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    • There were preliminary competitions she failed to crack. Even though she infiltrated the top 10 BWAP, it’s bearing to final scoring didn’t create a major impact for her to clinch a top 10 semi final slot.
      Gown and styling is not purely the predisposing factor to win the title. It’s multifactorial, obviously.

    • She just lost stem upon reaching London…and it took time for her to recover – to be visible to the fans, to attend to her Multi-Media project, to engage in a lively and dynamic interactions. The extra-baggage HEGALONG must be the culprit! She must be tired attending to its safety, carrying it around, watching over it, taking care of it…to the point of surrendering to Jet-lags. Another thing is her difficulty dressing herself up and her breathing difficultly with that yellow ballroom gown!

  2. Kala ko ba talented si santolan at magaling daw kumanta…eh nga nga nman sa talent daig pa cya ni malaysia….ahahahaha….๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† ang yabang kasi ng mga yan….sa next pageant which is MU wag na patulan ang mga nag mamaasim at mga inggiterang santolan….hehehe

  3. We demand for extremely high expectations when our candidates compete, to the point we incessantly bashed other candidates, even our own, we bashed unashamedly.
    We supremely believe in back to back to back wins, thus making us live in fantasy in the land of pageantry.
    It is okay to have high hopes, but let’s give our candidates the respect, courtesy and space when they compete. Let them enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity, experience, and exposure.
    Enough of blaming this and that, pointing fingers when they dont or didn’t do well in their respective competitions. Enough of making fun of other countries’ delegates!
    Let’s all be realistic. Other countries prepare their candidates as well, and they work hard just like we do. We can’t win every single beauty pageant title in the world, major or minor.
    Our delegates definitelydo or did their best in their respective pageants. And for our next contenders, give them positive vibes. Give them relentless positive energy and support.
    Enough of disenchanting bashing of others, it’s causing more harm than good.
    Remember, karma gets back to you when you least expected it.

    • Agree. Especially with the Thailand bashing. In fairness, their delegates are beautiful this year and well-wardrobed. Country of the year is probably them or India (but India looks stronger for Miss U).

      Ok, maybe the Intercontinental winner is a head scratcher but that’s pageantry.

  4. Alam nyo na… ang pambato dapat natin next year e magaling magsalita… MW wants an assertive spokesperson with a unique backstory and a strong advocacy… hmmmm…. sino kaya?

  5. not gonna lie pero pretty rin si Santolan. lolz. pero pag-ipinagyabang nila yang lecheng placement nila via online votes… gurrl kukulo ang dugo ko. Yeah she beat Valerie pero ligwak rin sa Top 5, meaning to say, hindi siya bet ng MW. LOL.

    At least si Valerie, she made it through with her own merits talaga. And even our fierce queen Ariella Arida. Daming nagbash kasi she won via online voting as well. BUT girl, she finished as 3rd runner up. Ibig lang sabihin nun, hindi lang siya bet ng madlang people, bet na bet din siya ng MU organization <333 heheheheheh

    And MJ good luck on your fight! We love love and support you! Guys hindi man tayo nag excel sa back to back win sa Miss International, Miss Supranational, and Miss World. Baka masungkit naman natin ang 3rd MU crown natin. Baka ung hindi natin nasukit na corona last year, ay masusungkit na natin this year (eg. Miss Earth, next stop Miss Universe???) positive vibes lang!!

  6. Congratulations Valerie! I’m in high spirits for you! Back to back win’s are very rare but despite all the pressure pinned on you, you pushed through and made it to the Top 25, and that is MORE than enough. Thank you for all your hard work! Always remember, you are already a winner outside of the competition. With your God given external and internal beauty, madami ka ng naachieve at natulungan! You will always be an inspiration to others <33

    As for Miss South Africa, congratulations to your well deserved victory! Right from beginning of the competition. you made it loud and clear that you were meant for the crown! I'm very happy and excited for you and I cannot wait to witness your journey as Miss World 2014! With your alluring beauty, veracity, generosity and your resourceful mind, there is no second guessing that you'll be one of the best Miss World's in the history of the pageant. I wish you all the best! Stay gold Rolene, stay gold <33

  7. Wahhhh, yan napapala ng hamondera! Mukha lang in & out burger! Wag nilang ipagmamalaki yung top 11! At least ang atin diwata pinaghirapan ang top 25! Wooot!WoooT

  8. Congrats Rolene. at least one less obstacle for Queen MJ. Hintay mode na naman for MU. Yung mga sasali sa BbP at MWP training mode na kayo now na. Kailangang bumongga uli sa 2015.

