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      • Sino kaya tinatakot nila? Sariling kakampi nila na mismo na nagsabi na may niluluto sa loob at labas ng patimpalak? Nakakahiya itong mga taong ito dahil sila pa ang matapang kahit alam nila na makamali sila.

      • Sino niloko nila?!… si Mackoy na judge ng Supra marahil ay hindi may ari ng Misso pero parte sya ng groupo na nag train sa isa sa mga contestants tapos naging 1st runner-up pambato nya… anong tawag dun? Kawawa naman si Neil Perez na under sa kanila…. haaaaaayzzzz

      • mananalo kaya si mamang pulis? anyway, ang ayaw ko pa sa misso na yan, ang post nila sa hotpicks or predictions nila palaging wala ang pinas’ bet.

      • Good bye misso, good bye pawee! May u rest in peace. Learn your lesson, Hindi naloloko any mga fans. Did mainstream media pick up the scandal na? I remember the time missology tolerate the bashing of aces and queen. Nakarma kayo misso pawee.

      • last move na nila ito…… manakot … kakasuhan ang mga tao… pero hindi nila masagot ng deretso ang mga katanungan natin… kaya divert ang issue….. kung walang tinatago madaling makakasagot … hayzzzzzz….. ano akala nila sa atin .. hindi nagiisip… ano behhhhhhh

  2. Okay, a LOT of nasty things has been said already. And I agree to most of it (that’s if the allegations were true).

    But can I just say, that ‘whistleblower’ guy is really cute!

  3. How come Thailand would resort to dirty tactics and use Pawee?

    Now, these internet blog sites and organizers have lost their credibility as well as the winners.

    • Out of desperation. They could have gotten away if they hadn’t let Miss Thailand won Miss Intercontinental. They pushed it way too hard that not everyone can swallow anymore. Sad part is, they call us “bitters”. It is really bitter to swallow especially the obvious.

      • You’re right.
        The Thai winner in Miss Intercontinental was a “hard sell”. Even in Latin blog sites, many were unimpressed with the winner whose reply about how she would describe color “red” to blind people was a disgrace.

  4. Is it really true that Macoy Manlapaz is one of the judges in Miss Supranational? Just asking

  5. Pawee is a desperate piece of shhh… He’s both a shame as a Filipino and as a homosexual. How can he do this!? And to think he’s supposedly close to Kris!

    This is exactly the reason why the big four pageants exist. They don’t need to rely on online pageant sites to get needed exposure.

    • Correct. Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International are already famous before the rise of the internet and pageant websites just like GB and misso.

      Miss Earth became popular on it’s own merit – their cause and advocacy, which is saving the environment, makes the pageant unique and stand out. Their dedication to the environment got them their exposure.

      Other wannabee grandslam like Miss TQI, Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International, they need these websites because they do not have something to make them unique. Take out the internet and these pageant websites and no one will know these pageant.

    • why cant we request for persona non grata for this faggot, even in our very own backyard…..let him squander in the four corners of the world….if anyone would truly welcome him with his stinky attitude.

  6. OK let’s start. Gian accuses Pawee, but reading somebody’s private messages is also a crime. Also, how do we know said message is not photoshopped? Today’s technology makes for anybody to create stuff like this. Adding to that, said message is more like advice than anything. It does not say anything about bribery or manipulation. Most of the comments here are based on hearsay and gossiping. I could restrain from judgement until we hear Pawee’s said. It is so easy to take one side and then run out and put it out in the internet (mostly coming from jealous people). It is hard, very hard to take this whole situation seriously because unless there is CONCRETE PROOF about it, it can be the stupidest thing taking over the pageant world in the internet right now.

    • Not so much on concrete proofs, but the circumstantial evidences speak a lot about dubious winnings of PAwee’s proteges!

    • bakit hindi lumabas ang Pawee na yan para i-explain ang side nya? Hinihintay pa ba nya na magalit ang sambayanan sa kanya? Kung talagang wala syang sala wag syang magtago at ipagwalang bahala ang mga akusasyon laban sa kanya.

      Yang CONCRETE PROOF na sinasabi mo, iyan ang palaging dinadahilan ng mga taong inaakusa. Kung hindi sa message na yun hindi magkakaroon ng linaw ang mga hakahaka.

      • If Pawee has already approached a lawyer then the most sensible advise from the lawyer to Pawee is to keep quit whilst they’re gathering evidences against those allegations.

    • Are you saying that Myanmar and Thailand’s winning is coincidental just because Pawee and the Gouldians are great in training and mentoring? Pawee covered and judged Mister Global, Myanmar won. Miss Asia-Pacific World 2014, Myanmar won and her ND was also the head of the chaperones? and the final judges told Hillarie that they voted for her to win and not Myanmar. Miss Intercon, Pawee is there again, and he believed that Philippines has 80% chances of winning. How though? and now Supra? anything that “GOLDians’ touches turn into a…………….DISASTER.. I guess it’s payback time.

