138 comments on “Sunday Specials: Is Thailand on its way to becoming Country of the Year in pageantry?

  1. Lahat ng mukha ng contestant from Thai lahat retikado walang original!!! Kibarbaridad!😁😜😁

  2. If Thailand wins a major crown either Universe or World but so far, that country is nowhere near the tag…

  3. Thailand has had a good run thus far with the minor pageants like Supra and Intercontinental. However, I think India has a better shot at placements in the major leagues (MW and MU)
    than Thailand this year. Still hoping Philippines will grab its third MU crown this year, and if that happens, Philippines stands a good chance of being named country of the year again.

  4. I think Thailand needs to win World or Universe to be country of the year. I don’t see either of the current reps for these pageants making the same impact as the Gouldian-trained group.

    I think Philippines, USA, or Venezuela will be the country of the year still. It’s very open still.

    • You’re right about that other group training women in minor pageants. They’d never reach the same caliber as the camps for major pageants. They’re mere second tier opportunistic copycats who’d take the rejects of the major camps.

  5. @ RAM:

    Ram, I salute you for being open-minded…very few do express their views here with that kind of openness (and truthfulness and sincerity)…Again, my admiration for your level-headedness. I think, you will still learn more about beauty (authentic beauty for that matter) …one that is beyond the level of being “skin-deep”…and even beyond the level of “X-Factor”…or even beyond the level of “combined pulchritude and intelligence”. There are “beauties” that are “personality & attitude – based”…those are the kinds that shine beyond the color of skin, the figure of the body, the prettiness of the face…those are the kind of beauties that we see in ET and Princess Fiona…that when these elements (personality and attitude) are apparent in a contestant, then the judges who can not only “see” but “feel” and “discern” that beauty, may award her the crown! Such as the case of Miss Thailand!!!

    • Sir Benji,

      Thank you for appreciating my comments! At least there’s one or two who agreed with me when I chose to look at it in a different way not for the sake of being different but see through it all using my core. Thanks for seeing my real color through my words despite distance and anonymity.

      Happy knowing that someone out there would care to praise and that’s more than enough to out shadow a growing number of thumbs-down (anyways everybody’s got opinion.)

      I’m looking forward to reading this blog more often, specially your views. Maraming salamat po!

  6. To be the country of the year, you need to have 2 or more MAJOR crowns. Not some tiara. PERIOD.

    • Since Year 2000, there are only THREE countries that won TWO MAJOR crowns in a year:
      * INDIA in 2000 — for Miss Universe and Miss World
      * PHILIPPINES in 2013 — for Miss World and Miss International
      * VENEZUELA in 2013 — for Miss Universe and Miss Earth…
      Are you saying then that Since the YEAR 2000 up to the present, there are only 2 Countries that are named Country of the Year? (…That is if we go with your premise that “To be the country of the year, you need to have 2 or more MAJOR crowns. Not some tiara. PERIOD.” )…And these countries are INDIA in Year 2000, and PHILIPPINES in 2013 (having edged Venezuela for winning Miss Supra, etc)

      • Wow. We really did have one hell of a year in 2013.

        We beat Venezuela out despite their having the UNIVERSE and EARTH title in the same year?


      • MAJOR pageant – Universe, World, and International. 2/3 in a year is the basis. So yes, India and Philippines are the “country of the year” in the true sense. In other years, those countries are better called “Best Performers”. Miss Earth for me is “major” minor pageant slightly above Supra, InterCon, GI, TQI.

      • So, you mean that Big 4 is a misnomer…and that there is only Big 3…placing the lousy Miss International even higher than the Cause-Oriented Miss Earth? And who are those Countries named as best performers in other years? Can you please name them chronologically from Year 2001?

      • India also won Miss Asia Pacific in 2000. They won 3 crowns in 2000. remember, they don’t participate before at Miss International. In the 90’s they won 2 major crowns in 1994 – Miss World and Miss Universe

  7. Si Miss T ba Ang gumanap bilang

    Lotus Feet sa Feng Shui 2 at

    metro Manila film festival?

  8. Ang cha Chaka!!!! Que horror

    I am hoping-

    Miss World is Miss Thailand

    Miss Universe is Miss Thailand

    Para tumahimik na kayong lahat

    For once naman iyong mga Chaka naman Ang kokoronahan

    Para namang mabigyam pag Asa Ang mga Chaka sa mundo

    Chaka rules!

  9. Last year, Thailand placed in all of these minor pageants ..
    Earth – 3rd placer
    International – top 15
    Supranational – top 20
    Intercontinental – top 15
    Grand – top 20

    Pero pareho naman ligwak sa Miss Universe at Miss World!

