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  1. Okay lang yan na mga hindi nanalo ang pambato ng Pinas sa 2014, anyways hindi naman talaga sila mga kabugera, expected na papaplakpak talaga.
    Hindi pwedeng laging panalo, hindi lang naman Pilipinas ang bansa.
    Malay nyo pumalakpak rin si Mary Jacko, e di pag nangyari yun ay Grandslam Clapper award yun, that’s an achievement indeed.

  2. mga tao kasi bilang nanalo tayo last year ng sunod sunod, ineexpect at iaassume nila, ganun na rin mangyayari every year. we can’t have everything everytime. Even Venezuela, winner then semifinalist, then clapper then bigla uli mananalo, pana-panahon lang yan.

    lately, comments are being harsh/mean and hindi na objective dito sa NB. masyado nang negative. may masabi ka lang kahit objective criticism, maaaway ka.

    but anyway, sabi ko nga, learn to humbly celebrate our victory and learn to accept defeats wholeheartedly.. 🙂

  3. Right on Sir Norman ! I couldn’t agree with you more. All our reps deserve the accolades and kudos regardless of how they fared in their respective competition.
    Thank you girls, thank you Sir Norman ♥♥♥

  4. I super agree Sir Norman! Our country is already considered a powerhouse in beauty pageants. We have been very consistent & it places us alongside Venezuela. That thought alone makes me proud of being a Filipino.

  5. Spot on! Thank u Tito Norms for being a beacon of light during these dark times. There’s certainly a need for pinoy fans to be reminded of online civility & grace in defeat.


  6. Norm’s. I think you need to start charging people moolah for using your blog as a therapist couch and subjecting visitors with a lot of nonsense and for making it all about them.

    It is so unfair to subject all others with the pollution coming from their big loud mouths.

    I swear, from now on, I will refuse to read any more comments because it really does rob me of enjoyment of visiting your blog with the never ending scream of “look at me, I know it all” rants of a few posters here. Actually one or two.

    It just grated on my last nerve to read the long post below and I am just so sick and tired of being subjected to it. It’s like looking at a bloody road accident every single time. You know you’ll see something undesirable but one can’t escape it.

    So from now on, I will just visit and read your posts but none of the comments.

    Thank you Norms. You are awesome.

    But I just can’t take this crazy A-H Benji and all his craziness anymore.

    • I can’t just blame a woman-scorned…or a beki who lost his boy-toy to a real woman. Ha-ha…This is not a Time Magazine, Jimma…why so serious? Have life!

      • Eh ogag ka pala eh. Nagpapakasaya ka at the expense of others. Ang taas naman ng tingin mo sa sarili mo. Ang sabihin mo kampon ka ng demonyo, natutuwa ka pag may naaaway at nabubuwisit ka. Leche!

      • @Marty, nagsasayang tayo ng laway dyan- lalong lumalakas tingin sa sarili pag may nabubusit yan kc mukhang may maluwag na turnilyo yang Benji na yan eh. Pasensya na at napuno nalang talaga ako sa dami ng BS nya.

      • Thanks Pete. Glad to hear its not just me who gets really aggravated by this person’s unending non sense. Now the next step is just to IGNORE! Do you think he’ll get tired of hearing his own BS when no one pays attention to him other than him? Most unlikely but oh, well!

    • @ Jaime A…nobody compels you to read my post…you have your freedom to escape it…By the way, I was so honored that you had the temerity to scan oer my post and even bannered here your judgment. You are just being inconsistent…and that nullifies whatever credibility you have. Next time, just be consistent if you feel you don’t belong to this crazy world of ours! AND, BY THE WAY…Stop changing your names all the time…just stick to one Jaime A! HAVE FUN!

    • Jaime, it takes time to learn the art of selective reading. But once you get the hang of it, the experience becomes less of an eyesore. 🙂

      • Thanks Norm. I will be taking your wise advice and will turn a blind eye on negatives. Wish you can give an option to block some peeps though. I will happily pay for subscription just to block one particular person. 🙂

    • Naku mars, i’m sorry to hear that. Bihira na nga tayo magtagpo dito eh magdeadma mode ka pa.

      Si Benj nman kc masyadong matabil, pasaway at minsan rude na. Daming inaaway, daming iniirita. Can u please hold your horses, Benj? Drink moderately, lagi kang lasing! 😀

      • Thanks AJ. I admire your consistent voice of reason. You and Norm made me realize why give an online ghost the power to upset me and take away the fun I get from the blog? Just IGNORE the TROLLS. One bad apple should not make the whole bushel go nuts or something to the effect.

    • Jaime, you have to remember that small minds talk more to make up for lack of capacity.