      • They were not judges in Supranational. If anything, Filipinos started a horrible, horrendous campaign to bring Pla down calling her a man, that it was fixed, etc. That is even worse that what Pawee is doing. You people are the first one to cast a stone but ALL OF YOU are worse than “gouldian” if you think about it… Attacking a woman you dont even know for the sake of a beauty title. This has gotten out of hands

      • @Pinoy in Poland. What is your CONCRETE PROOF that it was the Filipinos who started the “horrible” na at “horrendous” campaign to bring Pla down?? Our candidates even got it worse, they were called different names, animals or things.

      • Pinoy in Poland – REALLY?? as a filipino, hindi mo ba alam na mas malala pa sa ‘man’ comment ang tinatawag sa kandidata natin ng ibang lahi? YET TINUTURO MO KAMI or TAYONG mga pinoy na nauna??? as far as I know, karamihan ng pinoy papatol lang yan pag kinanti tayo. hindi tayo nauuna,

        ang mga pinoy lalaban yan pag inagrabyado. hindi maunang mang agrabyado.

      • @Pinoy in Poland, the rumors that Pla was a man was from a spanish forum.. not in Pinoy forum. It was even in spanish language and it was posted in misso that no one even really bothered to reply. You’re doing the same. Accusing someone without concrete proof.

    • neng di ka nagbasa
      nag log in si pawee sa fb nya sa phone ni gian
      it’s not like binuksan niya ang account ni pawee or phone nung hitad

    • Teh hiniram nung pawee yung phone nung gian kasi sya lang ang may malaysian sim card at yung tanga pawee nakalimutan I-log out yung fb accnt nya. Tapos may nagmessage sa phone nya at akala nya sa kanya yung message at yun nabasa nya lahat ng kalokohan nung pawee! Naintindihan mo na?

    • But why would Pawee even give advice when there is conflict of interest? Making suggestions or giving advice to a contest judge or a contest authority when one is the trainer of a candidate is already unethical. In legitimate contests, interaction between judges/contest authority and coaches/handlers are banned or at least limited to certain types, and are documented. And that is the problem among us Filipinos. We do not recognize conflict of interest as a form of ethics violation!

    • Do you have a comprehension problem or you refuse to understand?

      Gian read Pawee’s FB messages . You know why? This silly Pawee forgot to log out his FB account. The former borrowed Gian’s cellphone. If this is still not clear to you, then I’m no longer amused.

      • All your arguments went to hell the moment you decide to believe on some screen capture. If I have a comprehension problem you are lacking the ability of common sense. Even if somebody uses my phone it doesnt mean I will invade their facebook and post private messages. For any lawyer, that ALONE, is a crime. Buy a brain, a personality and some guts,

      • Is it really a crime if you accidentally discovered something and let others know about it?
        If you consider your fb messages personal then why use other’s cellphone? knowing that there is a risk of somebody would see what is in your account. Naghanap talaga ng daan para mabunyag ang maling ginagawa nya!

      • @Pinoy in Poland. Could you please point out where in this whole thread (or anywhere else) did you find that Gian invaded somebody else’s facebook and posted private messages? Your argument is all over the place.

      • @ Pinoy in Poland – hay naku… magtigil ka na… Kung hindi ikaw si Pawee maaaring isa ka sa mga bayad nyang alipores… ikaw na lang din ang maging abogado nya, dami mo kasi alam sa kanya at dami mo rin kuda… Magkano talent fee mo sa kanya?

    • Haha..nakigamit nga ng cellphone eh…its negligence on the part of Pawee..in short..nabuking sya sa masamang ginagawa nya.

    • I like how you’re not judging this right away and wanting to hear the other side’s story first….

      But this is like Vhong Navarro vs. Cedric Lee situation…. There are proofs everywhere…. Like…. do we really need any more proof ??

    • galingan galingan teh…. o isa ka sa minion … bwahhahahaha… i.t. expert wow….. kaw na.

    • common why should i jeopardize my own name and bet it for one who is more of satan than myself!!!

  7. Don’t worry guys. Makatakas man ang isang tao sa mundo, sa Diyos hindi.
    Also, no matter what these atrocious people do, they can never ever change the fact that the Filipinas are and will always be one of the most beautiful.

    Now, Kris Janson doesn’t need that crown. Or Miss Hilarie. But no matter what you say, no matter how elegant and royal the crown other misplaced winners wear, they will never achieve this gift called Beauty.

