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  1. Hehe si mareng sioPaw masyadong obvious! Halata masyadong tumatanggap ng kadatungan kasi after the coronation of her kristy pirmin 🙂 nagpa picture sya agad ditetch aalong with the runners up pa..then agad agad sabi nya “excited in a few hours to fly to poland to witness miss supra final pageant” o di ba para lang nangitlog tapos lilipad agad ng poland… kasi nagmamadali sa pagtanggap ng kadatungan!

  2. Hehe obvious masyado si pawee eh. Nilagay nya pa don sa misso at nagpa picture pa sa winner ng intercontinental along with the runners up…sabi nya pa “in a few hours ill be flying to poland to witness the miss supra 2014 croning”” o di ba dear readers sa statement nya palang eh guilty na sya..kating kati na para tanggapin ang kadatungan from miss supra org! Hehe

  3. Heto may umaapila pa, mother ni Czarina Rosales, see screenshot:

    Tapos ang kay Hillarie, matagal na pala issue yan, see below:


    Miss Philippines Hillarie Danielle Parungao is home and posted on Facebook her insight on the controversies hounding the recently concluded Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 pageant held in Seoul, Korea where she ended 3rd Runner-Up to Miss Myanmar May Myat Noe.
    In her post, Hillarie said it’s time to move forward and she’d be glad to mentor other candidates if they want to join said pageant someday.
    “Obviously, I was disappointed I didn’t win the crown. Initially it was a shock to me. Indeed this pageant is an example of contests that is debated fiercely by fans, fought well by candidates, and the final results are questioned by the popular will.
    “But after talking to Lawrence Choi, it is time to move forward and look at different directions. My conversation with Lawrence Choi was enlightening, and gave me a better understanding of international pageants. He kept repeating that this is my first international pageant, and that there are so many things I didn’t know. Because of his counsel, I felt like a winner in a way: I won a lot of information that will only help me become stronger, knowledgeable, and improve my craft. I hope that this information can help me mentor other candidates especially if they want to join this pageant someday.
    “When I left the country to compete in this international pageant, my promise is to make you all proud. I did not win the crown, but I hope you realize that I kept my promise. I hope I did not disappoint, and made you feel proud that I represented the country well. Let me say how thankful I am to the many people who supported and believed in me. As I try to fulfill my remaining days as Ms. Asia Pacific World Philippines 2014, please stay there with your love, prayers and support.
    “‘The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.’”
    Jess, a reader of this blog and himself a WordPress blogger, commented on the article Controversy hounds Miss Asia Pacific World anew https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/controversy-hounds-miss-asia-pacific-world-anew/
    “I was there. It was a big joke. I had tickets & table no. obtained weeks before. As I arrived at the venue, a local guy was going around trying to sell tickets to the event. Went into the venue & shocker. Our table was occupied.Tried to get some answers but no one could help. Some guy told us to just take whatever seat available. Hey, there are 10 of us. Can’t split up the group. Then door gifts for patrons were given to locals only. Big joke of the day….some of them were dressed in shorts.
    Anyway, we had to stand there for half of the event. Then it turned into an awards show for local artistes. No translations whatsoever. Then whole pageant was rushed. Even bigger joke, Miss Myanmar won. Yeah, we know. Results already printed days before. She needed the first prize badly…..acting lessons. What a fake!! So much more to comment but running out of space here! In short, worst rigged competition ever.”
    Moving forward, let Myanmar savor its first-ever international beauty title and crown, however minor it may be.
    For the rest of the national pageants sending representatives to Miss Asia Pacific World, just use discretion.
    Hillarie, on the other hand, is still young, very articulate and many see her to clinch a major title for her country in the near future.

  4. Legal means to resolve this issue? I don’t believe in Philippine justice. Kung ang mga politicians nga na kurakot di pa mahatulan, eto pa kaya? People have spoken and it seems Pawee et al have been found guilty as accused by the people of this forum as well as from Sash Factor in my opinion. Of course, di sila makukulong. The only way we the people who felt wronged by their shameless acts mete out punishment is to cut off their source of income – don’t patronize Missosology, and I hope other countries will learn from this fiasco – it’s not good to hire Gouldian to train their girls. Entonces, wala ng kabuhayan sila Pawee et al. Unless of course we all suffer amnesia and sweep this scandal under the rug yet again. Thank you Tito Norms for giving us a forum to air our disgust and anger over this incident. Sana naman something good will come out of this. We all breathe the same air and we all live in the same planet pero bakit ang dating gustong manlamang ng kapwa nila?

