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  1. Norman’s question is simple “which project convinced you the most?” Kailangan ba ng kritisismo? Kailangan iprove ang level ng Intelekwal mo? sana kayo na lang ang lumaban. Haha nakakahiya kayu, pinoy pa man din.

  2. Valerie’s BWP aims to help and empower a community of people therefore it has more than one issue.

    First, the video made it very clear that the AETA community is economically disadvantage.

    Second, the video identified the health problems resulting from the lack of financial resources. She then proceeded to offer quick solutions to these problems by distributing medicines for cure plus offered lesson and resources for preventions of future health problems.

    The third part of her advocacy is my favorite. Buying the parcel of land that will allow the AETA to become self sufficient. It reminds me of the lesson regarding the importance of teaching someone to fish vs. just giving them the fish.

    Finally, a plan is in place to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the program which tells the viewer that it is an ongoing sustainable project.

    In my humble opinion, she laid out her advocacy very clearly. Well done, Valerie!

    Norman, do you know if there is way for others like me who live outside the country to send our donations in support of Valerie’s project?

  3. I went to Netherlands last two years. Prostitutions are legal in their country. The selling point of their tourism. It’s like a chain stores. You can see the girls in the windows and if you like them just call the number. Like a kiosk! Lover boys ang dami sa Pinas. Madali naman yung advocacy nya bumili Lang sya ng caladryl sa pharmacy para ibigay sa mga babae . Kiddingly aside, Vals projects are very sustainable and attainable.

      • Are you a peanut butter and jealous of my travel? Omg I dnt want to stoop into your level. I dnt need to explain to you how lucky I am in my life. Sa katulad mong Tao, naawa ako sa Iyo. Yung sahod mo ng tatlong taon sahod ko Lang yan ng isang month. So better shut up.

      • Nabuang na si Jave,,,nagayawyaw sa kaugtas…pagtarong ba, Dong…luoy ra ba ka kaayo! ONCE AGAIN: ISTORYAHE, DONG!

  4. Miss India’s Video capitalizes on the images of poverty that is prevalent in India. While she exposes that lack of education among the youth as the culprit for their poor hygiene…teaching them to how to properly wash their hands is a very simplistic action to engage into…her beauty can do so much than that! I think, she is just after the statistics,,,of course you can teach 50,000 young people in a matter of few days by liking this project with a minister of health and the minister of education. Quantity of recipients? Fine… but a quality project has more impact and more inspiring!

  5. Miss Guyana’s Video is replete with images that truly are repulsive. Yes it makes one angry about domestic violence. She does narrate what are her measures to mitigate these practices. However, her presentation is lacking in the needed actions to prosecute the perpetrators of Domestic violence…Avoidance is not enough…punishment for the culprit is a must!
    Miss Guyana’s shout-out line is very catchy: Shatter the Silence! She, however,has lost focus on what really her project is all about? Educating Teens in detecting Domestuc Violence? Or Helping out women to voice out their grievance that Silence may be shattered? Confusing, indeed!

  6. Miss Netherlands BWAP Project is very courageous! She is into fighting a syndicate…and she promises not to stop battling those “lover-boys” until no girl is prey victim to these racketeers. She has the most interesting BWAP project…something that is common to other countries…While prostitution is a problem in many countries, the manner in which young girls are duped, enticed, drugged to forced themselves into prostitution is a mind-blowing expose. Great Job, Miss Netherland!

  7. Yung kay Val yung bet ko. Habang tumatagal mas nagugustuhan ko syang pakinggan. Si Guyana striking girl pero masyadong downer for me. Si Indonesia parang presenter kulang lang sakin ng sincerity (nakikita ko to as a well presented GMA documentary type of segment). Si Val na walang malay mas gusto ko yung cause kase ramdam mo. Sana she wins this.

    • I have to agree. Yung kay guyana gravitating towards getting sympathy on women who were abused, pareho din ng ky netherlands.

      Masarap pakinggan yung delivery nina India and Indonesia. Nakukulangan lang ako ng what’s next para ky Indonesia.

      Kay Val napka chalenging and ang daming points to achieve baka maconfuse mga tao kng ano nga ba talaga ang gusto niyang ipahiwatig.

      Pero kung ang batayan ay yung kung saan ang kapinipaniwala, it’s between Val and India. Kay SA, kulang din. Mukhang rushed.

      Like you, I hope she wins this.

  8. Kuya Norman, would you know what are the criteria of MWO for the best in BWAP Project? It is, for me, in knowing those criteria, where I can base my judgment, and for me to pick my top choice for the winner.

  9. I couldn’t handle Guyana’s video. Too heartbreaking to watch and it had a lot of impact.

    I like Indonesia’s video because her voice made it sound like I was watching a credible documentary. Her BWAP projecy, too, is inspiring.

    Another one that i liked is Netherlands’. The core of the story is pro-women.

    Philippines’ BWAP project is unique. I was lost for a moment, medyo nadamihan ako sa gusto nilang ipunto, but realized that it truly is because everything is out of sincerity.

    I think it’s between the Netherlands and Philippines.

  10. Good points..

    I hope Val gets d top plum though. She came across as d most sincere & her advocacy & work plan seem to be d most structured & sustainable.

  11. First, I would like to congratulate the Local Franchises of Miss World of the five countries who produced those videos of their candidates BWAP projects. They are all beautifully made — well…almost all are excellently directed.
    Now, which Projects convince me the most?
    * In terms of Advocacy: It is Tatjana Maul’s Free-A-Girl : A Fight Against Human Trafficking and Prostitutions of Young Girls..(NETHERLANDS)… This is a commitment to Stand for Justice and to Fight against Injustice…A fight against someone powerful perpetuating evil…Tough Job…
    * In terms of Video Presentation: It is Maria Rahajeng’s The Pathway For A Better Future…Very powerful images…(INDONESIA) …This is an easy-to-follow-story telling of one’s project and its successes…
    * In terms of Impact: It is Rafieya Husain’s Shattered the Silence…by the Title alone, you are drawn to listen to the Impact of the Shattering…(GUYANA)…So much drama to appeal to one’s emotion to be a part of a campaign to end Domestic Violence.
    * In term’s of Employment of Beauty (Not Only of Appearance, but of Talent and Music): It is Valerie Wegmann’s Musikaramay…It is generating awareness of the needs of Indigenous People by the use of Street Music and Performance…(PHILIPPINES)…This is a building Lives Advocacy Thru Music…

    There are factors however that water-down most of the Video presentations:
    *Netherlands: poorly edited/directed…boring video presentation
    *Indonesia: One-time, big-time project just to comply with BWAP
    *Guyana: Exaggerated…Lacking in believability (What?? 1 in 3 women will be murdered by their abusive partners??? And 50% of women experience abuse in their relationships???) Overrrr…
    * Philippines: Lack of cohesiveness in presentations…truly representative of halo-halo culture bordering to hodgepodge presentation…
    * India: Handwashing Campaign? What??? They can produce multi-million Bollywood Films yet their Ministry of Health can’t produce a Video on Handwashing for Hygiene-related education and information?

  12. sana walang mag comment sa english especially kung pangit ang comment patungkol sa ibang bansa na kandidata para di maapektuhan ang laban ni valerie. madami kasi nakakabasa sa mga pangit na komento ng ibang mga pinoy.

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