  8. This is embarassing really!… yikes!
    We lost 2 crowns for money? MAPW & Miss Intercon?
    I knew it! I knew it! disguting

  9. PAWNEE!

    If you think about it, pageant peopl, all oved the world, read these blogs. If anything, I HOPE your escapades does not jeopardize Val and MJ’z chances now. If either; 1) wins, 2) places as a runner-up or 3) not place at all, you will be thought of in a negative way… wow what a black eye for the country!

    You’ve shamed Filipino and filipino ethnics world wide. CONGRATULATIONS! 😦

  10. This is what you call a SELL OUT!

    Pawee is selfish. Shameless. Stupid. No pride. A pure sell out.

    His actions are all based on personal interest. To gain money and fame. He did not think of the repurcussions. This scandal will bring down ALL Filipinos along with him. Now everytime a Filipino candidate wins, everyone will think we cheated. Or some bullsh*t politics were involved. We will be doomed as cheaters for some time. And there is no escaping that. But i hope that won’t be the case.

    I cannot believe someone would be desperate and hungry enough to be willing to BETRAY his own countrymen just to get ahead of the game. So embarassing.

    • I don’t think the scandal brought by Thais and Pawee would affect the chances of MJ and Val since they’re on different league. MU and MW do not depend on blog sites. They have credibility and have established long before the existence of internet.

      Saying that, the Philippine organizers are in NO WAY connected to Gouldian or to Pawee.

  11. These minor pageants will remain negligible.

    I still go for the Big Four: Universe, World, Earth and International.

    Supranational? Maybe, has the potential to be a big one.

  12. This is sad. A lot of people are very critical about beauty pageants and some of these reasons are valid. Some people look at pageants as a joke even.

    But this is just crazy. And we’ve seen a lot of crazy pageant moments in our lifetime. Politics in beauty pageants should be a big no-no.

  13. Pawee,
    You selfish beast, here’s the skinny:

    Miss Universe ; finalists – 2010, 2011. 2012, 2013

    Miss World ; winner – 2013, finalist – 2011

    Miss Earth ; winner – 2014, finalist – 2013

    Miss International ; winner 2013

    Let’s hope your wheeling and dealing within the tier 2 pageants, didn’t damage “the future” of what these Big 4-pageant Filipina beauties accomplished these last 5 years.

    What a horrible revelation!

  14. Bakit ba sa pilipinas parating may baklang contrabida. Si Gian inggit lang kay Pawee dahil maraming nasususo katiulad ni Basil…di ba mga vhacks!

    • You will always be accused of being jealous or envious when you tell the truth or even speak your mind. This is a typical response of those in defensive moment. Peace!

      • That’s right Looky. Had it not been for GIAN, Pawnee and his hussies would have continued in their wicked backstabbing ways! Poor Kris and Yvethe… they are the TRUE victims here.

        Pawnee, hope your booty calls were well worth bending over backwards for! You truly are a despicable excuse for a human being!

    • Hindi rin! Mas mataas ang market value ni Gian dito sa Pilipinas… Hindi kailangan ni Gian dumayo pa ng ibang bansa para lang may pumatol sa kanya…

  15. What is sadder about all this mess is that Gouldian and Missoslogy are both Filipino organizations ran by Filipinos. The Philippines, although not the beneficiary of the shenanigans by Pawee et al, has been tainted by this scandal. In the pageant world, they aren’t just going to single out the culprits but they will emphasize they are Filipinos. And with the Philippines considered a powerhouse, Misso, Gouldian, Pawee and his cohorts are dirts we don’t need right now. Now there are more reasons for outsiders to hate us, undeservingly, whether we like it or not. Just because they are Filipinos. Oh dear. Pageant is an ugly business ran by ugly people.

    • right?! Our candidates have worked so hard to make a name out there once again.. Philippines waited for so long to make it big out there in the pageant world and bring back the spunk, beauty and intelligence Filipinos truly posses. Venus Raj came and the rest was history!!

      But now, we might just fall back in a dark hole once again because of this Pawee scandal.. He brought the country and his countrymen down in exchange for fame. A selfish thought and actions indeed..

    • The moment these bitches were allowed to “cover” a pageant and at the same time train girls from other countries was the start of this mess. The conflict of interest was obvious from the very beginning. I’ve said that 100x but MAPW, MIcon, and MS decided to let these incompetent fools be the last tier copycats of legitimate camps in the Philippines.

      • It is truly repulsive to see how desperate these minor pageants are. So desperate they let someone like Pawee control their decisions.. Now look at this mess they constructed. They basically sabotaged their chances of becoming a prominent pageant..

        But what can I say.. We live in a crude world. No matter how much damage one will make to others, as long as they benefit from it, they certainly will grab that opportunity.

