal and some other not so positive adjectives.
    That’s why I asked. No offence intended.

  4. Siya ata ang unang babae na ang pangarap ay sumali sa MPE! Kasi ang sumasali sa MPE ay yung hindi pumasa sa screening ng Binibini at MWP. #TRUTH #NoTeaNoShade

    With that said try nya mag MWP since her look is the prototype of that organization, pag di pinalad, gawing stepping stone at training for Binibini the next year.

    Pero kung ang dream talaga nya ay to help mother earth eh di go #PushMoYanTe

    • I love Nikita… kailangan lang ng konting finese pwede na mag Intercon & Supra.. pero ang katawan pang Miss U… Ka peg din nya yung current Miss International from Puerto Rico…

  5. Avonlea has a peculiar talent…not many ladies can play a harp. She can be in the top 10 of the Talent Challenge in MW.

    If she intends to join MW 2015, by now she should start her BWAP Project. In the recent MW, the projects they would like to see should center on empowering children (maybe, a project for children suffering with Lukemia? ..or with children living in shanties yet going to school, etc…or children who live with grandparents as a result of broken family).

    Good luck Avonlea on your future endeavors!

    • What’s so ” peculiar” about her talent? It is not strange, as a matter of fact is is an AWESOME talent!
      It’s not easy to play harp, what do you mean ” peculiar?”

      • By its simple definition, peculiar means “uncommon”, or if you may, “rare”. That is why I used the following sentence as an added qualifier: “..not many ladies can play…”

    • Pwede yan kesa naman ng magic trick. Ewan di ko maget over pagkatalo ni Val. Tinalo pa siya ni Gwen na nag 1st runner-up eh mas sikat siya considering artista siya. hays.

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