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  1. Good evening Mary Jean,
    If you discovered that you were pregnant, what would you do if you were not absolutely sure who the father was?

    • No. I will be growing too old, too sickly, will be left alone by the mortal by loved ones, will have difficulty adjusting the the young, will be incapable of coping with the technology. It is better that I just let the course of nature work beautifully for me!

      • Or chop it into little pieces and share with your loved ones so you all live a long life. That or sell it to Vicky Belo so she can stop her plastic surgery.

    • If I were given an immortality pill, I will take it. But I will not swallow it. I will auction the pill to the rest of the world. I am sure some very rich billionaire will bid very high…. Then I will become very rich. Thank you!

    • Immortality pill?.. I would flush it down the drain so that no one would take it and suffer eternal aging… If it was a pill of eternal youth, I would cut it in peices and share it with the people that I love and create great things that are limited with time…

  2. What will you do if you discovered that your husband is a gay after your marriage?

  3. 1. What do you think of beauty pageants that shun showcasing its women in bikini?

    2. How do you propose spreading wealth from the upper one percent to the 99 percent of the less privilege?

    3. In an age of instant celebrity, does fame still matter? Why or why not?

    4. What’s the one thing you have in your purse right now that you would want to share with people? Why?

    5. If God appears in front of you, how would you react?

    • 1. I am alway impressed by a courageous pioneering move, and this is one of them. There are other categories in determining World Class Beauty more valuable than having women display their bodies in bikinis.
      2. I will campaign for “moderation of greed” among the one percent. If, however, they could not do it, I will organize assassins who are willing to exterminate this one percent, thus making their wealth available for equitable sharing by the 99 percent.
      3. There is no such thing as “an age of instant celebrity” (what do you mean by that???) Next question please!!!
      4. A “YIN-YAN” button. This will remind the people of the world that life has always two important extreme components (Black and White, Tall and Short, Life and Death, Good and Evil…)…and many of them can co-exist in harmony!
      5. In total awe…it is more than being “star-struck”, it is more than being hit by a “thunderbolt”…i’ll be in endless ecstasy!

      Merry Christmas, everyone! (pronounced like Irene Esser’s “thank you Vegas”) LOL.

  4. 1. What is the essence of beauty pageants these days?
    2. What is your advantage over the other candidates to win the crown?
    3. If you will have a special power for an hour, what will it be and why
    4. Do you believe in second chances? Why or why not?
    5. Why you should not be the next Miss Universe?

    Pass your answers in one half sheet of paper. :))

  5. If you have to choose only one to posses BEAUTY, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM, which would you choose and why?

      • Yeah thought about that… some people may have a lot of knowledge but still they lack wisdom…

      • Knowledge is what you have learned from your parents, from reading books, from researches, from watching TV, from surfing in the internet, etc….WISDOM is what you’ve learned from your experience (of joy and pain, of friendship and betrayal, of love and hatred)…from the enlightenment you get from your personal search for meaning…from your personal insights of the meaning of what is happening to you and your surroundings!

    • I choose Wisdom. It will make you know how essentially different it is with knowledge…it will afford you to accurately define what Beauty truly is! I thank you!

    • Good evening Miami! (Sabay wave)

      In my 20 years of existence, i never had any major major problems with my beauty or wisdom. Sa yo na lng teh. Bye…

      • @Aj

        Paano kaya kung sinagot ka nung host——>
        “I guess you need the knowledge that you need beauty… therefore, u lack wisdom as well…” LOL
        “Teh, “WE” have major major problems with your kind of beauty!”… Wahahaha

      • @Aj

        Paano kaya kung sinagot ka nung host——>
        “I guess you need the knowledge that you need beauty… therefore, u lack wisdom as well…” LOL
        “Teh, “WE” have major major problems with your beauty!”… Wahahaha

    • A father who has not gone to school may learn a lot of KNOWLEDGE from his educated son, but he can have a lot of WISDOM to impart to his in-experienced son.

  6. Do you believe in reincarnation, why and why not?

    Answer: It’s a romantic thought, and I hope there is a second chance for everyone. Regardless of anyone’s belief, we’ll just need to make sure we live this life the best we can and be kind to everyone we meet in our lives.

    • It makes the “hardworking” and the “smart” lucky and fortunate…and, in reverse, unfortunate and unlucky for the lazy (batugan) and those lacking in common sense.

    • LOL… I wish they would actually ask this question. This is a very relevant in today’s technology.

