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  1. The wind of change in pageantry had fallen to mediocrity in choosing a winner. The unexpected or off the radar contestant triumphantly emerged as winner with Chaka Khan facial feature. Exotically mesmerizing to the eye of the judges indeed. We can’t change the course of proclamation but simply move on. Bravurah to the winners and to the empty handed, you’ve represented your country with such mighty pride and honor. Hashtag, Ugliness reigns supreme.

  2. kumusta mga teh. hahah kaloka ang busy ko sa work kaya ngayon lang naka pag NB! haha

    anyway, im so sad dahil sa placement of Yvethe, i am quite expecting her to at least be a runner up or top 10. pero siguro nga kahit gaano kagaling kaganda at kadesrving (sa tingin ng nakararami) si Yvethe eh isa pa rin itong competition, na may mananalo, may matatalo, at hindi sa lahat ng panahon panalo tayo, deserving si Yvethe oo, pero siguro mas deserving si India sa mga mata ng Judges or Organizers.

    ang daming issue ngayon.. pero dedmahin ko na lang, look at the brighter side, why focus on the nega or the issues when you can just be proud of Yvethe for giving her best for the country, at least she experienced to be ‘Miss Philippines’ and be a favorite of most, if not some, of the pageant fanatics.

    let’s just stop speculating, pasasaan pa’t andiyan na yan, yung kay kris hindi ko pa rin masyadong tanggap at naguguluhan pa rin ako sa mga nangyari at resulta.. pero im getting there. makakamove on din ako parang pag ibig. GANYAN..

    hahaha! gusto ko mag comment sa vid ni Miss Intercon, pero wag na. contradicting sa kuda ko dito. hahaha

    uwi ka na Yvethe! miss ka na namin! hehehe

    btw, is it just me or may pagka mutya datul din ang aura ni India? charming – innocent looking girl.

  3. Nakita ko iyong video ng Swimsuit Competition nila and Yvethe wasn’t a stand out talaga. Guys, let’s be objective naman. Si Thailand was really great, full of energy and pak na pak talaga ang rampa. The Thai rep gave her all in this competition whilst our very own Yvethe was so malamya. Kinulang sa vitamins ata. Iyong smile niya rin and glow nawala. What happened to her? She may be pretty but kulang yun to win a competion like this kung iyong ibang reps naman from other countries nageexert ng effort na mapansin (and they succeeded).

    • And now, you are talking about being “objective”…Bwha-ha-ha…After being so fanatical, I am glad you have change direction!

      • Gosh, Benji. When will you stop? I am and never was a fan of Yvethe. I do adore Val and I’m rooting for her (despite her lack of glow these past few days and I already said it a couple of times here in NB). My commenting against you made me a fanatical? Get a life, Kuya. You dont have to tell all of us here that you have traveled across the world and you give jobs to many to say that you have a life. Having all the riches in the world isnt tantamount to having a life. Isn’t that a little superficial? Go and find your purpose, brother.

  4. Yvethe may have not won but she undeniably the prettiest and the best in this batch

  5. LOL! Gouldian Atelier….Kayo na ang modern MAKAPILI. Nakakahiya kayo sa mundo ng sangkabaklaan! You would rather see your own people fall and sell them out for personal gain. Whatever happened to integrity, morality and DELIKADEZA???

  6. Grabe nmn po ang mga ibang mga fanatic ngayon… Nanalo lng tayo ng sunud-sunod e hindi na matanggap na hindi manalo.. I remember the days where making it to the semis were such a great triumph! Ngyn kulang pa iyon… Maski maging 3rd placer n nga, sasabihin pa luto pa din.. Wag nmn po tayo maging bitter!! Hndi nmn tayo ang judge…

  7. I have been following the journey of this girl ever since the beginning of the competition and here was my last comment on missosology: ”Miss India Asha Bhat truly has a multi-faceted personality. Apart from being an engineering student, Asha has also been trained in combat and has done her military service at the Sri Lanka military academy. She is further active in volunteering for social causes and is multi-talented as well.Indeed, she is a trained dancer in Bharatnatyam ( and she proved her mettle by winning the Miss Supranational 2014 talent competition by performing a Bollywood fusion dance). She is also a very good singer, good at playing the veena and also a good painter! She is the strongest delegate to win Miss Supranational 2014 title!”