        I mean if an individual saw a lost purse with a huge amount of money.. chances are, he/she will keep it. Never mind the owner of that purse who worked hard for that money…

  16. tsk tsk… I knew it. Sabi ko na nga ba, may manipulation na naganap lalo na sa Miss Intercontinental.. When they let Thailand in top 5 because she supposedly got the same points as Kris…. LOL saang banda sila naging tie… Parang insulto na kay kris yun to think that someone like Thailand levelled up to her… Kasi hindi sila pantay eh and will never be. Kris was a force to be reckoned with…

    Hay naku. nakakihiya si Pawee. Because of this, our country itself is stained. Hindi nga niya dinamay ang candidata natin sa mabaho niyang plano but the fact that he’s Filipino…… That’s sickening in general. Nadamay na ang buong pilipinas. Malalait nanamn tayo ng mga neighbours and might accuse as cheaters and such… Nakakainis..

    I really hope this does not affect the chances of Valerie and MJ and even our future queens.. Nakakakulo ng dugo. punyemasss.

  17. Now I can’t help to wonder if this is going on all along–for instance Venezuela keeps winning, USA always make the cut pretty much at all pageants! After all Beauty Pageant is an industry and a business.

    Because of this pasabog I losing a little interest on pageants…medyo nawalan na ng kredibilidad.


    • Mga minor pageants lang naman ang kaya nilang ayusin Miss Intercontinental, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational and the likes.. Yung mga well established na pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World, hindi nila kaya.

      • Be reminded that Donald Trump has the power to manipulate the Miss Universe results. Case in point: Miss USA Olivia Culpo’s hometown victory in 2012 over our very own Janine Tugonon who was obviously so much more deserving – all for the sake of jacking up the dismal TV ratings in their homeland. But I have to say that at the very least Trump was somewhat discreet and did not go for a hard sell like what happened in this year’s Miss Intercontinental.

    • Whether they did the same thing or not, I don’t have problems with Venezuela candidates, they’re all UNQUESTIONABLY stunning and beautiful – perception manipulation not required!

    • Venezuela is on its own league. Over 20 years of history cannot ruin their status as a beauty queen powerhouse.

  18. Dahil sa sumikat ang Pilipinas nakaraang taon.Yung ibang pinoy ginamit ang pagkakataon.Nag train ng ibang lahi.For the Philippines ba kamo?O pansarili?Yung mga minor pageants naman dahil gusto din sumikat kelangan din makipagkaibigan sa mga pageant sites.Cover niyo naman pageant namin.Gawin niyong grandslam.Iba kumukuha pa ng judge galing sa sites o di kaya ginawang official sa pageant org.
    Give and take lang yan.Parehong may makukuha sa isat isa.

    Mag cover lang kayo please!Wag makisawsaw.Be credible.

    • The risk of fraud in any competition will always be present, but the question is are we going to allow it once found? I agree that for now let’s stick to the Big 4, hold off support for smaller pageants, and stay away from Misso until they clean up their act. I’m sure Misso will keep the defensive stance until the end to save themselves, best approach is to just turn around and let them work on getting back fans’ trust.


    shame on pawee, shame on missosology shame on pageants like Miss APW, Miss Intercontinental, shame on Miss Supranational

  20. What really prompted suspicions on the manipulation of results was letting Thailand win Miss Intercontinental 2014. Huge mistake. High-fashion exotic beauty my *ss! They see Philippines as the biggest threat so what do they do? Destroy Philippines through inside job and this is where Pawee’s group came in. Paid them money to make it look like so-called Filipino beauty experts helped them groom their candidates to win. They let India win in Supranational because they don’t want Indians (also a big group of pageant fans) to be suspicious too, so Thailand settled for 1st runner up. I still think though that Thailand deserved the top placement in Supra, but definitely not Intercontinental!!! If they’re going to rig the result at least send a deserving candidate, not Pawee’s look-a-like.

    I do agree though in one of the comments below about SMA, she has her flaws and all but I think she really cares for her BPO and has lived long enough in the country to know how to avoid conflicts.

    • hahahaha Paweee look alike!!! Agree with the observation, if it at least Cuba – Miss Continental 2014 and Thailand for Miss Supra, it will not be too obvious. But tie for Asia Pacific and poorly answered the question, what f—k. It is an insult. An insult

    • Yup, this is called “finess” and “risk management”. Araneta definitely knows that these bitches are power hungry queens who want to take advantage of BBP. I hope Quirino does not become a victim of abuse when other camps/groups claim credit for the successes of MW candidates.

    • You nailed it.

      Miss Intercontinental 2014 Thai is Pawee look alike indeed.

      Revolting, disgusting, shame on these people.

      I want to throw that crown in a bin!