  7. In you opinion, sino ang may integridad, si Pawee or si Bea Rose? echossss garvanzosss……mali pala, heto na lang, ano ang mga in-experiment or pinalitan sa iyo ng beauty camp/handler mo or ng BPCI na ayaw na ayaw mo?

  8. If you happened to be the Judge in Miss Universe 2014 who was picked to ask a question for Miss Philippines Rep., what is it would be your question?

    • pakshet! gusto ko tong gamitin sa mga studyante ko kaso ang mean….pero natatawa ako dito

    • I, actually, feel great! I just sang a song for myself backstage, which I dedicated to me, hoping that I’d like it…which I did! Thank you!

  9. Is it fair for women who have not gone through cosmetic enhancements to compete with those who had none?

    • mali…is it fair for women who have not gone through cosmetic enhancements to compete with those who have undergone some?

      • mairesearch nya yan. pero meron pa bang hindi nag undergo man lang ng kahit ano? yan ang tanong….

        wow ha now lang may ganito….syete!!!!! lalo tuloy ako na excite. go MJ!!!!! nyeta!!! Kayang kaya mo to!!!!! Sexy, Articulte, Confident…ano pa ba???????????????????

      • ay boba…kilala ko na. oo nga naman….sya nga pala si Ms. Canda…pero I’m sort of interested to know MJ’s take on this (i know she’s had some done…beautifully if i may add)

      • Sir, thank you for much for that wonderful question. I think the real question is, why have you not gotten a cosmetic surgery? You really need it. Thank you!

      • I think it’s unfair to have cosmetic enhancements because beauty is in d eyes of d people, by d people & for d people. Today is a gift, tomorrow is sunday. I teynk u!

    • Because I swallow. Thank you.

      And if she doesn’t win with that kind of answer, it will be war !!!

  10. Ang saya basahin ng mga gustong itanong kay inday MJ?!!!ahahaha….pampa good vibes!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘kahit bad trip ako at may topak ang skype!!

  11. Abangan nyo ang santolan…gagaya yan!! Mag kaka ganito din!! Ahahahaha…nyeta!! Sa lahat ng nasyon sa buong mundo mainit ang dugo ko sa mga santolan at mga aso…hehehe

  12. In 2012, it had been documented that among various nations in Asia thatthe Philippines had the highest increase in STD’s and HIV cases.

    If your future husband was having an extra – marital affair AND you end up HIV positive, would you feel different if his affair were with a man or woman?


    • @Saluda Chang

      Hey, I’m not trying to attack you or anything… I’m just curious why you seem bitter about gay guys? I assumed this because of this question and your low blow on Benjie. (Well he kinda desserved that one.) I also assume that you’re a girl… so did you have a relationship with a gay dude?

      • No C2F Lol… just an intriguing question that is all. Having fun on cyberspace and remember these are mere comments to me… no more and no less. Old school!

  13. Hahhahah .. napasaya na naman ako ng post mo na to Norms… its always fun to read all the comments…
    As for my question, What do you think best describes a Ms Universe?…..

  14. If you are given the authority to change/replace/abolish one requirement in MU pageant, what requirement it would be, and Why?

    • Franchise fee requirement. To lower the franchise fee, it would mean more countries could afford to participate, and therefore it’s more fun because competition will be tougher. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Good eveninv Miami! Thank u for that beautiful question. The MU motto is beautifully confident, right? I will remove beauty because i have confidence only. Thank u Miami!

    • Excellent question Queen Kong!
      I’m slowly beginning to like Miss World pageant over MU pageant a little more these days.

  15. With numerous ” minor” beauty pageants sprouting like mushrooms, do you think (beauty pageants) nowadays no longer have its significance and credibility? Please explain.

  16. “Do you think Sony Pictures did the right thing by pulling out “The Interview” from being shown in movie theatres? Why or why not?”

  17. if you win Miss Universe, what legacy would you like to have or leave after your reign?

    or para maiba naman,

    Why would you be Miss Universe? LOL

  18. “If, for some reason, there’s a leak in the pageant results, in which you knew in advance that you will not place at all, what would be your reaction, and how would you handle this?”

    • Tantrum to the max. Yell at the other candidate(s) who won via cheating. Snatch her crown and smash them by jumping on it with all your might. The scepter is a good tool for bashing the podium and the few other candidates who would come in defense of the faux winner. Lastly, grab the microphone and tell them that everything is all rigged from the start, and you planned all these. Then thank all the people for watching.


