31 comments on “Miss Intercontinental 2014 Predictions: Here are my picks

      • salamat mama normz…pero ano bang oras exactly bukas? ibang time diba sa germany? what time dito sa philippines nyan?

  1. wohoooo kris for the win. goodluck! after Kris, Yvethe and Adam naman! then pahinga saglit and here comes MW!

    tas Glennifer then boom! MJ NA!!

    • Probably time to upgrade your dial up internet so you can watch live streaming…LIVE!

  2. Kris Tiffany should win Intercontinental,
    Sorry, but her swim suit photo looks like she’s showing off her pubic hair around her reproductive entrance. Other than that, go Tiffany!

  3. Kris will surely slay the competition. She’s the goods and the determination to win it all. If it will make business sense to make her win, I think it’s just icing on the cake. Kris is gorgeous, smart, well-spoken, and above all, charisma. Kris for Miss Intercontinental 2014!

  4. Good choices, Norman! I like SA and Venezuela. If SA wins MI, there will be a halo effect in MW and MS.

    Side note: SA delivered a solid speech during the MW Debate tonight at Oxford University. She talked about her being a test tube baby and what being a woman is all about. A lot of students asked her questions about life, beauty, and more. Bar none, she is a quick thinker and extemporaneous speaker!

    MW 1953 Denise Perrier was a true French sophistication from outfit to wit. She was asked a lot of questions also.

    The most fascinating question of the night: Will the MWO allow transgender to compete also like what MU did in 2012? Netherlands tip-toed on that question but had a shaky answer of yes.

      • Val didnt have the chance to speak. Well actually she had plenty of chances but she didnt speak at all. 😦

    • Valerie did not speak but she was there. Megan opened the discussion by talking about her reigh and BWAP. She also answered several questions from students.

      SA, Indonesia, Netherlands, Brazil, Guyana, Barbados, England, and Trinidad & Tobago were the speakers. During the Q&A portion, several students from Oxford University asked the candidates anything — almost like a final question night type of tough and complicated issues.

      Any of the girls can answer the questions but SA commanded that stage like a debate champion. One good looking English guy was flirtatious with her too. If I remember last year, this was the public speaking skills test of Megan when she spoke on stage during a press conference in Bali.

      I’d like to add that when Denise Perrier spoke in French, Ms. England translated for her. A student also asked her what she think has changed a lot since she was crowned in 1953. Such a class act woman!

    • I forgot to include that the BIG surprise of the night is India has poor public speaking skills. She had many “ahhhhs” and paused a long time before expressing her thoughts.

      Ranking the speaker’s performance: SA, Guyana, Indonesia, Netherlands, and England.

      • Deads na to. oh well…ako na lang sana pinadala nila dun. napagod pa sana sila sakin hahaha…wala eh. bibo pala talaga pag test tube baby. lahat ng ajinomoto at kung anu pang kumpletos rekados andun na…..bwisit bat ko ba binoto si guyana? yan tuloy umaariba

  5. South Africa may have the body but the face?… mehhhh

    Mexico’s face looks like our Vanessa Hudgens but still Kris is so much prettier… as in so much….

    The rest are not even in the same league…
    slay them all!!!

    Hohummm… the crown is in the bag!
    Next pageant please!!!

  6. Big question is, will the organizers give Kris or any Asian an chance this year? It has been long since an Asian won this title I believe.

  7. Agree! Ms. Intercontinental’s popularity will surely skyrocket if they let Kris win! Well, it would be a win-win situation for the org and Kris. Kris is a deserving winner who will propel Ms. Intercontinental’s popularity to greater heights. Even Ms. World’s popularity surged better than Ms. Universe when Megan won. Same case with Mutya. And MJ will bring back the glamour of Ms. Universe if she will be crowned Ms. Universe come Jan. 25. Wow, this is so exciting! So good luck Kris! Do your best and you’ll nail the top prize. You can do it!

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