  8. UGLIEST SET OF WINNERS… anu ba yan. kala ko ba pagandahan??.. papangitan ba to?? walang sinabi sa set of winners last year!!!..
    but to be fair, parang si Thailand lang ang maganda sa grupo na to ha!

    anyway, pakiramdam ko si Nostradamus ako ha. I dreamt of India winning the crown last night, at nagkatotoo!!!.. di ko alam kung co incident o co-accident.. sabi ko sana wag. kc gusto ko syempre Philippines.. pag search ko sa google, Oh may Gas!!!.. India nga!!..

  9. except for miss earth, ang trend ata sa beauty pageants this year ay pa-chakahan

    miss grand international – cuba, chaka
    miss international – puerto rico, chaka
    miss intercontinental – thailand, chaka
    miss supranational – india, chaka

    😈 😛 😆

    • Hmmm… I beg to disagree mare. Puerto Rico & Cuba look good to me.

      Oh, & remember, beauty is relative to d onlooker & may also be co-dependent on what other factors d judges collectively look for – – beauty with a purpose (MW), beauty with confidence (MU), beauty with a cause (ME), or pwede ring beauty with a cost (_ _)! Fill up d blanks na lng mga mare. Lol.

  10. At least naman Yvehte, uuwi kang tinanghal ng mga kapwa kandidata mo na “The Most Accomplished”…
    * Dami mo kayang kilometro na nilakad noong unang mga linggo mo…kahit malalayo yong mga attractions at napakalamig, “push ng push” pa rin ang peg… Most Traveled Candidate
    * Dami mo rin yatang mga SELFIES na nakuha…just unbeatable…ilang libo ba? Most Photograpjed Candidate
    * Dami mong nagawang snowballs, may maliit, may malaki, may nasa “open fields”, may nasa under the tress…Isa ka nang tanyag na “MAMBOBOLA” Ha-ha

    Jokes, lang po…ang matamaan ay Pikon!

  11. to be honest, thailand has beutiful and superior bets this year, thats a fact. whether its all natural or a result of surgery is another story, but admittedly they are quite competitive this year ( except for miss intercontinental- Dunno what happened there).
    wag na tayo magbash. titoong maganda itong miss supra thai at miss international thai. even miss world thai is gorgeous. even miss univ thai is a big threat to our mj after her makeover. ang tangkad pa! tanggapin na natin na panapanahon lang yan. this may not be our year, but heck we had several crowns last year!

    • i wouldn’t mind kung si miss thailand ang manalo sa supra kasi maganda naman talaga siya pero yung sa intercontinental, si kris dapat yun! 😡

    • Amen to that mike.

      Oo nga, stop bashing na mga bading. & stop d hating na din. Don’t let our emotion & sentiment get d better of us. More importantly, wag ibaba ang level natin at wag magkalat sa mga pageant sites at fora. Wag tayong makipabangayan na parang walang pinag-aralan at class, anuveh.

      Ganun talaga minsan, may mga bagay sa mundo na mahirap maintindihan pero nangyayari. Tawagan na lang natin ang mga pangyayaring katulad ng naganap sa Ms Intercon as “phenomenon”… then tara, let’s move on.

  12. When I found out Yvethe failed to make it to the Top 10, I wanted USA to win. BUT I’m happy with the result. India is very deserving. No one was stopping her on that stage, she killed it indeed! And I’m not gonna lie, Thailand is really pretty and she knows to strut too!

    I think Yvethe did good! But I noticed her styling in the finals wasn’t as flawless as her styling in BBP.. Look at her overall performance clip on youtube and her Web Interview. Parang mas maganda aura niya dun. Her hair and make up were on point!

    But its ok! Past is past! I still want to congratulate her! Semifinalist = not bad! It’s better than nothing and we can all agree na back-to-back win is really rare. A job well done Yvethe! I still love you and support you no matter what!!!

  13. Wow Very Articulate…Reminds me of our talkative candidates who can talk on and on and on…without really hitting the target!