    • Hear, hear!

      Ironically and sadly, if Pawee is victorious via the Philippine court and justice system, where in many cases money speaks even louder, it would only ADD to his tarnished and questionable reputation and further the diminished credibility and eventual demise of Missosology.

      I agree with your view to no longer patronize Missosology. It is the surest and most powerful offensive strategy. Pawee is just the tip of the iceberg and you know that ol’ saying, “what goes around…COMES around”.

      That said, let the chips fall as they may and let’s watch the heads roll on their own!

  5. If you maintain a website and you want to maintain its popularity, credibility and integrity are requisites or “MUST”. Missology and Gouldian have big problems now. They were used by Thais and other manipulators of beauty pageants.

    I’m glad we have Norman’s blog.

  6. Ironically, Pawee doesn’t like to get a dose of his own medicine. He should’ve never tolerated unnecessary bashings if he can’t bear the heat anyway. Besides, when you’re telling the truth, what do you need a lawyer for? Unless your version of truths has curves and turns, you’ll definitely need a one to guide you every step of the way.

  7. What a challenging year it has been for the Bb queens thus far.

    Parul – TOURISM – cancelled

    Bianca – INTERNATIONAL – non placement

    Kris – INTERCONTINENTAL – rigged

    Yvethe – SUPRANATIONAL – rigged

    If MJ can win the Miss Universe crown, it would be a tremendous lift for the Bb organization.

    • Miss Supranational was not rigged. Thailand’s rep deserved her placement or even d crown. Yvethe was too skinny and has an obvious nose job. It was just not her night to shine.

      • Bianca would’ve easily made it to the semifinals if they followed tradition and took 15 candidates in.But they changed the format this year.. But I still think Puerto Rico would’ve won the crown either way. Bianca is simply too fierce for the Miss International aura the organizers are looking for. Bianca screams Miss Universe or Supra.

        Parul… I feel bad for her. She tried out for the competition 2 times to get a crown so she can complete internationally tapos nacancell lang pala :(( She’s so beautiful and would’ve done such a great job in representing our country.. I bet she’s just as disappointed as we are.

        Kris on the other hand deserved the 2014 Intercontinental crown or 1st runner up at least..

        Yvethe’s placement was fair.. I love her but her performance was not as solid as her Bb Pilipinas performance.. She should’ve done the styling she did in Binibini. Look at her perfomance on youtube.. You can’t deny how bombshell she is on there. Fierce face, posture, and catwalk. Mejo nagtone down siya sa supra :((( But congrats to her tho! She did us proud! And Thailand, not gonna lie, was fantastic.!!

        But I do agree.. MJ please deliver. ikaw na lang ang pag-asa ng pinas!! Please finish off the beauty pageant season with a remarkable performance! oh and I can’t forget Valerie too!

  8. Either we get rid of misso from our system altogether and dismiss this fiasco into oblivion, or we could all protest and demand justice via legal basis or bash & trash talk this garbage site until they succumb. Misso and and these ugly rotten sonofabitches cohort fags got no power against us . Remember, they can not make wrong things right !!! People Power mga Veks !!!! Whatchathink ?

  9. I believe Gian because he has nothing to gain from his revelation. On the other hand, I saw the finals on Miss Intercontinental 2014 myself. It was so pathetic.

    First of all, it was my first time to see that someone actually went up the stage and apologize for what he claimed was a mistake in the announcement of Top 5 finalists. According to him, there was a tie between Philippines and Thailand, hence, the inclusion of the later to the Top 5, that bacame Top 6.

    Secondly, if the basis of the final judging is the Q and A of the Top 6, it was Thailand who gave the weakest answer in my honest opinion. She was not the prettiest nor the smartest that evening so I really dont get it.

    Until I found out about the connection of Pawee and his team, who trained some girls from Thailand and Myanmar, and his association with the organizers of Miss Intercontinental and Miss Supranational and to Nawat Itsiragrisil, who had her ward of girls trained under Pawee and his team including Thailand’s and Myanmars representatives the above mentioned pageants. They are all interconnected so you do the ‘Connect the Dots’ LOL

  10. So they’re threatening to sue all who speak ill of them. It’s going to be a long list. Hope they have the financing for all the court costs and lawyers they’re going to need. However, they should be cautious because anyone can print out some, if not all, of their bashing threads and any judge in their right mind would dismiss the case based on what that website deems as acceptable to be viewed online for the entire world to see. Sooooo… if they want to sue someone for defamation, they should look no further than their own website. The bashing that goes on there between members is enough to create its own lawsuit for defamation. They promote it but condemn it when they are accused of it. Oxy moron of sorts…

  11. Someone has to stop Misso…mukhang may mga sayad at kalandiang tinatago ang mga namumuno dito..Just now…I read in their website….they said it is a Philippine Tradition to bring someone down when that someone is successful…….walang pinag aralan ang nagsasabi nito..or may malalim na kabobohan….it is never a Philippine Tradition…..Crab mentality is never a tradition.