    Infairness mas bet ko talaga ang Team Thailand than Team Philippines this year.
    Si Guidotti lang ang nagustohan ko sa TeamPinas kahit naligwak din, bet ko padin…

  10. I’m just happy that another South east asian country is doing well in pageantry. Let them savor their victory and for the meantime, let’s try to reevaluate our strategies instead of starting another blame game or a witchunt.

  11. Possible naman silang maging country of the year. Tanggap ko ba? Well, wala naman akong magagawa kung ganun nga. Kanya kanyang panahon lang yan. Ginagawa rin nila ang lahat ng pwedeng gawin kasi alam nilang threat ang mga candidates natin pagdating sa mga international pageants. They will bring their “best” candidate to compete. If 2014 won’t be our year, so be it. Accept na lang and bawi next year. 🙂

  12. This is funny. I wish Argentina won instead. What a joke!! Cuba and Philippines way more beautiful than Thailand. She can’t even answer a simple question. How would you describe the color red? Even a five year old could say, ‘uhm, it represents love or passion?’.. Wtf??? What were the judges thinking or the pageant organizers? What a cooking show!!!

    • bakla anong petsa na…move on na. tapos na ang issue na yan…walang kwentang pageant kaya wag nang balikan.

  13. I am going to post my 2c about this winner and I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. It is without a doubt that her type of beauty resonates implicitly. It may not be on screen or upto the “pinoy” standards but I do agree, that it was a poor call for this win. Her court is much more prettier than she is. I am talking about the type of beauty she has, nor is this about being discriminatory against Thai’s, in fact, I have traveled to Thailand and the people there are beautiful and hospitable. I am not saying she is undeserving and I am most definitely not being biased because I am a filipino that has lived abroad my entire life. But she shouldn’t have won. The other 2 were marketable internationally and would definitely attract “Miss intercontinental” to the wider public. It is really disappointing to see that corruption and bribery are visible in this circumstance. Even if it were true or untrue, it plays in everyone else’s mind’s that it was “rigged” which has to mean something at the very least.

    But nonetheless, I do congratulate her win. I hope she lives up to what Miss Intercontinental is all about and brings more pride and joy to her country.

    To all the bitter and sour pinoys! Get a grip will you! It is sad that Kris didn’t win. But be happy for her anyway. Good Karma. We cannot always get what we want or what we think we deserve. Just be happy that we are blessed to have beautiful Woman like Kris Janson to represent the Filipinos. We shouldn’t name call or say people are ugly because we are all beautiful people and we are all different. It is a matter of accepting that.

    • Why don’t you get real that in this world everything is balanced. We have day and night, black and white, tall and short, straight and gay, beautiful and ugly. She is ugly and that’s the consensus from the 5 continents of the world.

      • And that is how narrow minded people are. People like you are the epitome of why there is no sustainable evolvement, or in this case any intellectual growth. Black and white? Night and day? Ugly and beautiful are POOR examples in your line of defence. The consensus is not YOU. That is your opinion and not a logical fact because if that were the case, then she shouldn’t have won. The continents were not the judges and they clearly had what they wanted in mind for the winner. So get over it! Next time, find better ways of defending yourself because you made an embarrassment out of yourself.

    • Taste is indeed subjective but suspicious back handling of a victory ruins that taste.

      • Hence suspicious. We will never know if it was rigged or not. As for subjectivity, it is a matter of preference so who are we to judge other peoples taste in beauty? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Isn’t it possible that maybe, just maybe other countries are entitled to recieve the same amount of success as Philippines? Its not patriotism anymore, its a lack in understanding diplomacy and equality which is ill-befitting quite frankly. Filipinos love to be victimized and it makes us look like sore losers. Just be happy for her even if we believe that our represantative should have won.

    • I don’t agree with people saying ” she should have not won”.. then later.. congratulates her.. it’s like wtf are u really trying to say.. just stand up to what u believe in.

      • It means, he is thinking about the bigger picture and being diplomatic and civil. Not hasty or vicious unlike so many people out there.

  14. The presence of that Mr. Nawatt during coronation nights of these
    pageants probably influenced the results?
    That’s all, thank you.

  15. itong si Paweekan pati delikadesa binabakla. Kaya maraming nagagalit sa mga bakla.

  16. I have to admit that their delegates look good, except Miss Intercontinental. Their Miss Supranational looks surgically enhanced, so I’m not in for that no matter how good she could possibly look.

    I also do not believe that the Germans are rooting for an exotic woman this year. Show any Caucasian man a photo of this woman and most really wouldn’t find her beautiful.

    Janine Tugonon is exotic, but she is beautiful. The proportion of her face and her smile is mesmerizing. Venus Raj and Mutya Datul too. But this Thai woman, dear heavens I am so sorry, she sounds like a kind person but she really doesn’t deserve to be called Miss Intercontinental, and I feel sorry for Kris Janson.