      • Thanks for the reminder Franco. Its been a long time coming – finally I can’t take any of his BS anymore.
        But you are right.

    • Actually, Norman himself must also share the blame. Hinayaan nia mag pollute tong mga unggoy na to sa blog nia. Hindi man lang marunong mag moderate eh obvious naman na basurang forumers si Basil at Benji na iisang tao lang at kinakausap lang ang sarili!!! Duhhh may sayad tong 2 to!!

  7. We just love winners and hate losers…and because of that, we want our representatives to win big always.
    A better placement in International competition does bring honor to our country…and we take much pride of it as its citizen. We share the honor. We carry that pride. We claim that win: Panalo Kami!
    Last year, we have proven that we can win them BIG. Well, thanks to our representatives who worked hard for the the titles. Thanks to their mentors and trainers. Thanks to their sponsors and the organizations responsible in continuously training them. Job well-done. We have carved our niche in the annals of Beauty Pageants as a power-house of beauty…and it is a well-deserved recognition.
    As avid fans, we do have our own share of “craziness”. We are like “Bona”…we follow the progress of our idols…we want to contribute our own share (of craziness)…we rejoice when we see them leveling up…we are hurt when they falter.
    As crazy fans, our “uneducated” emotions would sometimes push us to engage into nasty name-calling with our competitor-neighbors. As crazy fans, we are deluded into thinking that our idol should never go wrong…that their mentors should provide them the best of everything. Then we bash the mentors if we don’t get what we want to see in our idols…we blame the handlers, the fashion designers, the make-up artist for under-doing things or overdoing them. As crazy fans, we are that: crazy! We display our irrationality, we demean others, we act as mean girls, we don’t accept defeat. We even misconstrue the goodwill and constructive criticisms of others as BASHING…and we irresponsibly thumb down those who oppose our crazy beliefs.
    But such is our “confused” culture. We have difficulty in supporting candidates other our own idols. We make fun of others, despite their excellence, if they are not of our own. We destroy deserving others because we want to push ahead our own, mediocre they may be.
    But such is our “damage” culture. It is still sick and needs recovery. We are still put premium to comic antics rather than honesty in performance and artistry in acting. We still bash Ate Guy and extol Vice Ganda. We patronize corrupt politicians and criticize the sincere. We are still swayed by the hype of propaganda and are aghast by the plainness of truth. We are heightened by the exaggerated and bored by what is natural and real.
    As crazy fans, we are likewise confused and damaged. Our immaturity takes a big part of us. We create our own idols, we worship them…and when they could not deliver, we console ourselves into believing that our gods and goddesses are not favored by King ZEUS/JUPITER (DT?) or by Queen ATHENA?MINERVA (JM?). And worse, if we realize that our idols, our gods and goddesses, suffer Jet-lags too and have difficulty recovering, we make fun of them…then we blame our penchant for comedy for our cruel actuations.
    Hopefully, our experiences will lead us to healing and maturity…to real appreciation of beauty and going beyond what is trivial.
    As for me, let me enjoy my youth! My psychologist said that I am still fixated with my pre-adolescent needs…meaning, that I still love to build sand-castles, beautify them, and adorn them to the max. And when they don’t measure-up to the lovely Neuschwanstein, I love crumbling them down, kicking them flat, leveling them with the coming waves…not crying in misery but having fun with my idiosyncrasies!

      • I hate losers! Next time, give the best to your protege and don’t make her the laughing stock of the world! Ha-ha!

      • @JAMIE…Why keep on LYING??? Why keep on Violating your RESOLUTION??? Why Keep on being affected by my post? Dami mong sat sat na di mo mapanindigan, Ha-Ha-Ha…Naghahanap ka pa ng kakampi for AFFIRMATION…POOR JAMIE…pa-iba-iba pa ang handle mo,,,That’s CRAZY…You are accusing me of what you see in yourself!!! Ha-ha-ha, pathetic! Review all your post so that you will see your being inconsistent! You have lost long time ago your credibility…Even a last ounch…an iota of it is gone.
        I pity you…but I understand…Kalooy nimo…usa ka na tigulang na Bayot, na “undergoing” a traumatic menopausal, Ha-ha…you are a Beki version of the Kupal ng Makati – that nogie who is Kapalmuks, Sinungaling, walang credibilidad…EPAL! Ha-ha…JUST HAVE FUN! Magpapasko, sineseryoso mo ang buhay mo. Get Life…Matibay ka naman eh… (Maelyang Tigulang na Bayot), ha-ha.

    • You can be the spokesperson for all the idiots like you out there but definitely not for the rest of this blog’s readers,

    • Paulit ulit lang sinasabi mo! Speak for your stupid self at wag mo kami idamay sa kabobohan mo!