      • Di vah yan ang mga reactions natin sa statements ni pawee-cunt… Ay naku tlga huli na sa kabulastugan sinusubukan pa din pagtakpan

  12. Father Brendan Flynn: A woman was gossiping with her friend about a man whom they hardly knew – I know none of you have ever done this. That night, she had a dream: a great hand appeared over her and pointed down on her. She was immediately seized with an overwhelming sense of guilt. The next day she went to confession. She got the old parish priest, Father O’ Rourke, and she told him the whole thing. ‘Is gossiping a sin?’ she asked the old man. ‘Was that God All Mighty’s hand pointing down at me? Should I ask for your absolution? Father, have I done something wrong?’ ‘Yes,’ Father O’ Rourke answered her. ‘Yes, you ignorant, badly-brought-up female. You have blamed false witness on your neighbor. You played fast and loose with his reputation, and you should be heartily ashamed.’ So, the woman said she was sorry, and asked for forgiveness. ‘Not so fast,’ says O’ Rourke. ‘I want you to go home, take a pillow upon your roof, cut it open with a knife, and return here to me.’ So, the woman went home: took a pillow off her bed, a knife from the drawer, went up the fire escape to her roof, and stabbed the pillow. Then she went back to the old parish priest as instructed. ‘Did you gut the pillow with a knife?’ he says. ‘Yes, Father.’ ‘And what were the results?’ ‘Feathers,’ she said. ‘Feathers?’ he repeated. ‘Feathers; everywhere, Father.’ ‘Now I want you to go back and gather up every last feather that flew out onto the wind,’ ‘Well,’ she said, ‘it can’t be done. I don’t know where they went. The wind took them all over.’ ‘And that,’ said Father O’ Rourke, ‘is gossip!’

    • That also happens with committing a sin as bad as using your influence to affect the results of a beauty pageant. Once it’s done, you can never undone the damage. You can never get back your reputation. If you care about your dignity and reputation and protect your interest, you will never engage in any form of corruption or manipulation to participate in the rigging of a beauty pageant. It’s like stabbing a pillow that’s full of feathers. You can never get back the feathers once blown by the wind. So there! Off your credibility, reputation and dignity! But you can never blame anyone else but yourself because it is you and your own undoing. hehehe…

      • All those child molester priests were also saying those accusations were gossip. Well look what happened when the truth finally came out? All the child molester priests were defrocked!

    • This is not bible studies or prayer meeting. Go somewhere else for this religion crap!

    • @67890 – bakit kaya nag-iisa ka lang na kakampi ni Pawet dito? Hindi kaya ikaw si Pawee?

      • decode the name. count the numbers and the syllables in Pawee’s name. voila! 67890 = PAWEE. hahahahaha!

    • Nasa facebook teh! Sabi ni hillarie matagal niya alam yun, yung mother ni czarina sinabihan mga manipulator ang group nina amor powers! Nasa sash lahat title pasabog..

  13. Go lang ng Go Gian! Tell the TRUTH! We will always be behind someone who tells the truth. We will raise financial support for you if needed. Let’s stop this corruption and manipulations in Beauty Pageants. Hindi dapat na kinokonsenti ang mga ganitong gawain.

  14. Sa mga picture ni Pawee at sulat nya sa Misso prinomote naman nya so Kris hindi naman si santon. Bakit nyo sya ipinapako, huwag nating saktan ang sarili nating Pilipino lalo ang sarili nating kabaro. Maghintay tayo ng kanilang version.
    Naging member ako ng jury 2 years about teenagers selling drugs nagpunta ako with open mind, to listen… And in the end we saw no clear evidence… And I convince my fellow juror convicting these teenagers will just make them worst coz once you’re a felon no body will hire you to work. Kaya please naipako nyo na ang taong hindi pa nagsalita give them a chance.

    • Style nya bulok…kunwari todo papuri sya sa Pilipinas…kunwari hot-pick nya ang Pilipinas, pero may niluluto na pala….at gulat pa daw kunwari sila na bakit, out of no-where iba ang lumabas??? BOOOoooo, Style nila BULOK!