    Now about having qualms with the result of Miss Supranational, I do not think that it was rigged. Miss India deserves the crown. She was reminiscent of Mutya Datul–confident and distinct it’s hard to ignore them. Except of course, you would notice the semifinalists always come from the same countries…

    Miss Yvethe indeed is pretty, but this is probably her first pageant. Her overall performance was okay.. it was (sorry to say but) mediocre and forgettable. In beauty pageants all the delegates are expected to be pretty. There are so many pretty candidates, especially European ones, but they lacked the confidence/charisma. I remember what Shamcey always says: daig ng confident ang maganda.

    Anyway, the year hasn’t ended yet for us to conclude anything. Valerie and MJ will fight hard for the country’s victory.

      • okay sana kung kabog din tong si ms. intercontinental, pero hellooooo?????? san ang kabog dun. kalowkah! ok lang kung mananalo sila kung magaling naman at deserving. tulad sa supra. magaling naman at maganda in fairness. pero yung sa intercon? hahahahaha! bali-baliktarin ang mundo, WALEY!!!!

  17. Ang dami namang tanong ni Ninang, kahit si Megan Young na aticulate e hindi masasagot lahat yan.
    Congrats again to Thailand for bagging the Miss Intercontinental crown.

  18. It’s possible for Thailand to be d country of d year, but MU & MW are yet to happen so we still have to see. I can live with it if it happens. Anyway, it was only that Ms IntercontinenTIE results that i disagree with. I’m fine with d rest of Thailand’s wins.

    Let’s us try to move on lest we appear so bitter. If d organizers indeed allowed themselves to be influenced by some organization, as alleged, ultimately they will realize that it’s actually to their eventual loss. Let’s not allow them to add insult to d injury by attacking them in foras & pageant sites like mad fellas. Sumasama lang ang tingin ng ibang bansa sa atin. Suportahan na lng natin si Val at MJ sa upcoming pageants nila.

    • You need a MAJOR crown to be country of the year. Not some tiara from a minor pageant.

  19. To PAWEE: Yes, you can truly sleep soundly if your conscience is clear. I really hope that you are having comforting sleeps knowing that you have not done anything malicious or any act of treason (vis-a-vis the results of the past Pageants). That’s the only thing you can hold on well: The Truth — and the Truth is giving you courage… that inner strength that not even the most piercing word from a harsh critic can break you to pieces and dampen your spirit.
    You can’t please everybody, PAWEE. There will be jealous individuals who just are envious of what you have attained. No amount of explanation will ever satisfy them. I salute your being “blessed” — it is a power that is privileged to a few…but like a line in SPIDERMAN: With that great power comes great responsibility! Wish you well, PAWEE!

  20. Country of the Year in Pageantry is a race…and the country which garners the highest points wins! The winner is, thus, named the Country of the Year in Pageantry.
    As of now, with rough estimations, Thailand is leading the pact. We can then assume that it is on its way to claiming the contested Title. Hopefully, with MJ winning the eventual Miss Universe (for its 2014 edition) title, Philippines can overtake the current standing of Thailand.
    Congratulations to Thailand for the impact that it is making in the World of Beauty Pageants! Your enviable position has exposed the ugly side of many Filipino Fanatics being sore-losers, nasty, irrational, barbaric! But these fanatics are only less than 10% of those truly big FANS of Authentic Beauty (and not only skin-deep and, in our parlance: Pakitang-Tao kind).
    To Our Thai Friends — You deserve the crowns that are on the heads of your winning delegates: You have worked hard for them…you have fought of them…They are truly yours! CONGRATULATIONS!

    • Tama ka Maring Benj. Ang daming pinoy na palaging nag-sasourgraping. Talo is talo. Now kasalanan ba ng mga delegates from Thailand kung mananalo sila. For me, the mere fact na sila ang pinili, respetuhin na lang natin. Bawi na lang tayo sa sunod. Kumukulot ang bangs ko pag sinasabi na si ganito si ganyan ay nandaya. Gusto ning ubang mga bayot nga sigi ra ang Pilipinas ang modaog. Kon mao nay mahitabo, dili na lang mopadala ug representative ang ubang nasod. Sila na lang ang mo-judge pirmi. Ay nako, ako gyung gubton ning uban diri nga mo-comment unya manghinaway.

      • @Jing…sakit na yan ng iba nating mga kapatid…parang cancer din yan…nakakahiya lang sa ibang bansa na kilala tayo bilang “poor sportsmen” or “sour & sore losers”. I don’t mind fighting for our rights…pero naman, kung di naman tayo nag-peperform tulad ng inaasahan…di naman talaga tayo appealing para sa mga judges at tayo-tayo lang ang nagsasabing “super ganda ng ating candidata…na taob ang mga kalaban”…matatanggap ko na talunan talaga tayo sa mga makaraang patimpalak! Ambot lang jud ning mga Bayot nga way mga sabot…mga pasaway ug pan-us ang laway! LOL

    • I’m with u on this, Benjie.