    • Kawawa ka naman lola benj….super boring buhay mo….dito ka na lang nagkaka orgasm by way of your unsolicited, ignorant and obnoxious opinions!

    • Impokritang bakla! May paconstructive constructive criticism ka pang nalalaman jan. Sino ginagago mo? Sarili mo? Ang tanga mo!!!

      And besides demonyo, walang pakulo ang blog na to for essay writing contest. Gumawa ka ng sarili mong blog. Gago!

      • @marty

        siguro napaka uneventful ng buhay ni Benji kaya ang daming idle time at nakakasulat pa sya ng
        nonsensical kilometric essay hahaha! Unfortunately, nobody is impressed. Bwahaha! Wala sigurong gusto kumausap sa kanya sa bahay nila kaya dito dito sya desperadong naghahanap ng papansin sa kanya. Kawawang lola….

      • @ PETE…Uneventful nga…kaya nga sila Michael Jacson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe..would resort to drugs kasi malungkot ang buhay nila…very uneventful kasi…Drug overdose lang, Mareng Pete..Under Rehab, kaya dami kong time, Ha-ha…Pero pagkatapos ng Rehab ko, pag Nanalo na si MJ…Pwede na daw akong lumabas…Busy-busyhan na ako outside…travel galore na naman, Ha-ha!

    • Sabi ng lola Benji “Get a Life!”, Eh sino kaya ang walang kabuhaybuhay at may panahon pang magsulat ng dalawang dangkal kahaba na walang kwentang essay!!! Kung meron ditong TIGANG yun ay walang iba kungdi ikaw—–> BENJI!!!

      • PETE, no wonder if you talk like that…UNAno ka pala…Idol mo siguro si Ulikba ng Makati (Swapang na, sinungaling pa…at napaka-EPAL). You want proof? Sinukat ko uli yong post ko,,,abs eh, wala pang isang dangkal sa akin. Dalawa na sa yon? Ano ka, si MAHAL o si MURA? Siguro super liit ang doubleT mo, ganun ka ka-insecure, ha-ha-ha!

    • Ay mukang may nag short circuit sa utak ng bobong essayist kuno hahhaa. Kung ano anong basura lumalabas sa bibig. Sobrang apektado na si lola b. Nag bebelow d belt na hahaha. May mga hallucinations. Wag ka na kasi humarap sa salamin at nadedescribe mo tulay reflection mo hahaha. PIKON! Hahahaha!

    • Nagsukat talaga ang tangang lola b….tanga much lang hahaha. Figure of speech yung 2 dangkal….hahahaha sineryoso at nagsukat talaga….kawawa naman….so stupid & gullible. Hahhaha

  8. I completely agree with you Tito Norms. I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the years in the pageant world and I’m sure other countries are looking at us with envy and cautiously for where we are now in the industry and what we will bring in future competitions. I have high hopes that the best is yet to come and with the unwavering though sometimes rabid support by Filipino fans more crowns will be conquered. Dedma na sa mga bashers kase they thrive on negativity and we all can choose to be not sucked into it. After all, there’s more to life than crowns and titles. A wonderful Christmas to all!

  9. Di nanalo si Bianca dahil kay Bea. Si Valerie naman, natabunan lang talaga ng ibang candidates. Si Yvethe, ayoko na mag comment kay Mutya. Tsaka tamang strategy lang talaga ang pagkapanalo ng India. Haha. #boyfriendproblems

  10. Winning international beauty pageants and being considered a pageant powerhouse does not guarantee a vibrant economy, curing terminal illnesses, wiping out poverty, overthrowing corrupt leaders and being free from natural disasters.

    Pageants are a fun pastime to follow and watch. No more and no less. At the end of the day it is the CONTESTANT who has to unselfishly carry the burden of representing her her country and it is HER tears that flow when she doesn’t win. Not us armchair pageant judges and critics.

    It is what it is!

  11. Kris Tiffany Janson should have placed higher or win the pageant she was sent to.

    But I totally agree with you Norm. We should keep it together. In the world of international beauty pageants, we belong to a VERY, VERY EXCLUSIVE club of elite beauty queen and king makers.

    And we should be very comfortable with other staring at how good we are in this VERY, VERY EXCLUSIVE club of elite beauty queen and king makers 🙂

    Maglaway man sila, trip nila yan. lol!

  12. I dont get the brouhaha over the successive back to back losses..as previously observed, waley naman talaga ang mga representante this year to begin with..second, while non stop trainings improve ones personality and bearing, still, true chracter and breeding becomes critical, not to mention that ones physical facial beauty can only be enhanced by make up to some extent. As in politics, wheather wheather lang yan..kaya, lets be graceful in defeat. We dnt have the monopoly of beautiful people inside out.