    • @67800 aka Pawee – if you are planning to rob a store, would you make yourself appear suspicious? I really want to know what you get out of siding with those who did bad of others. Either you’re his relative, a pageant trainee, or his lowly damage-control worker. Is he giving you full benefits?

      • Nasa US ako hindi ko kilala ang mga taong naga-aaway sa Gualdian.. Hindi ako pwedeng gumamit ng Phil. Peso sa US… In short don’t be judgemental!

      • 67890, you may exercise your “innocent until proven guilty” stand by shutting up and let others have their freedom of speech, ok?

    • Okay, why do we need to hear their version again? Di ba meron ng unang statement si Pawee? Dahil ba sa walang naniwala sa una nilang statement kaya gagawa na naman sila ng panibagong statement na kapani- paniwala?

      Pawee had the chance to know first hand what really happened sa Miss Intercontinental but failed to report the facts. How did Thailand win? Bakit merong tie? What was Thailand’s score during Q&A? He said “Thailand was exotic, that’s why she won!” Isang malaking WTF yan! All he needed to do was to show the facts, a score sheet print out or whatever but he went on bragging Missosology’s pageant invitations and his achievements instead. Defensive ang statement nya so now tell me, why do I need to believe Pawee this second time?

    • Okay, why do we need to hear their version again? Di ba meron ng unang statement si Pawee? Dahil ba sa walang naniwala sa una nilang statement kaya gagawa na naman sila ng panibagong statement na kapani- paniwala?

      Pawee had the chance to know first hand what really happened sa Miss Intercontinental but failed to report the facts. How did Thailand win? Bakit merong tie? What was Thailand’s score during Q&A? He said “Thailand was exotic, that’s why she won!” Isang malaking WTF yan! All he needed to do was to show the facts, a score sheet print out or whatever but he went on bragging Missosology’s pageant invitations and his achievements instead. Defensive ang statement nya so now tell me, why do I need to believe Pawee this second time?

    • Te ni hindi nga sya nagdalawang isip ibenta ang buong Pilipinas sa ngalan ng karangalang matatamasa nya? Anong pinagsasabi mong pinapako sya? Sya ang pumako sa sarili nya, hindi kami, hindi mga Pilipinong bukas ang mga mata sa ebidensyang nakalantad. In first place, wala naman kaming mapapala sa ginagawa namin, kaso yung feeling na natraydor yung sarili mo yung sariling bayang kapwa mo pinoy dahil sa pansariling interest.

      Teka, yung comparison mo ha ang layo ha. Maniniwala sana akong naging juror ka kaso ang layo eh. Di ko gets.

    • Hello? Alangan namang i-promote niya ang santol tapos pag nanalo eh di halatang-halatang pinapaboran niya. hahahahahaha! style niya bulok. kunyari Philippines ang pinu-push yun pala HINDI! Tama yan. Pag magnanakaw ka ba sa store, magpapahalata ka? Siempre hindi. Weh!

    • alam mo 67890 kahit ano pang pagkampi ang gawin mo kay pawee o kung ikaw man si pawee di mo kami maloloko!!!! we are not stupid to not see the truth…..Go to hell

  15. what has gian got to lose over this? perhaps some friends. but he has gained a clear conscience. maybe miss intercontinental pageant was possibly rigged. but i do think that the intl and supra thai queens were reaply gorgeous and deservingband were actually robbed. maybe the myanmar issue is more believable.

  16. Agree! Kay Tito Norms na lang ako nagchecheck ng news in pageantry. I never check Misso anymore.

  17. Wala raw bayad training nila sa mga taelangggg? Lokohan na ito!? May bonus pa nga c pawikan eh!? Aba naghahamon pa ng demanda go go go!!! Tama na kahihiyan na binigay nila sa filipinas , enough!

  18. Having a pageant site (journalism) and a training camp is called a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. The word defame is a big word they used because possibly, they could be behind this issue as well.

    But as said in the Code of Ethics for journalism, “I shall not let personal motives or interests influence me in the performance of my duties nor shall I accept or offer any present, gift or other consideration of a nature which may cast doubt on my professional integrity.”

    Even if a person isn’t studying journalism or is doing this as a sideline, if you are in the world of media, you should know this code. It’s something to be lived by. What I mean is that, if this issue is true, then this code is violated. How dare of them to be called ‘journalists’.