      Sana pwedeng i-ban yung mga mal-edukadong pinoy commenters na puro hating at name calling against other countries or their contestants ang ginagawa sa mga pageant sites. You can tell from d way they express themselves & their abrasive choice of words na mal-edukado. Nagkakalat. Then we are all dragged in… it’s utterly unfair to other Filipino pageant aficionado who are civil & mindful of their online behaviour & our national reputation.

      • i am not surprised at all about the series of non placements of Pinay Queens. Simple lang yan, di lang tayo ang “anak ng Diyos.” Siguro naman nakakaumay na kung every year tayo ang may korona over the other delegates. Kadaming talangka talaga sa mga Pinoy, pikon pag natatalo at ang masama pa naging gahaman to the extent na ayaw na tumanggap ng kagalingan ng iba. tsk…tsk…tsk…i just moved on looking forward to the next pageant than cry over spilled milk. personally, I am fan of KJ but happy enough that she placed as 2nd best (do i think pernicious attacks over the decision would change a thing?) NO. I don’t find Ms. Thailand that ugly, maybe it’s in her fate. She may not be the most beautiful, but the judges saw something in her, wala naman tayo don kasi. Ako nga bwisit nung nanalo si Mpule over Miriam, Hana over Ruffa…but as time goes on, i realized their worth by constant research and surfing through the net. Ibat-iba ang angking kagandahan ng bawat nilalang. Kung wala sa mata mo, malamang nasa mata ng judges. Ako nga wala sa mata ko ang qualities na nakikita ng iba ke Val, kaya di ko sya bet. But i do not say negative things to her, not being afraid of thumbs down but I just see her not winning any crown. pero kung manalo sya e di happy pa rin.

      • Ram, I salute you for being open-minded…very few do express their views here with that kind of openness (and truthfulness and sincerity)…Again, my admiration for your level-headedness. I think, you will still learn more about beauty beyond the level of being “skin-deep”…and even beyond the level of “X-Factor”…or even beyond the level of “combined pulchritude and intelligence”. There are beauties that are “personality & attitude – based”…this is the kind that shines beyond the color of skin, the figure of the body, the prettiness of the face…this is the kind of beauty that we see in ET and Princess Fiona…that when these elements (personality and attitude) are apparent in a contestant, then the judges who can not only see but “feel” the beauty may award her the crown! Such as the case of Miss Thailand!!!

  21. Kung wala si Nawat, nganga ang Thailand except for MI dahil deserving siya at non affiliated kay Nawat. TG at hindi na nila maluluto ang resulta ng MW at MU.

  22. All of them are beautiful and deserving except that Patrapornstar. Kung sino pa pinaka-panget siya nakakuha ng korona.

  23. I must admit that their gowns are more superior than the Philippines. Other than that i will just say nothing.

    • alam mo true. wala pa akong wow moment this year except kay val pero ibang level naman wardrobe nun. sayang lang hindi sya nag sha-shine msyado ang hindi nakita full glory nung M5 gown niya. With the Bbs…nakakaloka may nerve pa mag post Bb sa IG (ewan lang kung official IG account nila yun ha) ng “WHO WORE IT BEST” segment. Nakakairita yung mga gowns ng Queens natin very ill fitting. Yung kay Yvethe parang ang laki rin kase ang slim ng frame ng katawan nya. Eh ewan….kakairita. Pag etong si MJ sinabotaje talaga nila…that’s it…mas magiging vocal na talaga ako to lobby against them.

  24. Should INDIA do well in Miss WORLD and then win the Miss UNIVERSE crown in Doral then I think INDIA will undoubtedly & deservingly win the COUNTRY of the Year award.

  25. It’s pretty obvious that they had to Photoshop Patraporn’s pic compared to other photos above. That says a lot.

  26. Pre-Miss World & Miss U, Thailand might be the current pageant powerhouse @ the moment. MW & MU are the 2 major beauty pageants where competition is pretty tough so we’ll see how well Thailand will fare 🙂

  27. Na realize ko lang na dapat si Yvethe sa International at si Bianca sa Supranational. Oh well. Move on na lang. Sana mas maganda delibs ng judges next time.

    • I think they put Bianca in MI coz of her oral communication skills. Speech is important in MI. Although okay naman si Yvethe sa speech, I believe mas okay sya sa Supra. Actually, deserving si Yvethe sa top 5 ng Supra, may ibang taste lang ang judges. But truth be told, Yvethe is far more better than some of those na nasa top 5.