    • Except for Kris, from bianca to yvette to val, sori pero waley ang assessment ko. As for MJ, her supposed biggest asset of having a whistle bait figure becomes insignificant upon setting foot in the global stage and will pale in comparison with taller contenders. And MJs naturally pa sweet personality will be her downfall. Remember her web video? Its a far cry from Ara’s rooster cockadoodledoo.

  13. Points well taken, Sir Norm.

    2013 was obviously a great year for Philippine pageantry. Everyone’s euphoric, elated, screaming joyful glee! We can’t express ourselves enough for those wonderful, awesome victories.

    This year 2014, we set the bar higher. We demand for our delegates to do extremely well in their respective competitions. The back to back to back expectations become the norm. Many exhibited behaviours unbecoming, unruly, loud, to the point we get to be known as bashers, annoying fans in the pageant world. And the unpleasant reality set in, our delegates didn’t do well. Who are we to blame? No one but us. We still have a long way to go. There’s so much negativity among Filipino fans. When things don’t go our way, we blame, we finger point and accuse someone of not doing this, not doing that, I told you so; rather than taking the responsibility in owning what happened, whether good or bad; we blame. We’re good with blaming.

    It is sad, and pathetic to see the negative postings and bashings made by many in this blog page.
    It clearly shows what we are, who we are. Some even yell and scream their scandalous disrespectful behaviours, and unfortunately also proud of it.

    Everyone’s opinion is respected, but there should be decency. Hitting below the belt only tells what kind of person you are, how you were raised and how you will be the rest of your life.
    It behooves me to continously see and read, negative disconnected postings. And Sir Norm is right, stooping to that level of uneducated trashy blogging does not create a culture of unity or wholeness.

    Salute to you Sir Norm, you have taken a big chunk of your personal time to give us fresh, up to date news on the fantasy world of pageantry.

  14. 👏👏👏👏👏

    A class act all the way, you are, Kuya Norms! Just like our queens.

    Philippines has struggled to find its place in the pageant sun. Now that we are here it’s a strange place to be at times like these.

    Oh well, as Osmel Sousa would say “Ella hicierion un buen papel” (she played a good role literally, or she did good, figuratively). That’s true for Bianca, Kris, Yvethe & Valerie.

    Move on na lang, but keep dreaming!

  15. Amazing words of wisdom! Ahhhh that’s why I love you and your blog Norman. You have such awesome positivity, eloquence and class. Pa- kiss nga! Haha 🙂

  16. Di nagtagumpay ang A&Q this year, mukhang minalas from Bianca to Valerie. bawi nalang Next year. The opposite naman drama ng Kagandahan Flores. pero ang pinakasuccessful ay si Pawee at ang kanyang Gouldian #Choz


  17. Clap clap clap!!! Very well said tito norms!!! I believe most of us here agree with you.

    Minsan nakakalimutan natin na sa totoo lang, wala na tayo dapat patunayan sa larangan ng patimpalak kagandahan. Kumbaga, made na at meron nang pangalan ang Philippines. May weight na ang sash natin. We’ve made progress and have had successful stints in our favorite pageants especially the past few years, even in the new and minor ones. This year might not have been as successful as 2013 pero we have to look at the bright side, most of our queens made it past the preliminary rounds. Nag-place pa nga si Kris at nanalo si Jamie. Nakalimutan na ba natin yung panahon na maka-semis lang ang kandidata natin eh naghuhurumintado na tayo sa saya?

    Sabi nga, THERE IS HUMILITY IN VICTORY AND GRACE IN DEFEAT. No need for all the pinoy vs pinoy and pinoy vs other nationality bashing, especially with our ASEAN sisters/brothers. Sa 2015, start na ng ASEAN integration, eh ang motto pa naman “One Vision, One Identity, One Community”. We may not always see each other eye to eye and might want to assert our own opinions but that doesnt mean na we have to stop practicing being common decency.

    Yun lang po.

    • Why do I feel like someone is coming in a few minutes to bash your statement? As Norman said, we are not mean girls who just want to throw our weight around. Decency opens a lot of doors.

  18. Just knowing that our girls proudly donned their sashes is more than enough for me. I’m sure they did their best and for that I am sure the Filipinos are truly proud. After our 2013 success, a lot of Filipino pageant fans have already lost their sense of humility, and I hope that our losses this 2014 serve as a wake-up call to some that we really can’t always have them all. Yun lang. Lets just hope for a better 2015, shall we? Oh and we still have Miss Universe in January, so it ain’t over yet! 🙂

  19. “I’m not even the type to take on a ‘mean girl’ attitude just to throw my weight around.” —- That is class and finesse. Losing is part of everyday life and makes us strive to be better. You sure nailed that, Norman!

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