  9. Thank you pala sa walang sawang pag-update ng blog mo, Norman. Next time fans mo naman ang may surprise sayo. Bigyan ka din namin ng surpise at award–like what the girls they did to their Mama Julia. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. What a pathetic contest..I think all the delegates are ugly ( specially Julie Morley, her wardrobe are screaming a make over..!!!…)..Itโ€™s me or the WORLD is turning blind???…Obviously all these girls look fake and overacting, specially Megan Young ( No Offense Pinoys), her sobbing is like the one you see in a vulgar soap opera..โ€Oh..all the children..sniff, sniffโ€ ..Please, give me a break..!!!……SA looks like her facelift went wrong…Iโ€™d rather to see women in her natural states, with not make up and with humble personality….!!!


  11. I’ve always found Hungary charming, kahit noong una ko siya nakita sa Top Model runway. Very genuine too, kaya siguro nalampasan ang iba. First runner up pa ๐Ÿ˜€

    South Africa really deserves it no doubt. Congrats! And Congrats to Valerie for at least making the Filipinos proud.

    Next, MJ! Can’t wait for her! My bet for Miss U ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I’ve said it before and repeating it again —- the road to Miami is less crowded without SA!

    Well deserved win!

  13. Congrats South Africa! Kahit wala akong nakitang gigil factor sayo na gustong-gusto mo yung crown. Para kay Santol, In and Out ang peg. ooofs.

  14. makanuod na nga ulit..hehe.. naka move on na ko.. You did your best Val, Filipinos are so proud of you!!! anyway, based on the top 5’s answers, my ranking will be:

    Miss World 2014 : South Africa
    1st RU : USA
    2nd RU : England

  15. It’ll be
    Miss World – USA
    1st Princess – South Africa
    2nd Princess – England

  16. Wow ligwak si Thailand, India and Guyana…. OMG.. baka si England pa ata manalo… medicine at cambridge… tagal narin hindi nananalo ang UK… baka host countries nanaman ang peg… Miss Earth is Philippines… ano kaya trend this year?

  17. Di pasok so Koyal! Kaloka! Si England ang pumasok. I have a feeling either USA or England manalo… Princess si South Africa

  18. Mukhang tae lang si Thailand…nakisingit hahaha! Proud of Val…being one of the 25 semifinalist out of the 100+ contestants is huge feat! Sorry for India for not making it to be a finalist. South Africa should win…she has the mold of Megan.

    • Katawa tawa tantolan saling pusa! Oh tapos exposure mo santol masaya na kalahi mo nakita ka nila balik ka ulit Sa likod! Toink!Toink!

  19. Congrats, Val!
    Sir Jonas – no more ball gown next time please. I don’t know pero ako lang yata ang hindi naka-appreciate nung gown.

  20. bakit walang swimsuit competition? masyadong lihis miss world. hindi na to beauty pagent parang over achiever pageant na to

  21. ME to THAI and INDIAN Fans.. OMG.. clapper tayo mga teh.. It’s a tie!!!

    char lang.. hahaha joke lang po ha. baka awayin nio ako. nang eentertain lang… haha

    • Hahaha! Baka ito ang isagot sayo.

      INDIA: top 10 naman ako.
      TH: ako rin!

      At least si Val, pasok dahil sa nagawa niyang makapasok sa top 25. Yun na yun. At sana hindi tayo pagtawanan ng TH dahil nakapasok sila sa semi-finals dahil sa votes.

  22. The dark horses could win this! Well I like Hungary! And who knows, England…. hayyy… indeed there is such a thing as fate

  23. Pasalamat na lang tayo kay lola Julia na sa semi-finals lang pumasok ang People’s choice winner. May reason naman pala talaga siya.

    Gulat ako kay India! Ligwak rin! OMG!