    • Lol… go on Looky! Your comments are filled are spot on and filled with pics n vinegar!

  21. Hello Norman. I hope all is well. I just asked who Pawee was yesterday and even requested if you could feature him one day on your blog, and I never expected you would feature him day after. Thanks you! Hindi pala maganda ugali. Pinoy pa naman! Good for Guian, he’s out of the camp.

  22. I wouldn’t mind, if Pawee ask for forgiveness to pageant fans! This is a lesson that we have to learn. But definitely, this will not be forgotten. Pawee – you need to explain. But the damage has already been done, what’s the next step? I still feel for our candidate in MAPW and Miss Intercontinental.

  23. Missosology Time of Death: December 5, 2014 6AM Philippine Local Time

    My condolences

    #NoTeaNoShade #Obituary #IsHisRealNameEvenPawee

  24. Oh my gud nagikot ikot ako may deportation sa bansang sinulid lahat ng protesters pinadeport pati ako nabanned! Hahaha.. lumipat ako sa bansang sash ! Dami revelation dun cacaloca! Toink!toink!

      • Uu tama, kase something fishy talaga! Ngayon sumabog ang ka22hanan ang mga moderator nila to the rescue pero wala na silang magagawa kalat na sa buong filipinas at buong mundo ginawa nila! I hope everything will end! Sinisira nila ang record ng pageantry sa filipinas ! Nakakalungkot lang our queen work hard tapos hindi nila nakukuha ang karangalan para sa kanila, dahil sa pangsariling interest na mga manipulator ng mga minor pageant! Ang mga uhaw sa koronang kapit bahay naman patol ! yan may minor crown nga sila ninakaw naman! Hmmmmmmp mga churerang mga palaka buti nga sa kanila masyado silang nabulag sa recognition !!!

  25. If there is something that I am sure of…. Gian who’s a UP Diliman grad is a very patriotic, fair and just person. Wala akong kilala na makakapantay with his love for Pageantry… Sya ay isa sa pinaka maprinsipyong taong kilala ko… Yun na!!! 😀

  26. And the truth comes out!

    To the people bitching that Araneta refuses to work with local people on costumes, gowns, and other preparation, this incident is a glaring lesson to remember. The pageant directors of other countries risked their reputation by associating with this training camp which was hungry for fame, recognition, and money. Pageant organizations are also to blame for this mess because they should be aware of the conflict of interest.

    • Indeed…. which SMA is clever and protecting her business…. lalo na sa mga taong gutom sa kasikatan. Syempre kung winner nga naman ang galing sa training center nila more business to come.

      • The moment that Araneta lets a group claim credit for the national costume or gown or anything related to a candidate (winner or not), she is sharing that “magic touch” to the group/camp. Now that group/camp will use it to claim credibility or prestige AND make money on their own.

        This is exactly what happened to Missosology. MAPW let them in and now they’re targeting European based organizations. If this scandal did not come out, I can bet they would be aiming to penetrate MU, MW, MI, and ME next.

  27. alam mo basil… naiinis ako sa u dati pero ngyon love na kita….cge pabugahan mo pa yang pawee na yan sa cobra! kelangan sapul sa mukha!

  28. hmmm. schoolmate ko pala si gian quiballo, at mukhang nag-abot pa kami. marami kaming common friends. makahagilap nga ng more chismis.

  29. it goes both ways. hindi lang si pawee may kasalanan. pati na rin ang organizers who are parties to the fraud. wag na kasi tayo sumali nang mga chakang maliliit na pageant na ito na wala namang credibility. yung big 4 na lang. waste of time, money, and energy lang yung iba. kawawa ang mga pinapadalang candidates. masakit yung alam mong ikaw ang deserving tapos you were robbed.

  30. The guilty must be ostracized!

    What is a CROWN without honor, pride and dignity! ?!?!

    It is like a piece of shit. Worthless.

  31. Hmm, so Pawee borrowed Gian’s phone & used it to communicate with Lawrence Choi?

    Hmmm… all i’ve read are purely circumstantial. I’d rather wait for what d other parties have to say. I will suspend my judgement for d meantime… exciting to! 😀

    Taran taran, taran taran taran…

  32. Thai and MAPW organizers should be held accountable including that pathetic Pawee.

    You are all disgusting!! !!!

    Even if your candidates win, you will never gain international respect. Losers! Go to hell.

    • Now, this is the sad thing. If Thailand wins again sa future pageants, kahit deserving sila, nadungisan na ang pangalan nila because of this issue.