      • SANTIAGO – MU
        JANSON – MI
        GUIDOTTI – MIntercon
        MJ – SUPRA
        SHAH – TOURISM

  28. OK na ko sa lahat medyo dugyotin lang si ms. Supranational. Pero my gash….ms. intercontinental???? Oo tama si pawee sa previous post ng letter nya…maybe the Germans wanted someone exotic…exotic nga to…yung tipong kailangan ka pakulo ng tubing O inom ng antibiotics… nakow…

    Parang mahina ata pang ms. U nila?
    Mas maingay pa tong si manay maeya pero bakit kahit na isang damakmak na selfies nya parang di sya type ng miss world? Ako lang ba?

      • Mare affiliated sya sa misso. Sya yung nag cocover ng supra and other pageants. Mesyo binabash sya ngayon after nanalo Thailand sa intercom. Check mo post ni @Luther. May open letter yung pawee dun

      • I see… di ako mka get over sa non-inclusion ni Yvethe sa top 5 ng MS.. she is so deserving… as in OA sa pgka deserving… oh well may ibang taste ang judges but then for me its still Yvethe!!!!

    • Teh kasali ba taelang sa ms.mundo? Never heard!?Baka bubulaga sa final ala supragekokutal? Top 6 winnnar sa boting!! Nga nga ulit tau! Kulamin natin c ms.mundo taelang sa despiras ng final ng ms.mundo magtulos tau ng kandila yung itim kay ms.taelang tapos yung puti kay val! Wooot!Wooot! Usalin mo name ni val 100x kay ms.taelang wala kang gagawin! Yun ang payo ng friend ko albularyo!

      • Naku delekado na! Kapag nanalo sa voting ang taelang bubulusok pataas, naka alignment ang planeta sa bansang taelang kaya sunod sunod panalo nila! Debit card, credit card retoque ang peg nila winner pa rin! Diba sa universe may botohan din, so hahataw sila ngayon taon! Country of the year nga! Dont wori laila babawi tau sa mundo at kalawakan nagtanong na ko kay madam rosa!

      • @lianne paano mo po nalaman ang ranking sa voting? Kelangan ko mag download ng app sa mga gadgets ng pamilya ko. Hahaha!

      • at BS, nakapost sa fb page ng miss world 2014 ang current status ng votes,.kaya vote lang tayo ng vote,.nangunguna talaga si taelang..kinakabahan ako,,…shuckz…..

      • @ mole wenk pakshet satol sa ms mundo mainit pa naman dugo ko….naka download nako lahat lahat ano pa bang gagawin para mahigitan yun grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

        leche!!!! mag miss u season lang …. papalamon ko sila ng buhay kay MJ! Sana maka pasok man lang si Val. Gusto ko talaga pang asae lang dun sa isa…hay…..

  29. Puro cooking show at bribery ang peg…
    Nakakairita ang pagmumukha ng anak ni manay Christy… Mas maganda pa mukha ni Charice nung babae pa sya… Nu ba yan?!… At least yung iba retoke to the max… At sa mga gown… maganda talaga wala ako masabi… Panis ang mga recycled gowns ng BPCI… Pag itong si MJ e Bazzura ang suot sa Miss U, wag na kayo magtaka pag nasa headline ang mga Mansion ng mga Araneta kinabukasan… Ground zero ang Cubao promise!

  30. From Pawee

    My apologies for not being able to immediately release my personal statement regarding all the allegations being hurled against me. I’ve been receiving all kinds of hate mails (even death threats) from my fellow Filipino pageant fans. Just letting everyone know, I can sleep soundly every night cuz my conscience is clear. I’m also a peaceful, positive & happy person by nature AND unfounded issues against me are sooooo beneath me. But I’m really emotional right now because of all the messages of sympathy coming from friends & people who know the truth especially my mom who sent me a message earlier and she’s affected about what she read on-line about me. Please allow me to clear things out.

    On Thailand winning Miss Intercontinental 2014 & claims that I was part of the judging: This came as a real shock to me, when Feerz (Miss Thailand) came out of nowhere to bag the crown. My jaw literally dropped on the floor during the announcement of winner. After the pageant I asked around about what they saw in Miss Thailand and they told me they find her really exotic & high-fashion. Maybe she suits the Germans’ taste in beauty but I’m never sure. All along, I thought the title would be between the Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Cuba or Puerto Rico since they all had the qualities that make a winner. In all honesty, nobody expected Thailand to win the crown. I’m not the type of person who’d write or say something bad about anyone but I really didn’t understand the result. Let me highlight this – contrary to the allegations – I was NEVER part of the judging system from Day 1 of the pageant to finish. Please don’t put the blame on me. I never had the influence whatsoever.