  24. I love USA my goodness. South Africa alsome. my God! the other finalist can already practice their claps.

  25. Oh look, what I said exactly happened! She had to be sacrificed to clear the path to Miami.

    • Okay, the crown is between USA and Australia. I dont think they will crown South Africa. basta gut feel ko lang. 3rd princess might be UK. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nakakatuwa bumibilis na ang live streaming ngayon marami ata sa nanuod ay Pinoy na umalis na kasi wala si val. Hay really sad for Val.


    • in fur. maganda pala si USA. di ko siya bet nung nanalo siya as USA-world si Hungary and Australia isang malaking sorpresa.

      SA na itey!

  27. I think India would win… On top of her beauty and pageantry skills, her BWAP has been established since she was 19 and has a strong well researched platform.

  28. This Top 5 was already decided way before the show started. You need to program the video profile to go in between the announcements. The top 25 and 10/11 were just formalities. Thailand will not make it in last cut.


    • Mother England and her 3 former colonies – SA, USA, Australia
      Hungary – a European

      Geopolitical factors definitely in play for pageants.

      Megan won through the help of Indonesians — that’s undeniable.

  29. Bakit? Bakit nyo hinayaang maungusan tayo ng santolan sa peoples choice mga pinoy. Ngayon back to zero lahat. May laban sana si val kung pasok sya

  30. I stopped watching na kasi naiiyak na ako para kay Val.
    From the looks of it, I think India will take away the crown. Plus nakapasok pa si Thailand sa Top 11. Nakaka hurt lang.
    Val, though si Loraine talaga ang bet ko manalo noon pero I supported you at grabe I really believe na sobrang pinagpaguran mo lahat mai presenta mo lang ang country natin…I am so proud of you!

    • Wala na bang magic na pwedeng mangyari? Copy cat si India, pinepeg nya si Megan eh. Hay. Nakakalungkot na walang nakuhang award si Val. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Lahat na ginawa nya eh

  31. End of the road for VAL. She didn’t make it to Top10.
    It’s okay.
    As expected, Thailand gets the people choice award.
    I hope this will reignite our passion in voting for MJ nonstop for the fan vote at miss universe next month.
    It’s gonna be India tonight. Aishwarya rai’s humanitarian recognition is just more than coincidence with what’s going on right now.
    South Africa

    The 3rd place is up for grabs among USA, England and Australia.
    Dark horse could be Guyana.
    Sleep na Ako. 2014 is just not our year. We just became too complacent this year. Bawi Tayo next year!!!!

  32. Omg!!! Top 25!! Keep it coming!!!!!
    Go Val!! Akala ko iba ang sisuotin na gown ni val, yun din pqla. Sana nag same hair style sya like sa top model competition.

  33. at least val made it on her own merit.. hindi dahil sa votes. CHAR! Bitter ng statement ko na un. but seriously, at least naka pasok siya sa top 25. i’m still proud of her.

    now, i think the battle will be between USA, INDIA, GUYANA and South Africa.

    • Hay sad… That is the end of Val’s journey to the crown. Pasok si guyana and thailand. Nagdidiwang si Pawee nyan for sure. Kakairita!

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  35. Why is that, may palaka na sumingit. Only UK finds her beautiful. Branding don’t work for me this time around. Maybe Sushmita Sen, i will accept that she is beautiful… wtf…

  36. Ano na next after ng announcement of top 25? ang bagal ng streaming koi :(( Paano aangat si Val? Ano pa bang natitira? Kasi World Designer na un pinagbabanggit eh… Sana mataas ibigay na points sa Michael Cinco creation na yan oh…

  37. ok sakin tong results ng miss world so far. parang lipad sa hangin halos lahat ng mga speculations natin. gusto ko to na eexcite ako