  33. speechless. omg. as in omg. so totoo nga pala na pag may usok, may apoy.. kaya nagagalit ang netizens kay Pawee lalo na sa Intercon, may pinaghuhugutan naman pala?

    ang sakit lang nito, hindi dahil iisipin natin na “SI Philippines dapat nanalo e!!!” kung hindi, pinoy ka, nagawa mo yun? mas lalo na kung sinagkalan mo ang pilipinas para sa sariling intensyon mo.

    nego negosyo na lang ba talaga ngayon? i have no complaint on Thailand’s 1st RU finish in Supra kasi she worked hard for it, she’s beautiful. but with intercon, with all due respect to Miss Thailand and thais reading NB, but she doesn’t deserve the title!!! omg.

    pero wait, medyo na slow akey. hahahaha anong ibig niyang sabihin dun sa last part ng statement niya na ‘bad thing the first got it… connect the dots keme keme’

    intercon ba sinasabi niya? waa

    NAPAKASAKIT… KUYA EDDIE.. ang sinapit.. huhu heychu pawee.

    • Perhaps the plan was to make Thailand the winner sa Supra? But with how the people reacted sa Intercontinental results…runner-up nalang to make it not so suspicious and obvious.

      • yun din iniisip ko e, na gusto niya, both MI and MS will be Thailand. okay lang ako kay Supra. kapani paniwala pa panalo niya. but with the Intercon? REALLY? hay naku. so ginagawa niya ba to sa lahat ng tinrain nila/niya (Gouldian) para dahil nanalo sila, ipapatrain uli sakanila and more country na magpupunta sakanila? geeez. buti na lang sa ME hindi nila ginawa un.

        aside sa pagka inis ko kay Pawee, naiinis din ako sa pageants na umaareglo ng ganito. hay naku. ang dami dami nang pageant, sisirain pa nila. If ako si Madam, i drop ko na si Intercon! kaloka and si Supra if sakanila din may nangyaring ganito. okay na ako sa MU and MI na lang ang ipamigay nilang titles, at least legit.

  34. sabi na eh…kung until now pinag uusapan pa natin to meron talagang hocus pocus na nagyari. yung kay bianca wala tayong magawa dun kase ni top 10 hindi sya nakapasok pero dubious talaga yung MI. lahat check eh…ka tie kuno kuno, 6th girl kuno kuno…ano yun lahat na lang pabor? siguro tama lang na ganito na to kagulo…para alam ng buong mundo sa sa mga candidates natin walang duda…sinasalbahe tayo kase tayo talaga malakas. (sad lang kapwa pinoy nag mamanipulate ng lahat)…madame stella…ano ba tong mga pinag kukukuha nyo? kairita….

    • Laila , napaguusapan na ito ng karamihan dito diba! Ayan lumabas din ang ka22hanan! Dapat kay paweekan ipatawag sa senado! Kahihiyan ng buong filipinas ang ginawa niya!

      • @mole takte napaka involved natin haha…grabe kase super an unbelievable nung nagyari kay kris na yan tuloy nagkahalungkatan na

  35. Shame on you Pawee! We hope to see you in the prison soon. With your honest earned income you can organize a beauty pageant inside the prison.

    • From Hillary Purungao’s aunt: This is Exciting! :OO:

      “Ada Ang – i am Hillarie’s aunt and i want to share this.

      I talked to Pawee the night after the event. I shared with him what we feel about the manipulation in the missosology online votes. The admin of that online site can change the number of votes at anytime. he said he can’t betray Hillarie. He supports Hillarie. I told him i understand that he has a business and reputation, so It is better for them if myanmar wins. But i also said, i will take his words.

      The night of final judging, everyone in the audience knew Hillarie owned that stage. But we knew Myanmar was not ugly, but Hillarie was superb! We left knowing Hillarie and the other candidates were cheated because in the first place, none of the main winners deserve their titles. Either by technicality or performance. If you must know, very few of the candidates congratulated myanmar. No celebration, no fanfare.

      The following day, we met with lawrence choi and he told us he was not happy with the result. He wants Hillarie to win, but the national organizers said “Philippines cannot win.” Lawrence said Myanmar is a problem because of her age.

      He tried to convince Hillarie to stick around Korea by offering him a ” letter” from the actors guild.Myanmar will not get this, Hillarie will. However, Hillarie doesn’t like that scheming, and she decided not to stay in Korea.

      We have moved on, but would appreciate some accountability, especially with what is coming out. We are very objective here, and will let the rule of law, instead of emotions take center in this issue.

      Missosology and pawee benefitted from the Myanmar win profoundly,the distress and financial costs we (fans and hillarie & Gian’s family) incurred to support Hillarie are equally profound. There is a need for accountability here.

      As we all know, pageants are like politics, but this betrayal and cheating robthe country of a pageant crown no matter how small or petty the event was. What is shameful is knowing we had Filipinos helping sell the Philippines out.”