    Now, there’s a group of people coming from another forum that constantly spreads malicious lies about me on social media & I know they’ve been trying to bring Missosology down from the time they started their site.

    There is no way I could (or will every try) to influence the minds of the judges/organizers. When they invite me to cover Miss Intercontinental & Miss Supranational this year, I only do my job as a JOURNALIST. Nothing more, nothing less. You will find on Missosology media outlets all the photos & updates that I have been posting all throughout the pageant’s span for everyone.

    Over the years when I get invitations, I am always grateful and thankful to HIM since he is letting me live my dream. I will never do anything that would tarnish my reputation – I’m a FIRM believer of karma and I try to be good & do good all the time.

    I represent Missosology – an international pageant-related website & forum and I should be professional when it comes to dealing with the people around me. Honesty & integrity is very important to me in all my undertakings. Some contestants would ask me if I’m the director of Miss Philippines time & again, and I would tell them that I’m from Missosology and I’m supporting all the girls. Whenever I cover international pageants, I never try to lobby or campaign for any candidate to win the crown, I always try to get to know all the girls & I won’t give any of them any special treatment. You may ask any of the contestants or pageant owner for the veracity of it.

    It is a known fact that I have been training contestants from other countries. Only this year, other countries including Myanmar, Thailand, Guyana, Malaysia, Hungary, etc. sought my help to train their contestants in international pageants. Never in a million years that I thought I’d become a pageant coach, I just said ‘yes’ basically because I wanted to give it a try and because of the fun of it & my passion in pageants. Some people are claiming that I get paid a lot of money to train or cover pageants. The answer is NO! Let me repeat this time and again, when I get invited overseas, they only shoulder my airfare, hotel & food. In the Philippines, they pay us only a small amount for the facilities, food, transportation & other necessities during their 1-2 week training with us. We even *always* spend money from our own pockets during their trainings as we don’t demand for any extra professional fee. But we never complain, we love what we do and for us – it feels good to help & make a difference. We also aim to let them experience & feel the true essence of Filipino hospitality. I have lots of friends in the industry and I’m forever grateful because of their assistance. People around me would advise me to demand a fee or an “honorarium” but I don’t need it. Money is never an issue and I’m not a business minded person. I always consider invitations to cover pageants as blessings.

    Thankfully, the pageant owners continue to invite Missosology every year although there’s a conflict of schedule with pageants happening at the same time. There are instances when we get 4 int’l pageant invitations in one month. Last year, I decided to send misso members to cover overseas – the ones that can be trusted and who can best represent our community.

    Some countries that seek our help don’t have any formal training in their own countries. As a “teacher,” I just tell them what they need to do in order to shine on or offstage and I try to bring out the best in them. And once my trainees are already in their respective competition, i just let them do their own thing. Like I said, I am covering all (70) girls in the pageant. I’ve been doing this for many years now and I somehow know what pageant owners are looking for in a winner. Competing in a beauty pageant is like applying for a job.

    Personally, it was never an issue to me to help other nations. I would feel like a bad person if I rejected their call for help when it comes to training their queens. I have also trained some Filipina beauty queen aspirants in the past. I am more than willing to train our own reps in other int’l pageants if given the chance. Training beauty queens overseas came to me by accident, I never really saw myself jumping to this field of endeavor, I just grabbed the opportunity to be of assistance early this year and I still have no idea if I’m gonna push thru with it.

    Missosology is catering foreign members and we need to keep a “global” atmosphere within our sites. It’s never all about the “Philippines.” There’s a big, big world out there. I am a Proud Filipino and I always support our own delegates in every possible way. You may personally ask Kris about it. But when I cover pageants, I do not just help Miss Philippines or Miss Thailand. I also help other girls who would come to me to seek my advice and I readily offer my help even if it’s a crash course in catwalk, grooming, etc.

    That I think is the reason why organizers, pageant owners & delegates like what I do because I really try to get along with everybody and I’m always partial to them. Some of us tend to forget the real essence of beauty pageants. It’s not just a competition. Beauties from different parts of the globe represent all that is good and right in their respective nations. The main point of participating in beauty pageants is to promote goodwill, camaraderie and friendships with everyone. (it may sound cliche but it’s true.)

    To my fellow Filipinos who felt bad because of the idea that I’m helping other nations train their beauty queens, I respect your opinion. I only did it out of willingness to help. That’s just about it. To those people who are making stories about me, may God Bless your heart and may He enlighten your mind. Remember, if you’ve started something out of personal grudge, evil/negative intentions, you will never succeed. To the people who have shown their concern and to the ones who keep on defending me, thank you very very much. Please don’t worry about me. I’m really a strong and cool person, – more importantly, my conscience is clear & I have inner peace.

    • Kung maka liyad ang lola mo…I have an answer to this but since Norman did not post this himself, I refuse to comment.