  19. Now that globalisation is the basis of communication and trade, and with the Philippines well integrated within the ASEAN bloc, how do you feel about the new generation of Filipino youth studying the Spanish language, as a 3rd tongue, to reconnect the Philippines with Latin America with which they share 330 years of common history?

  20. If you to choose one your Family? the man that you love? and your crown? Which one do you choose? Why or why not?

  21. What would you do if you find out that you are the only person leaving in the earth? And why?

  22. Good evening Ms Philippines, recently there seems to be a rush if not a competition among countries to explore d universe for an alternative habitat for mankind. Does this make sense to u? Why or why not?

    • Yes because as much as we want to protect our environment, the aging process of our planet is much faster due to the effects of global warming. Exploring the universe may help us in the presservation of our world and to ensure the future of our kind.

  23. If a house is burning and you can only save one person – – either Benji or Basil, would you read the papers or take your coffee?

    Peace. =)

    • Thomas, you know you’re wrong! But since you asked…

      Well, forget about the newspaper and coffee, I would run to the neighborhood plaza and buy drinks for EVERYONE! LOL

      @Benjy n Basil… joke lang! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Lmaoff!

      Hell, why waste the fire? Invite some friends, bring some champagne and let’s have a great big barbecue!

  24. Social Media is a powerful tool for anyone to express his/her opinion. On your part, would you allow BASHERS to throw their weights around in Social Media? Why or why not?

    • Good evening Miami! Good evening Universe!

      Thank u Benjie. Can i just tweet u my answer? Haha (sabay hawi ng bangs)t Well, generations after generations have witnessed how power & influence can build glorious empires on 1 hand & destroy humanity on d other. It will be wise for our generation to learn from the lessons of human history to ensure that d power & influence of social media does not destroy humanity but rather bring about healing & understanding. Thank you.

  25. RIGHT TO DIE is an entitlement of any individual who have been diagnosed of terminal illness to commit suicide or voluntary euthanasia and there are some places allow this. Do you think a person who assists in death of a loved one suffering from terminal illness be subjected to same legal charges as murder?

    • As for me, greatness is measured by how one can cope up gracefully with the challenges and the tests that may come his way. There will be no greatness if one would just sit one the laurels of “i-praise-you, you-praise-me” attitude of people, or stand unchallenged by what could be hurtful, harmful and dangerous. I thank you!

  26. Would you support the idea of a separate and independent and sovereign state for the Muslim-Filipinos who dwell in the southern part of the Philippines?

    Why or why not?

    • No, because these same provinces are already one of the poorest in the country therefore providing them with indepence could further jeopardize the wellfare of their inhabitants for years while they are strengthening their newly established sovereign state. If I’m the one in power, I would eradicate the root of the problem which is corruption. Once it is done, there would definitely be more peace.

      • Solid response C2F…
        Let’s hope MJ is quick on her feet to respond in similar fashion.

    • Yes, because the term “metrosexual” is just a sumarized description of a layer of one’s personality therefore dating that person will help me know more about him than what is superficial.

    • I will organize seminars for religious and non-religious groups to teach parents about bullying and how it should be stopped or prevented. Then, I will coordinate with our department of education in creating school to school seminars and bonding activities that will provide information to children why bullying is bad and what they should do if they are being bullied. I will also coordinate with the national associations of teachers and guidance councillors to strictly reinforce anti-bullying procedures and make sure that they themselves have sufficient trainning to handle all possible related situations.

    • Thank you for that wonderful and very timely question… The only thing i guess that would stop bullying is to OUST BENJIE and BASIL. In that way there could be love which will reflect peace in our hearts. Thank you…:)

    • My country is very hard-working, resilient and beautifull. I believe that a country is nothing without it’s people. In my humble opinion, the Filipino people are cultured to be hard-working in providing their family better lives. They are very resilient no matter what oppression or calamity that strikes them. And because of these along with our natural resources, it is what makes my country very beautifull.

    • To all young girls finding themselves in this sad situation… mag-aral kc kayong mabuti para hindi puro kalandian at kaartehan ang iniisip nyo. & listen to Megan Trainor. Sabi nya it’s all about d bass.

    • My advice to young girls is that no matter what size and shape you are, focus on becoming more inteligent while being the fit and healthy person that they could be. I believe that beauty is only a perception therefore with sufficient knowledge and wisdom, one will have the power to change what other’s think that is beautifull.

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