  38. I am so happy val made it to Top25!!! I am still hopeful she can make it to the next round.
    Has anyone seen her ranking in the leaderboard? The camera didn’t focus on the leaderboard up close the whole time.
    Miss Malaysia gown reminds me of queenie rehman gown 2 yrs ago. Same color too.
    Miss India’s styling reminds me of Megan’s look last year. If you can’t really beat them, e di Gayahin mo sila grrrr
    Watch out for miss United States. She is the silent killer of the competition.
    I think it will be India over South Africa tonight.
    I don’t know why Val was excluded in top5 bwap. Baka na ten off c julia when she saw Cory quirinos face, quipping “Bakit ko pa pupuntahan Ang PGh, e ilan beses kona na napuntahan yan.” Maybe julia is just tryin to spread the wealth among all 121 contestants.
    Looks like Pawee Ventura is having the last laugh now. Guyana makes it to top25 too.
    Megan is just simply flawless.
    Frankie cena reminds me of Raymond Guttierez.
    The production this year is miles better than last year. Very lively and engaging. Malapit nang maging MU format.
    I think the whole philippines is in excel London now.
    Did I just miss the peoples choice award? Parang di na Kay Val Ito kasi na sa top25 na Siya. So Baka talaga Kay Thailand na Siya mapupuntahan.
    Yun na Muna for now.

  39. I just realized France was leading when the preliminary judging was shown on board. Now she’s not in the quarterfinals. Maybe she really did lose a lot of points for arriving late.

  40. teka lang… nanalo si Bosnia sa Top Model pero clapper sya.. hmmmm……….. may nakikita akong pag asa…

  41. Top 25 Philippines is pasok but to difdifficult to climb to top 5 in my opinion…. wala siya sa mga top 5 ng each event.

  42. Diyos ko salamat pasok ang pilipinas… Sobrang kabado na aq… Red horse pa pleaseeeeeee…. Guys pray pa tau… Importante pasok na xa sa finalist. May maipagmamalak na tausa mga bitter dito sa NB….

  43. mga kapitbahay ah…china, indonesia, vietnamn pati tayo…suber badtrip siguro kampo nila santolan
    revenge is soooooo sweet!!!!

      • Chrome, dapat lahat tayo maniwala sa magic ni Val. Kaya nya yan. :)) Paabutin nyo po siya please sa Top 5, I am sure gagalingan nya iyong speech nya, iyong punong puno ng sincerity and puso. Alam ko Val will make us proud tonight!

    • Val, please do your best now that you’re in the Top 25. We’re all behind you. Grabe, nakakakaba talaga. Keep that positive vibes coming!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. O dba pasok si Val sa top 25… May pag asa pa guys… Pray na lang makapasok pa sa pag trim down…….


    Nagulat ako kay Vietnam ha…

    • Yes! But she is cute like china… and even her beauty with a purpose platform too achievable

  46. Quarterfinalists na ang inaannounce. Wala pa ring hope.. Kahit BWAP, hindi pasok eh. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  47. Hindi pang winner ang hairstyle ni Miss Philippines.
    Hindi malinis tingnan. She was a lot prettier in Miss World Philippines finals with her green gown and straight hair.
    Mukhang magulo ang buhok niya tonight, parang pang 1980s.

    • Ako rin iyon rin ang nakita ko. hindi inayos ang pagkakacurl nila kay Val, okay sana na nakalugay eh.. Pero sana inayos nila

      • Her beauty shines whenever she wears simple hairstyles. Sana straight nalang or pony tail.
        That Michael Cinco gown isn’t really beautiful. Pang debutante ang dating.

  48. naiinis ako!!!.. eto nakakainis sa MW eh…kahit anung ganda mo kung wala ka sa fast Track events, nganga ka.. kung ganda rin lang e di pahuhuli si Val pero nauungusan pa sya nung mga ‘fillers”… oops sorry.. excuse my French..

  49. Katuwa tingan ung haur style ni Val sa opening ginaya kay Rolene.. Pauso talaga to si mama jonas. Sabi kc nya nagsisi sya nung MI her gut feel says mag pony tail si guidoti..ayun si puerto rico nanalo.

  50. WAH! wala si Val sa BWAP. dedma talaga siya. waaaaaaaah ganda niya!!!

    South Africa din di nanalo sa BWAP and other FT Challenges. india is really MW’s fave.

    i’m still hopeful on Val. wah

    • In reality isa lang nanalo pero ginawang lima para hindi mahalata na India ang pinapaboran nila.

