15 comments on “Sunday Specials: Sending off Glennifer Perido and Eva Patalinjug

  1. Oh boy Norms, Eva’s natural, fresh & classic pan-Asian beauty is so endearing & captivating! I see her as a strong contender for both the Miss UNIVERSE and Miss WORLD crowns in the not too distant future! I just hope that her beauty camp share my sentiments, too!

  2. I sort of disagree, Norman.
    Perido to me is a much strronger candidate than the Sandra bullock look-alike. While its a hill to climb to get a b2b2b, Perido is much prettier and isn’t the other one too short to be a Top Model candidate?

    • Eva has to be sent for representation. Mutya ng Pilipinas owns the franchise for Top Model of the World so she will be fielded in this competition.

  3. Kung ano among pageant na lang talaga ang sina salihan!! Wa keber aketch…bahhh felicia and bring home the crown

  4. Interesting! Mutya ng Pilipinas was able to get the Top Model franchise. Now I just wish Parul would compete kasi useless talaga yung Tourism Queen hay! 😦

      • The reason I said that because I believe Top Model is also under the organization that is handling Supranational. It is interesting Binibini did not get the rights for it kasi.

  5. Lupaypay Benj? Masama pa ba ang 2nd runner-up sa Ms IntercontinenTIE, pasok sa top20 ng Ms Supra &, not to forget, korona sa Ms Earth?

    • I kinda feel like Benjie. Compared to Thailand , lupaypay talagA tayo. I think a lot of fans feel that way . As you can see, Norman’s blog has not been as active.

    • @aj…take that as “figure of speech”…the bar has been raised on high by the previous batch that to be out of what are “expected” (back-to-back win, etc) is a big dis-appointment!

      • Of course it’s a figure speech, geez Benj, even a K1 pupil would know! My point was, it wasn’t warranted. Maybe u are “lupaypay”, but to assume that majority of d filipinos also feel d same way? I dunno. Sure we r all hoping for a b2b but not all of us r expecting, my self included. So I’m fine, i’ve moved on.

  6. All my support for these unassuming, low-profile (yet high cheek-bones), candidates! I-tayo nyo ang bandilang lupaypay sa kasalukuyan!

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