    • Pag next year magtrain sya ng mga Filipina for BBP and Miss World maybe then maniwala ako sa kanya…

      Diba judge ng Miss Supra bestfriend nyang si Mackoy?!…

      For now… no further comment…

    • Im sorry for the thumbs down luther but it’s not for u, it’s for pawee. who gave such a lengthy explanation yet the believability factor is still questionable.

    • If he is saying that the exotic factor is what did it, then how come none of the past exotic candidates really made it. So what made the Germans suddenly made that shift to an ultra-to-the-max exotic Thai candidate now? I guess I will never know the answer, am just being redundant…oh well, in the meantime I’ll skip Misso and lick my wound somewhere else.

    • What a cop out! There should be a clear explanation why the sudden inclusion of Thailand. Ikaw Pawee had the chance to actually find out what really happened there in Germany but you failed to give us the details and provided us with a generic answer instead. I call you Bullsh*t!!!

  31. Face of a moon, bad teeth, fake eye color, terrible Q&A, tell me what made her win???? The continental beauty was already determined before the coronation. Ms Philippines won already and for some unknown reason, they announced a tie. Ms Phils and Thailand. How shocking!! How on earth there was a tie when no scoring or judging was done during the pageant night?? Something fishy really happened. And this Nawat has blood on his hands. You can’t convince me otherwise.

    • Q & A na lang eh sige….kung ipipilit na mag gusto exotic look…aber dun na lang tayo magbasehan sa Q & A….ok na bitter sourgraping hindi maka move on…pero kagaguhan tong nagyari kela kris

  32. Basta naniniwala na ako sa matagal nang paratang ng World Beauty Association (Hongkong Headquarter) na siya ang organizer ng Miss Supranational na ginanap sa India na marami ang tao ang nasa payroll ni Mr Lipinski na siya ang organizer sa Miss Supranational na ginananap sa Poland. Kaya ako hindi malinis ang pagkanalo. Kaya habang may pera marami ang milagrong mangyayari.

  33. *at least 1st runner up dapat si miss thailand sa miss international
    *si miss thailand dapat ang nanalo sa miss supranational (sorry pero ang chaka talaga ni miss india at mukhnag dugyot din!)
    *overrated si miss thailand sa miss earth, hindi dapat pumasok sa top16
    *miss thailand intercontinental – wtf! 😡

    mukhang sila ang leading sa grandslam, at humahabol naman sa big4, baka year nga naman nila ngayon, di naman kasi pwedeng philippines o venezuela na lang parati, hindi araw-araw ay pasko 🙂

  34. Too early to tell but they are leading at the moment. Madami pang pwede mangyari at may mga korona pang nakapila. Congrats sa kanila kung sila magiging country of the year, ilang taon din nmn tayo sa #1. Isaksak nila sa mga baga nila ang award. Anyway, tinitingnan ko na lang ang pic ni patraporn pampa good vibes.

  35. Mama Norms….kung kay Punika, check…kung yung sa Supra, check..pero dyosme naman Mama Norms, hindi pa rin katanggap tanggap ang resulta ng Miss Intercontinental. I still believe na baliktad yun.

  36. Yes. I am convinced that the stars aline to them this year. Pinalad sila kay karapatdapat lang na i-congratulate sila for the job well done. Maaring magbago pa ito kung magkaroon na ng resulta for Miss World and Miss Universe. But for the time being, a very big YES.

    • AT JING TALANGKA!!!!!basi gusto mu makatiraw bagi.ing mo nga mag change court? ga nilangka kaw jing????hahahaha..gusto mu makatiraw inumol nga ilupot sa sungad mo? trying hard kaw mag hambal ilonggo,.yuta mo !!!!

    • AT JING!!! UTOK tae kaw abi! hahaha kadlaw ko kanimu ah..felingera kaw nga bi kuno may naman.an kaw sa beauty pageant nga natawag? eh husto ka man lang mag wangal kag mag pyangak nga daw ayaw buang! hahahahaha! naman! gusto mo inumol?????

      • Hindi ako filengera sa beauty pageant per se. I have my bets and if they win fine, and if not then we will try next year. Hindi ako katulad mong talangka na you will resort to hating the representative who won. It is not my cup of tea. I have that so called respect of the decisions of the board of judges. IF THEY RIGGED THE RESULT, that’s another story but it entails lot of substantial evidence to prove. Sa kaso mo na makitid ang pang-unawa, marapat lang na kaawaan ka at unawain pero kailangan ding pitikin nang bahagya upang malaman mo kung ano ang iyong kahinaan.

      • kitid isip basi malupad mata mo kung di kapa maghepos jan!!!! ga ginaga kaw jing???? pakialam mo kung yun opinyun namin ha????? demokratikong bansa ito kaya wala kang pakialam kung ayaw namin kay miss potrapornstar mo!!!! getz mo? o tanga ka lang nga agi kaw!!!!