      • This is distressing! And PAWEE VENTURA is shameless if these accusations about him are true! Nakakahiya kay Hillarie, to her family, and to the pageant community. They really need to speak up para maging klaro ang lahat ng ito.

  36. Lintek na issue tong kay Pawee…Namiss ko tuloy ang first part ng teleseryeng “Forevermore”…wala pa naman sana akong absent…pero eto, dahil sa Paweng ito, na-late ako!

  37. This is it.Gyera na.Sigurado banat ng kabilang kampo si Gian wala na sa Gouldian at may sasabihing hindi maganda.Aamin naman kaya yung Pawee?

  38. Kawawa nmn ung mga nanalo na puro bash ang matanggap dahil Lang sa handler nila. Kung gusto ng MGI na maging effective ang pageant nila dapat dun sa magiging winner ipadala sa Iraq o Syria tutal ang tema nila “stop the war” at sumali sa mga sundalo para mapuksa ang mga rebelde, tiyak bka makasama pa sila sa big 4

  39. Sa isang baklang marami ang binabayaran para sa matinding pangangailangan…pangungurakot ay papasukin, para layaw ay mapagbigyan: Eto O…

  40. Yung mga ganyang pose ni pawee..yan ang malandi….crab mentality…yuck..kadiri ka Pawee.

  41. nako yan na nga ba sinasabi ko, walang taong aamin sa kasalanan niya, pawee sinungaling ka!

  42. I dunno what to comment here… This is just not right. I just hope that this will not affect the Philippines’ future queens. Sad. Just sad… 😐

  43. Nakakalungkot ng sobra ito. Sana, lumabas na ng 100% ang totoo, yung wala nang room for doubts. Para maitama ang dapat maitama.

    Nakakalungkot lang talaga.

    • And to think that they are claiming to be the REAL BEAUTY QUEEN MAKER IN ASIA! Huh! Uhaw sa rekognisyon! lol! Wala namang masamang mangarap pero dapat idaan sa tamang paraan at hindi sa dayaan. Asan na ang kredibilidad? Kung gaano kataas ang pag-akyat, ganun din kabilis ang pagbagsak. Yan ang nangyayari kapag idinaan sa masamang paraan ang pag-abot sa pangarap. tsk tsk!

  44. Unfortunately, this is not a news in the world of beauty pageants……just a confirmation. It is only a matter of time before someone will gather enough strength to say something with proof. I feel sad though because i know that this revelation will result to nothing but bad and ruined relationships, as im sure that the other party will fight back with vengeance and will do whatever they can to discredit the accuser.

    What a dark world of pegeantry we are having………..and as the saying goes, ” a little darkness covers a multitude of sins.”

  45. Hayop talaga tong si pawee. I can’t help pero binash ko siya ng bongga sa twitter bwahahaha

  46. I just hope that this mess doesnt affect our current and future queens’ chances of winning their respective contests, pati na rin ang chance ng queens ng Thailand and Myanmar. Remember, sasalang pa sina Val at MJ. This would truly taint the Pinoy image in world pageantry if ever.

    Kung kelang gumaganda at bumobongga na talaga ang queens natin saka pa nangyari to. Totoo talaga na madalas, ang humihila sa Pinoy ay kapwa Pinoy din.

    • Totoo. Sakit man tanggspin, pero totoo yung Sinabi mo. Our crab mentality will really be the cause of our downfall as a nation.

    • I don’t think it will affect Philippine’s rep in pageantry except in Thailand and Myanmar. lol! Dinaya pa nga ang rep natin eh. Yun nga lang, kapwa Pinoy ang nandaya. But I don’t think it will affect them in a bad light. Baka nga siguro makuha pa ang simpatya ng ibang pageant organizers. Philippine reps are very competitive. Kayang-kayang makipaglaban ng tapatan basta ba walang dayaan. hahaha!

    • The big four pageants are credible pageants producing credible winners. I don’t think this fiasco would affect our reps. Thailand has to do a lot of explaining…specifically MGI org. So Janson should have been the first runner up and Parungao should have won. Obviously siningit si Thailand sa MIc…they just couldn’t drop Janson from the finalists list because she was so deserving. Si Yvethe? As is

      • …or Janson should have won too. The organizers couldn’t just make 2 asians topping the pageant…Cuba as second then Janson as third.

  47. Sabi ko na nga ba e….in-emphasize ko na sa mga previous comments ko na may pandarayang nangyari sa Miss Intercontinental dahil obvious na obvious ang pinaggagawa nila!
    Saan ka naman nakakita ng may “tie” sa pageant? Di bale sana kung deserving ang pambato nila!
    Pweee! Pawee!

