7 comments on “Sneak Peek: The Miss Universe Yamamay 2015 Collection

  1. Makikita nila kaseksihan ni MJ…lulunok na lang mga kalaban nya pag nakita nila. SWIMsuit revealed!

    NOW where is the new Miss Universe Crown? Yun na ba ang susunod na ipapakita nila?

    Mary Jean Lastimosa Miss Universe 2014

  2. Speaking if sneak peek, anyone else notice on MJ’s Instagram that her last post in over a week has been her BTS for Leo Almodal???

    Is our Dyosa taking a hiatus from social media as she ramps up for the final leg of her prep? Like she did for Binibining Pilipinas?

    And is she purposely leaving this last image for us fans to ponder whether she will, in fact, be wearing Leo Almodal for the pageant? I mean, another KF beauty just won for the Philippines in one of his gorgeous creations…..

    I’m hoping I’m reading between the lines correctly. I personally think the one-shoulder, cross-body cutouts gown truly fits her to a T. With the cutouts, it’s an on-trend variation of a classic (Miriam, Lara, the Agustin-Igpit-Valmonte-Ramos red Barraza….)


  3. GRABE. that one piece swimsuit with matching tali tali on the side is perfect for MJ. my gosh. nung una ayoko siyang magsuot ng ganon to showcase her curves and her super flat tummy.. pero iba ang arrive ng kaseksihan non. juskolerd.

  4. There weren’t not much movement really from Molly…all she did was to either stand, sit on a table, or recline with her hands on her hips, or shoulders or hair. Anyhow, she looked good on her Yamamay swimwear.

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