    • HAHAHAHAHA!!! May pagkasarcastic ang nagiinterview…i salute him nacontain nya sarili. Matatawa ka siguro pag ikaw naginterview. JOKE time talaga! Hindi nako naiinis kay MIc 2014…natatawa nako sa kanya. She’s like a clown…soo entertaining! Hahaha!!

    • Stay humble Ms. Thailand.

      Gouldian is doing a great job. Their trainees are really visible in all the pageants nowadays.
      They have Miss Intercontinental 2014 from Thialand, 1st runner-up in Miss Supranational from Thialand, even the Miss Supranational Best Smile was won by Miss Malaysia Audrey Loke , trained also by Gouldian. I alsmost forgot and this was the hardest for me, Sasi Sintawee – Top 16 in Miss Earth 2014. I was just sad she didn’t made it into Top 8 .

      Tahniah Audrey , sudah cukup membanggakan Malaysia.

      Next year is ASEAN year 2015 and hope that all of us from South East Asia support each other’s candidates. No more bashing please, we are of the same skin. We are all beautiful.
      When you bash the candidates of Miss Thailand its just like bashing the entire South East Asia.
      There is no superior race and Filipinos should not be so arrogant.

      Look at the other countries around you, English is not even the major language but they have better economies than Philippines (e.g. Singapore,Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc). Philippines has been superior in English (as what they say) but look where the economy is now and still how corrupt the government is. Even if you win all the pageants every year, if you still think you are better than the non-English-speaking candidates of any pageant just think how many Filipinos are forced to work overseas. Yes, they’re good English speakers but mostly are maids or domestics and that is sadly true.

      Just be humble and appreciate the fact that the world is round and you can not always be the winner.

    • This one really blew my mind. I think I will never forgive the judges over this. Call it sourgraping but…

    • When i watched this vid of miss thailand,may totoong malalim n pinaghuhugutan angsangkabekihan! This time bekis deserve sourgraping…

  14. Miss Supranational puts up a really good production. It looks pretty polished compared to other pageants. Their staging really looks pop but at the same time elegant. Do you guys agree with me? Or is it just me?

    • I totally agree and even Miss Earth did an upgrade this year, just ensure that interpreters are ever present and gee just replace Justin Bratton with Jason Godfrey or Dominic Lau as male host. I still love to have Joey mead as one of the host.

    • I agree with u jay. Napakaganda ng stage at lighting, at decent camera angling; malinis sa mata ang staging.

      I won’t be surprised if it surpasses ME in stature in d near future.

  15. ung crowns ng 1st at 2nd runner-up are downgrades from the previous years. Cguro to set limits dn kse ang gaganda tlga ng crowns ng MS. Waaaaaaaay better than BBP crowns. Like MV crowns ang gaganda tlga ng crowns nila

  16. San kaya nag kulang si Yvethe? Maganda naman Siya. May personality. San kaya Siya nag kulang. Kung gandahan lang naman Ang usapan, magka sing ganda naman sila ng Thai rep this year. Hayyyy….

    • Maganda si Yvette pero her type of beauty is not appealing sa general public, parang kelangan pa ng pagtatalo. Si Miss Thailand kasi lahat mag-aagree na maganda at pleasant looking sya.

      • Hindi nagkulang si Yvehte…Marami lang syang sobra…sobra sa make-up, sobra sa hinhin…sobra sa Selfie…
        Jokes lang po…ang matatamaan ay Pikon!

      • In my humble opinion, Miss Phiiipines Supranational was not that full of energy when she strutted during the bikini portion. If you compare it with the walk or strut of Miss Thailand or even Miss Mutya Datul last year, it was a lame walk. This was supposed to be the time she should show her modelling prowess. She is gorgeous and knows how to style but she lacks energy last night.

        Its just if she was in Miss International, she would be the type, not sporty but reserved. I mean when you see that Miss Supranational is focusing on charities, traveling and healthy living, with emphasis on the last part , just means you have to be full of energy even just for a night.

