18 comments on “Dziękuję! Salamat sa ‘yo! Thank you, Mutya Johanna Datul!

  1. Mutya Datul’s Filipina beauty is truly super natural. She joined the competition in order to support her ailing mother. She’s transparent, simple, natural and super! Thanks Mutya for being yourself!

  2. A big thank you indeed to Mutya for such a well-deserved Miss Supranational reign.
    Proudly Pinay 🙂

  3. After nung nangyari kanina sa intercon tinatalaga ko na loob ko dear. Para pag nagmagic nanaman si Nawatt e hindi na ko makakafeel na nablindside ako. Readu na kumbaga.

  4. Norman please pose the live stream link soon for Miss Supranational. Hope it will work unlike sa Intercontinental. 😦

  5. One of the very best queens we’ve ever had. I hope she stays in the limelight.

  6. Sweetness all around. Agreed, Kuya Norms. Sweet, unaffected, and accessible. Then and now.

    Thanks Mutya… For setting off the Philippines’ BLAZING 2013 pageant cycle.

    It’s a year we’ll never forget!

    (And thanks Kuya Norms… For this nonstop cross-pageant coverage. I don’t know how you are keeping up👏👏👏)

    • Huwag naman sana but seriously though, parang umaarangkada ang Thailand this year. Sa MW, top 5 ang GB ranking ng Thailand. Kahit na shonget mga candidates nila, angat sila ha.

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