10 comments on “Reunited: Megan and Mark

  1. Wow Norman this is unexpected. Until a friend told me about this, I didn’t knew!!! Thanks Norman for all the support. Still remember the time we met because of Queenie. Thank you for being a part of Megan’s journey as well. It doesn’t end here. 🙂

  2. Naalala ko ang reaction ng baklitang ito nung MW coronation night, daig pa ang kinagkang ng sang sandosenang mason.

  3. it’s been a long and very eventful journey from your Mendiola days,Mark ( can’t get the hang of calling you “bessie”) soo very proud of you.. i hope you’re reading this.. kahit malayo ang Hong Kong, sana makapunta ka pa rin sa “FROLICS”.. see you then.. whenever..!!! God Bless..

  4. Lest your privacy is violated, put on now your boxers, guard your moments with your lovers, because in VOYEUR is around…he is LURKING day-in and day-out! Please be careful, everyone!

  5. KUDOS to you Mark for a Job-well-done! Thank you for taking care of Megan and her needs prior the Coronation of MW 2013. May all the kindness you extended to Megan (and the Philippines), find their ways back to you in many ways than you expect!

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