        It also doesn’t help that her booty looks flat . Also during the bikini portion, just compare the cut of the bottom of Miss Thailand, Miss Philippines, I can see a bigger portion of the bum which was hot to see 🙂

        For me, I would put Bianca Guidotti as the candidate for Miss Supranational and switch their titles to match their personalities.

      • For me, I saw the effort Yvethe had given to this pageant. Buhos kung buhos. Walang kulang. Pwedeng sobra pero keri lang. But there were better reps from other countries. Kanya kanyang time lang yan. Soon, mapupunta ulit yan sa atin.

        Congrats again Yvethe, and to the winner Miss India! 🙂

  17. Hi guys!
    Woke up to the sad news of another cooking show by our neighboring country hahahah
    I wasn’t able to watch the live stream so please enlighten me as to how Yvette was excluded in the Top10? Was it her walk in swimsuit portion that cost her spot? Was it her hairstyle? Or were there just far too more stunning ladies than our bet? What gives?
    I hate to say this but Global beauties was able to nail their predictions corrcrly😞 nakakainis lang

      • I agree. At sobrang payat pa niya. Parang hindi na yata kumain sa Poland. Nung itinabi na sa ibang candidate, nawala ang curves niya. Saka ang Supra naman kasi, rampahan talaga. And she’s not rampadora. Malamya. Unlike India. Even Thailand. Dapat pareho ni mutya last year na parang kiti-kiti lang kung rumampa. Yvethe was mahinhin and reserved. Elegante, oo, but that’s not what Supra is all about. Supra is sooooooooo rampahan, which Yvethe failed to emulate. Ayun, ligwak.

    • The HD video really shows who among the girls is beautiful. No doubt about India’s win. Production, stage, and lighting are all excellent. In reviewing again Yvethe’s swimsuit walk, I did notice it was mellow compared to the other girls. Mutya’s swimsuit walk last year was powerful.

      • I agree. Miss India’s catwalk and overall aura are very much similar to Mutya’s. But choosing Puerto Rico over Yvethe’s bone structure? C’mon mamon!

  18. Asan na ang mga supporters ni Yvette?
    Back-to-back ba?
    Uwi na Yvette, gastos pa yan pag nag-stay ka pa dyan,.

  19. I have always been a supporter of Yvethe from the start until tonight but this was destiny speaking. She gave it her all so there is nothing else left to say about her performance.

    India won fair and square! She won the talent competition so there is basis for her victory.

    2 issues from Miss Intercontinental and Miss Supranational:
    A) Evening gowns of Yvethe and Kris were better than Bianca. BBP got scared of fans?
    B) If Yvethe won MS, she would be wearing Elima’s recycled white gown. Imagine the comments!

    Next pageant!

  20. My pride for Yvethe has never faded. Even during Binibini she was a personal favorite of mine. Nonetheless, I know she put up a good show at this year’s Supranational pageant.

    No bitterness from my end. We already had the crown last year & for me that is really more than enough. The real battle this year is Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss Intercontinental, all crowns of which we haven’t won last year. We’ve already placed at Miss Intercontinental & that’s good work for Kris Tiffany & Jamie really lived up to our expectations of this year’s Miss Earth. I know, all of us, are in anticipation of Miss Universe next year. It will be, indeed, a tough battle that MJ needs to hurdle.

    • South Africa needs to be eliminated from MU to clear MJ’s path. For that to happen, Valerie will be the sacrificial lamb. Pick the battles to win the war. And war is to get the universe!

  21. Congratulations to all the winners and Yvethe – thank you for trying your very best.
    We love you ♥♥♥

  22. owss.. cmo`n , we can`t win it every year.. not this year even in MissWorld and MissU. Just be happy last year we had a great representatives the Batch of Ara and Megan. They were fierce and fearless women.. even they were bashed by their very own people.

  23. So, what’s the politics behind Miss India’s winning the Miss Supranational 2014 in Poland? This is to mock, vile and ridicule the Pseudo-Miss Supranational (India Edition) that claims legitimacy to the Organization’s Name. By crowning Miss India, the people of India will side more on the Organization that has given them the crown than on that “fake” homegrown Miss Supra.