  19. Ni minsan di ko ata nakita si Pawee magcover ng Miss Universe.

    Ahh kasi Miss Universe will never PAY for a JOURNALIST to cover them by means of accomodations/food/etc.

    So napaisip ako, Journalists ba talaga sila kung ang pageants na kinocover nila ay YUN Lang may Bayad?

    #TskTsk #DefineJournalist #NoTeaNoSahde

  20. Ewan ko ba kasi mabilis mang hatol ang mga tao rito. Hintayin ang magkabilaang panig bago manghatol. Nyeta!

    • Pawee ikaw ba yan? Nyeta ka rin! May ebidensya na. Ang masama kung wala kang ebidensya, hahatol ka ng kapwa. Ano nganga ka pa rin? Madalas sa hindi, walang umaamin pag natitiklo na.

      • Bakit nga mapanghusga ang mga tao rito… Ginawa kay mama J noon, ngayon naman kay mama Pawee… Sana kayo ang mapako one of these days, and let’s see who will judge you!!!

  21. According to Missology, ” We are planning to sue all those who defamed us” If I were them I should keep their mouth shut and depend themselves when they face the music. All I can say Tama Na, Sobra Na and never ever do it again. Huwag ninyong kaming mga Pilipino isama sa kadupang ninyo. Nakakausuka. Gayahin ninyo si Tito Norman isang Pilipino na marangal at malinis na ang kanyang hangaring.

    • Why is Pawee wearing the Ms intercontinental sash?

      And why is Thailand wearing a suit???

      Im confused !!!

    • Bakit yung ilong ni Paweee paiba- iba? Minsan parang pinisil tapos minsan naman ang lapad? Teh, mag- decide ka nga kung ano ba talaga ang nose mo at sabihin mo sa nag- photoshop ng nose mo eh maging consistent ha.

    • On a deeper view, I really feel sorry for this Filipina. She worked hard for the flag of this great country.

      Pawee and the Thai crown grabber are look alike.

    • I am sorry, pero bakit kamukha talaga ni Ms. Thailand si Pawee? At ang smile ni Pawee parang may nararamdaman ako na ako ang nagwagi vibes!!!! Akala ko ba, sad sya at gulat sa result?

  22. What a rotten and pretentious excuse. If Missology wants to assure the general public they are indeed an online magazine of integrity, they should not have involved themselves with Gouldian and its dubious objectives in the first place for obvious reasons. Go tell it to the horse marines!

    • As a gesture of Goodwill nga daw e kaya sila gumawa ng beauty training camp.

      Bakit di na lang sila magcover ng mga pageant? Okaya iwan na lang nila ang magazine na yan at magconcentrate na lang sila sa beauty camp. Para sa akin conflict talaga yan.

  23. Bakit kasi kailangan tumanggap ng mga kandidata na ite-train nila. Doon pa lang may conflict na dahil sila ang nagmamay ari ng isang sikat na on line magazine. Ke may bayad o wala hindi na dapat sila makisali sa training ng mga kandidata pinay man o ibang lahi.
    Imagine invited kayo sa mga pageant dahil sa magazine nyo tapos meron kayong pinapaboran na kandidata dahil kayo ang nagtrain sa kanila. Kahit papano may influence kayo dahil nga pag-aari nyo ang isang sikat na on line magazine.

    • Atche, madalang lang ako mapadpad sa site ng missosology, madalas ako tumambay sa rddantes, rappler, pinoyparrazi, norman’s blog, stylebible, voy, chupstogo, events2images, opmb, binatangpinoy, greenmnk, purititiwang bwahahahha, sa missosology kalat kalat ang mga nakasulat kakalokah pa ulit ulit wala akong tiyaga kaya for me ang leading online magazine sa pageantry ay ang normannorman.wordpress.com yun lang!

      • Mars apir tyo jan! Bukod sa normannorman.com dun ako palagi sa rddanted. Kahit madaming mahaderang bakla na lahat nalang natikman ang mga boys na pinopost ni rd e kebs lang atleast walang nagkakabayaran. Chos!

  24. The rigging of the results might have not been done by Missosology, otherwise Gian would also be a culprit. The manipulations could have been done by individuals who have lots of INTERESTS at stake. I would like to believe that Hillarie was unjustly robbed of her title.

  25. As expected, a statement like this will come out anytime. Alangan naman na aminin?

  26. Last paragraph: “…to protect OUR INTEREST…” What???? Interest na naman??? Lahat na lang yata na pwedeng pag-interesan eh, meron kayong “INTEREST”!

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