  37. I am not convinced with Patapon kamukha sya ni Nay Cristie Fermin. Dun sa Miss Supranational mas deserving na manalo.

    • Wagas na wagas ka kung manglait. She won. Period and answer directly the question being asked.

      • kaibigan ka siguro ni pawee ano? nangagalaiti ka sa galit eh,talaga namang di deserving itong ms. intecon!!!! panoorin mo kasi!!!! ka abd trip ka!!!! may pa period2 ka pang nalalaman! eh ayaw nga naming ma convince so pakialam mo ha!!!!!

      • Di ko kaibigan si Pawee. Ang punto ko lang rito is sila ang nanalo. Bakit ba ang hirap nating tanggapin kung tayo ay natalo? Pinili siya ng mga judges and I am for sure their decision is final. May magagawa pa ba tayo? Di ba wala na? Since siya ang pinili, let’s just accept with oper heart. Bawi na lang tayo sa sunod. Bakit gusto mo Pilipinas lagi ang mananalo? Kung iba ba ang mananalo, magugustuhan mo ba? Ambisyosang palaka.

      • at jing! hindi ako ambisyosang palaka!!! gusto ko lang patas na laban! gets mo?????o talagang hangag ka lang nga agi ka?!!! daw alam ka pa karun sa judge nga tunto kaw pinakal ko karun sungad mo!!!! nagay kaw wangal nga daw baboy nga nayun!!!!

      • @lianeloka: handle mo pa lang ay lokang loka ka na. Ambot sa imo. Tikalong ka man gid. Baw ano ka judge na kasali doon. Marunong ka bang umintindi ng respeto doon sa mga judges? Baka naman di ka marunong umintindi noon dahil sarili mo mismo ay di karespeto-respeto kaya nararapat lang na bastusin kita. Baka ugali mo ang ginapiko ginapala ang salapi pero ginasako ang karami ng problema. bwahahhahhaahaha

  38. If they get the title of Country of the Year in pageants, then congrats to them. The thing that makes me not be gung ho about the congratulation is the quality of their representatives. This year, they’ve have been below par of what they’ve previously sent yet they are winning. Thailand has sent some stunning beauties that have made me go “Huh?” when they were overlooked. This year, I’ve gone “Huh?” when they’ve placed/won. I have my theories and suspicions but I’ll keep them to myself until they surface either on their own or via an expose (or not at all). Regardless, it’s in the books now. In the interim, congrats to our neighbor for their good fortunes—however they came about.

    • Philipp, I could always read between the lines. Majority of the delegates, if not all, Thailand sent/ is sending in the competions this year particularly, are…..LadyBoys (open your eyes wider than before peeps).

      I’ve worked with thousands of beautiful transvos of diff.nationalities in Japan for years btw.

  39. maging masaya na lang sa karangalan ng kapitbahay natin, eh di naman pwede na atin na lang lahat. kung year nila to, eh di kanila na yon, regardless kung deserving or not, mahirap din mambintang kasi d naman natin alam ang totoo, hayaan na ang mga judges ang gumawa ng trabaho nila!

  40. I have no complaints with Punika getting high honors in Miss International because she’s deserving. But look at what happens when someone from Gouldian gets involved in the results of the pageant (Miss Intercontinental and Supranational). In Miss Earth, they are not involved so Sasi gets what she only deserves, a Top 16 placement. If Pawee Ventura was there, I could have sworn it’s bye bye to the Miss Earth crown for Jamie Herrell.

    • u r ryt emilie, kapap si pawee isa sa judge ng miss earth, baka si THAILAND pa nanalo,.hahahaha,bye bye bye sana si JAMIE,. hindi ko alam kong magkanu ba kasi ang nasa bulsa,.hahahaha..just my observation

    • Do you think ganoon ka tindi ang powers ng GOULDIAN to influence those judges? Granting kon si Pawee mo judge sa Miss Earth, do you think maimpluwensyahan niya si Senator Ping Lacson and the other judges? How pathetic your thinking are coming from a pea mind. Mga utak talangka.

      • Wrong use of term, girl. 🙂 Better read your literature about UTAK TALANGKA. Crabs help one another to go up until one gets at the top.


      • Di ba ang isa nasa taas na at pinilit nyong ipababa? Kung hindi yan talangka, ano kayo?

  41. ayokong magsalita sir norms,. hahaha ang masasabi ko lang, darating din ang araw na lalabas ang katotohanan,.pag pera na kasi involved, it can move mountains pala,.hahahaha

  42. All I can say is that Nawatt is a cunning businessman. And I still believe that there is something fishy with the results of the pageants.

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