  24. I agree… pero alam mo naman ang pride, chauvinism, regionalism, etc. nating mga Pinoy… Mas posible pa mag away-away mga iyan kesa magkasundo… At andali natin magpadala sa chismis at gumawa ng chismis. They all want to prove themselves… What would motivate them if they are not competing with someone who they think is in the same league as they are. But maybe it would happen if all the camps has already proven themselves in the international arena. If ever, that would be the precipice for them to unite and compete against the other powerhouses of pageantry.

  25. The pageant felt fair to me. Felt bad for USA and Canada. Don’t know which is worse–to fall or to mishear your country’s name being called. Glad that each placed in their own way somehow.

  26. didn’t supranational east finish their pageant already? Parang lahat ng winners and runner up ng miss grand Thailand Pasok sa banga ng mga pageants nila this year! impressive! kahit hate ko yung winner ng intercontinental! ba wi sana tayo sa universe and world

  27. Talaga 1st runner-up tapos tayo TOP 20 lang?
    hmmmmm business ang usapan… Dapat pala Next year, magtrain ang Gouldian ng sarili nilang contestants for BBP at baka manalo ng crown if they really are good at walang lutuang nagaganap… pero… I doubt if they would do it for free… Kaya nananalo ang Thailand because their director paid to train them… Magbabayad ang BBP? One of the reasons why malakas ang A&Q and KF is because they provide quality trainning and they do it for free… Hmmmm….

  28. Miss Gabon is gorgeous! Excited to see how she goes in Miss Universe come January 🙂

  29. Congratulations to all the winners, and most especially to Yvethe for landing the top 20. You put up a good fight and we thank you for your hardwork to make the Philippines proud.

    Also, India and Thailand were outstanding. They very much deserve the placement.

  30. Filipinos need to chill out!! Just because we keep winning and all that does not mean we can will the time. To clinch a back to wack win for any pageant and competition is rare–I really believe every year there’s a certain image of what the pageant organizations are looking for. Everything is evolving hence they have to keep up!

    Year after year, competitions after competitions, pageants andrew pageants when we don’t reign supreme we crucify our candidates. We create enemies by speaking smack about other delegates. Let’s enjoy pageants folks–that’s what they are meant for to begin with.

    Lastly lets remain humble. Filipinos have became abnoxious, arrogant and high and mighty since the our winning streaks. Damn shame indeed and I wouldn’t doubt this starting to affect us in the eyes of the organizers.

    • Excuse the typos–wrote this while on the treadmill prepping for my pageant this weekend. Chozzz 🙂

      Happy weekend friends

    • Pageant followers of different countries started to become obnoxious because they are trying to defend their contestants from bashers who they think are from other countries and vice versa… While there are “bashers” who pretend to be local or foreign are really forum moderators who tries to create a buzz and traffic for their website by creating a fewd between both sides… All of us followers are mere pawns to their own selfish desires. Remember, many lands were colonized by westerners through that technique “divide and conquer”. Our people’s competitive chauvinism and corruption whether it’s regional or international are already the after effects of us being colonized. It’s so hard to find tolerance but it is the only thing that will give us peace.

      • I have to agree with you on that C2F,,,your inside story about forum moderators who try to create a buzz for their website tells me that you have knowledge about advertising – particularly marketing and brand-promotion…it tells me that you have insights on how media and propaganda work: not only attack and collect/defend and collect but manipulation, distortion of truth, brainwashing and TRENDING!!! Mabuhay ka!!!

  31. TUMPAK ang hinala ko. Runner-up ang santolan. Hindi na pinanalo kasi magiging obvious na cooking show.

  32. Wondering if this win by India is some sort of statement to the “other Miss Supranational”? Nevermind, congratulations to her and to India.

    Congrats also to our lovely Yvethe! Her determination and beauty in this pageant is to be highly applauded!!! You did good!

  33. Mama Norms, ano kaya ngayon ang masasabi ng India na panalo sila sa Supranational? Di ba meron ding Supranational version ang India?

    • hahaha…gut feeling tells me na baka sa Supranational version ng India mananalo ang Philippines:)

      • Then let’s send Parul Shah to that pageant. She’s an Indian-Filipina beauty, it’s a eon-win for both countries!

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