    • At ang masakit, isang pinoy pa ang culprit! Nakakahiya! Ano na lang sasabihin ng mga taga ibang bansa? Ang mga pinoy mandaray? Paano na ang mga kandidata natin na sasabak pa lang sa patimpalak? Pweh ka talaga Pawee!

  48. JUSTICE for Miss Hillarie Parungao!!! Clearly, she was robbed of the title she rightfully deserved. JUSTICE for us — fans of beauty — who are all out with our support to our favorites, only to be fooled by a manipulated result…
    My heart bleeds for Hillarie…she represents all other Filipinas who are in training for competitions who work hard, sacrificing even a lot of comfort just to bring honor and pride to our country.
    If all these expose is true…watch out PAWEE…your evil scheme has pulled down the respect of other countries for the name we worked hard in making our country a Powerhose of Beaty!

  49. well it was kind of obvious with the case of Ms. Myanmar in Ms. Asia Pacific world- how would a 15 year old be able to join the contest in the first place if it was not manipulated? Gouldian knew this before hand!
    and then Thailand and Myanmar- suddenly has a spike with their pageantry winnings..fishy!

  50. This is really nasty.
    I hope whoever the perpetrators in this fiasco will eventually get their karma. What comes around, comes around.
    Remember the golden rule!!!

  51. Oohh so this is pawee. Mukha palang hindi na mapapagkatiwalaan eh! Nakakahiya ka teh!

  52. OMG!!!!! I feel sorry for our reps and for other countries’ reps. This has to stop. Nawat must have done something bad too.

    • Actually he is. He is involved too. Nawat iIsaragrisil bought the crowns for her girls..

  53. oh my GOSH!!!! I could not believed this! Now there it is, the clear evidence of Pawee’s evil deed just to have more money!!!!! and Damn!!! Hilarie Parungaw was robbed!!! What a f********** Gracious God…. I do always believed that THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL!!!!!! SANA NAMAN MAKAKATULOG KA NG MAHIMBING PAWEE VENTURA!!! Isa kang Traidor sa mga karapat-dapat manalo!!!!!

    • Yes, nakakatulog si pawee ng mahimbing dahil fully airconditioned ang kanyang room. Dami na kasi niyang pera.

  54. Yan na nga ba sinasabi ko. Exotic daw kasi ang nanalo! LOL! Walang usok kung walang apoy! Sabi ni Pawee sa statement nya “nakaka- tulog” pa naman daw sya, ibig sabihin nito normal lang kay Pawee ang pandaraya. You stole the other girls’ right to win.

    Ang puti puti na ng fez me teh, kulang pa ba budget mo ng pambili ng Chin Chun Su at Glutha? Ang kapal ng mukha mo Pawee! Nakakahiya ka! Konting delikadeza naman dyan!

    • Kung mandadaya lang naman kasi, dapat huwag naman iyong garapalan. Iyong halatang-halata talaga na dinaya. What happened to Ms. Intercontinental is the worst corruption in Beauty Pageants. Like hello? Isiningit lang si Ms. Thailand sa Continental winners. She gave a stupid answer even if she struggled in English. Her answer has no meat. Most of all, she’s not LOVELY! I might be blunt but I’m just telling the truth! Hey, the truth will set us FREE! lol! Yung sa MAPW, hindi masyadong halata kasi naman in fairness, maganda naman si Myanmar though mas maganda si Hillary (na pang Miss Universe ang aura). Yung si Mr. Myanmar, in fairness, pogi naman. The Supranational Thailand, in fairness gave her best. Hindi sana mahahalata na manipulado ang results. Kaso they did it so low with Intercontinental. Kaya ayun, BOOOM! Buking tuloy. lol!

      • Totally agree with you, they totally pushed it in Miss Intercontinental. Greed, my dear, greed.

    • I don’t think it will get as much attention, Missosology deleted or banned threads about this controversy. Other sites are extra careful in talking about it as they don’t want to look like taking advantage of the situation.

  55. I HOPE Pawee can really SLEEP SOUNDLY at night thinking that he did nothing WRONG!!!!!! Like what he is claiming. People couldn’t be FOOLED! These pageants where his trainees won are all RIGGED!!!! And the hell they throw NASTY ACCUSATIONS to disgruntled spectators as BITTERS! HEllo!!!!!!!! When you see something wrong and you point it out, it’s not being BITTER! It’s just merely SAYING THE TRUTH! People are NOT BLIND! DUH!!!!!

  56. Horrible. Corruption and Manipulation in Beauty Pageant should be stopped! The women candidates are being made pawns to the manipulations of their trainers and mentors. Poeple with “power” in beauty pageants are prostituting these, supposedly, celebration of beauties. I hope this is not just the TIP of the Iceberg, so to speak!

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