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  1. Sir N
    Would u know if MWO will release the top 10 results for the beach beauty and multimedia award categories for this year’a competion? Just like what they did last year. Thanks

  2. Sir Norman, asan na ang prediction mo ng winners sa MW para ma send ko na sa email ang akin, kasi magbi-base ako sa guess mo lol.


    The 2014 Miss World Pageant will be broadcast live this sunday in 180 countries, with a worldwide viewing audience of 2.5 billion people. Megan Young of the Philippines will crown her successor at the end of the event. 122 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown.
    Did you know this ? In 1959, the BBC started broadcasting the competition. The pageant’s popularity grew with the advent of television. During the 1960s and 1970s, Miss World would be among the most watched programmes of the year on British television.
    The main-stream broadcasters
    E! (United States)

    ITV (United Kingdom)

    STAR World (Delayed telecast in Asia)

    GMA Network (Philippines)

    Venevision (Venezuela)

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  3. Instead of Hollywood, I think Megan should try her luck in the UK muna. Di ba extended ang contract niya sa MWO? Since UK based ang org, mas malaki ang chance na makapag-network siya dun and I don’t think they’d mind helping her out. I-push nya ang pagiging TV presenter and/or TV/movie/theater actress dun dahil yun naman ang skill set/talent niya. Kumbaga, pampakapal ng portfolio or resumé para kung talagang Hollywood ang ultimate goal, meron siyang ipe-present na body of work. And if ever Hollywood doesn’t come calling, a career in the UK is not something to sneer at di ba?!

    • Yep agree to this though she would have to learn the accents in UK or at least the most popular brit accent. She may be required to learn that since most of the productions (movie, theater and TV shows) prefer that. Her audience will mainly come from UK and she need to be able to connect to them. There will be a need for such language skill. Brits are known for being critical when it comes to accents. Unless it’s a role that requires an american accent then she’ll do. I have to admit that it will limit her option so she has to adopt to their language if she opts for London. I really do hope that she’ll base herself there for a bit, seek opportunities there and have workshops there too. Most top brass actors nowadays are from the UK so that’s a good place to start.

  4. Congratulations Megan ! The best and the most loved Miss World ever.
    Thank you for bringing honor and glory to our country ! Mabuhay ka ♥♥♥

    • I hope so. Tim is in Hollywood and maybe he can give Megan some tips or access to scripts or latest news that Megan can make use of. If Megan gives a good impression, chances are that he may refer her or since this is a global show she and her skills will be noticed. fingers crossed for her!

  5. Oh wow!!! It’s gonna be the Megan young show all over again. Yahoo!!!
    I am so glad MWO has been showcasing their queens’ talent lately. Last year, wnexia Yu also displayed her opera singing skills, now it’s our queen’s turn to display her flair for hosting. Great job MWO!!

    • Yeah it’s gonna be Megan’s show hahaha! Good for her. I’m really hoping that she’ll go forward and have a career outside the Philippines. She has the talent so she should. I know she might leave our country but that doesn’t take away her love for us. So I think she should move forward. She has the best chance of really making it big out there. 🙂

    • Huh?! Megan’s show? Napaka-assuming nman. I hope it won’t be perceived that way. The limelight should be on d new MW more than anyone else. I’m sure Megan knows this.

      • Of course it will be focused on the contestants but the fact is that Megan will be hosting and the current queen and that will surely garner attention. She’ll have some really good air time and that’s not really wrong. She’ll do her a job as a host and current queen so it’s expected there are parts of the program will be focused on her. It’s not as if she’s not stealing the spotlight.

  6. BTW Mr. Norman…just checked Valerie’s photo at the Miss World site and how come her profile won’t open anymore unlike the other candidates. Hope there’s nothing illegal going on just to jeopardize Val’s bid for the crown. And may I request that you introduce Miss Megan Young to me for I know you two are somewhat close and chat once in a while for I want to dress her up. Thank you and more power sir!

  7. So proud of our very own Megan Young…she really is the best Miss World ever!!! Hope I can meet you in person one of these days and wear one of my creations. Love to see you having your own TV show in the Philippines soon…and I have a great concept show for you. More power to you!

  8. A MW hosting the pageant to host her own successor — that’s a first!

    Granted that MWO is saving money by not hiring Mylene Klaas, this choice is pretty good for Megan’s future.

    I wonder how Cena feels that another male host was hired. Isn’t he good enough?

      • Indeed you’re right! Same year Michelle Mclean of Namibia was a finalist only. Then she won MU!

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