  51. I dreamt of India winning Supra and she did… Few nights ago, I dreamt of South Africa winning Miss World… (lagi akong nananaginip.. anu ba yan, Nostradamus???) But India ang bet ko eh… still hoping for the Philippines to win..sana may milagro sa Porta Varga…

    • Si india parang tumamlay nung inanounce yung winner ng multimedia.. Ineexpect nya siguro xa ang tatanghalin

  52. Valerie, I know I didn’t believe in you initially but I support you! You look fabulous with the most sincere smile! Fight fight fight Philippines!

  53. Yung yellow m5 gown pa din pala suot ni val. Would’ve preferred something else.

  54. Valerie, why did she giggle when she was being cheered? Pose and smile to be elegant looking. Mongolia is pretty and so is Trinidad and Tobago.

  55. palagay ko mga pinoy yang nagsisigawan pati kasunod ni val naambunan ng sigaw….parang may laban to

  56. hahaha muka syang relaxed good for her… binaba nya hair nya balik ang laban!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Megan is ao pretty in a Leo Almodal creation. Valerie is not part of the Dances of the World highlight.

  58. Guyana, USA, India, SA is everywhere sa opening vids. hmmm ni sa bgound hindi ko nakita si Madam Val! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  59. Kakaloka ginawang Panchito at Dolphy si Megan at si Frankie #LOL

    I #LURVE Frankie, baklang bakla ang sister

    Siya ang tunay na Miss World 2014

    #NoTeaNoShade #Chenaness

  60. sarap pakinggan voice ni megan….katuwa naka terno sya…THIS IS IT GUYS!!!!! Goodluck Val! Makapasok ka lang sna please!

  61. Di ako makakanood. Naka duty ang lola mo tonight!! Sa live blog nalang tuloy ako makiki update.

  62. Nandun si Ben Chan! Huwag sana sapitin ni Valerie Yun nangyari kay John Spainhour noong nanuod si Mr Bench! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  63. good Luck Val!!! whatever happens, remember that you’re crown will always be the filipinos, all your supporters.. lalo na ang indigenous people that you are helping.

    • Tell me how two people fight for the crown
      In Miss World that’s full of evening gowns
      Got to believe in Valerie
      Someone stronger than Rolene Strauss
      Cause it’s magic when you win the crown

  64. I have trusted valerie in all means pero talagang kinakabahan ako para sa kanya this tym… sana ang gabing ito ay gabi ng kanyang pagkapanalo pero kung sakaling hindi man ay tatanggapin kong maluwag sa dibdib

  65. i’d like to see val in a different hairstyle for her EG. The oxana look is IMO gasgas na. Ano kaya gown nya?

  66. Guys,totoo ba na instead na automatic sa Top 6 ang winner sa People’s Choice eh kasama na lang sa 30 semifinalist? Kung totoo eh napak-unfair naman. waahhhh!

    • A double-edged sword. At least if Thailand gets it, a final 6 spot will not be easy for her. Or maybe the interpretation is wrong.

    • It doestn matter. Since i have a gut feeling santol will get that award, d bale nang semi finalist wag lang automatic top 6 inclusion. Val will be a shoo in with or without the peoples choice awrd

  67. Miss World 2014 Philippines

    In 2nd place and runner-up to Miss World is South Africa

    In 3rd place is Miss India

    • sorry uber nerbiyos na kasi ako mali ang time zone ekek ko pwede naman mag sorry, sorry po

  68. Amazing “copy”…Kung si Paolo Ballesteros kaya copyahin ang feeez ni Megan…may isang artist naman na kayang kopyahin ang image ni ARA. Really amazing…Mas kamukha pa nya si Ara kaysa kamukha ni ARA ang sarili nya (joke) LOL. Yon O:

  69. Good luck Val!!!

    Miss World 2014 – Philippines
    1st Princess – England
    2nd Proncesz – South Africa

    Any picture of Val’s Evening Gown?

  70. ang aga nila yata simulan ang pageant, hapon imbes na gabi.. anyway buti nman at 10:30 pm yun dito sa Pilipinas. makakapanuod ako ng live streaming. di tulad nung Intercon at Supra na halos alas 4 na ng umaga ang streaming.

    • Tama lng na umpisahan sa london ng 2:30 ng hapon sa kanila kasi at that time madilim na un parang 6pm na dito sa pinas because of autumn season..

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