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  1. How would we know if she should have made the cut when she’s not even in the video? Pfffffffttttttt!!!!!!!!

  2. I saw the videos and I like what I saw in Val. I’m no expert but she should have easily made it to the top 2o. Oh well, maybe I’m just being bias because she’s a kababayan. I’m still hoping and praying for her. She’s genuine. Go Val And God bless you and the Philippines!

  3. She was a lot prettier during the Ms World Philippines finals.
    If she had the same hairstyle and wore the same gown she had on during Ms World Philippines sa Top Model and World Fashion competition baka naging finalist pa siya sa mga events na ito.
    Michael Cinco’s gown is not a pageant gown and looks more suited for a debutante.


    Philippines missing the shortlist? She can easily be the TOP MODEL!
    Something’s really fishy!

  5. I guess no one cares that south sudan has one of the strongest walks. Val isnt the only one ignored by the judges people!

  6. This is MIss World—- the choice of the Beach Beauty and Top Model are always controversial…. U will see non-traditional bikini beauties making in to the top.

    I love Megan and she a goddessssss—- but common, winning the Top Model last year was a bit of a stretch for. We all saw how Gibraltar won Beach Beauty even with her body…. or how even our very own Karla Bautista in the top 5 of Beach Beauty but not even close to the top girls in Top Model— Karla does not have the best form but her modelling skills and even her supermodel background were impressive—yet it was in Beach Beauty that made her win.

    Anyway—- Ms World winner normally has a place in the Top Model and Beach Beauty. She can miss the cut in Top Model but she needs to be part of the top 5 in Beach Beauty….. all previous winners except for Maju made it to the top 5 of Beach Beauty….. so lets all move on!!! If Val doesnt make it to the beach beauty top 5 then we can all forget about her chances of winning Ms World

    • How can you expect Val to enter the top 10 in beach beauty if you see her legs always stand parallel with a huge gap in between?

  7. London is not a good location for val…majority jan ay from india mga maiimpluwensya pa…may india mafia jan sa MWO look hindi sila nawawala sa semis or kundi ang crown ay kanila….most india rep from mwo ay nananalo sa london…like what happened to priyanka noong 2000… And sila din ang may pinaka madaming wins sa miss world….Kung si megan ang ilaban jan ngyon bka india pa din buti nlng sa indonesia at nanalo

  8. Now I know why Val wasn’t chosen on the top 20…….pains me to say, but Megan and Frankie’s runway walk intro is uncalled for, and I personally find it self-serving….and no, not to Megan but to our Philippine representative. Don’t get me wrong. Megan is absolutely gorgeous and she did her strut perfectly. But you see, judges could easily misconstrue what she said and did as saying “Filipina can do it better and perfectly. So you better watch out.” (Judges can also easily conclude that Megan helped train Val).

    So the judges then were left with 2 choices: go with the hype and acknowledge that the Philippine representative is indeed great, or totally ignore her and say “Oh hey, I making a point here that there are other representatives who can glide that runway better than the Philippines.”

    Of course, that is blatantly wrong to the highest degree! But then, experience tells me that emotion (especially when scorned) can overpower any logical thinking or action, leaving other people to ask the big WHY.

    Let me end my comment with this saying, ” The motive behind criticism often determines its validity. Those who care, criticize where necessary. Those who envy, criticize the moment they think that they have found a weak spot.”

  9. I’m absolutely disappointed with the choices of the top 20. Of course, there are some who deserve to be there but other are just questionable – bad posture, bad timing, bad walk, bad pose, too much movement. There are really a lot of other candidates who deserve a spot in that top 20 and yet they’re not there. And for the world designer award, I don’t mind the top 3 but France and Parguay were a bit of an average gown type and I don’t understand why they made it to the top 5. I would have expected M5’s dress to make it to the top 5 if not the top 3. I simply don’t get the whole thing. A lot of the asian candidates did high fashion modeling and not pageant modeling which the others who made it, did. Val definitely deserve to be part of the top. I also like Miss Indonesia in there.

  10. Malaysia’s red dress is similar to MC dress Queenie wore in MW ’12.
    Buti walang nag antanda nung rumampa si miss usa! Ang lakas maka santo ng attire.

    I must agree na forgettable ang performance ng karamihan sa rumampa.
    I can say na, Val is being ignored big time.

    Naniniwala ako na may laban si Val at sana bigyan sya ng pansin ng MWO.

  11. Dudes may na ka ka notice ba sa into Kay ms. Turkey??? Grabe ha Ang gwapa. Pano ba mag aanak ng gaming color yung eyes? Kainis. Kanila nga di nastassja kinski nung bata.

      • Bwisit naisip ko si Guyana mukang makakapasok pa. Sana turkey na lang. Hindi lang kasing polished ni rolene. Pero charming sya. Hindi ko lang alam kung yun yung gustong direction ng ms. World.

  12. hay ang sakit sa puso,. yung alam mong deserved siyang makapasok sa top 20,. hindi ko alam kung anu ang criteria na wala si valerie doon? bulag ba sila? nakakamangha talaga,.

  13. As much as I’m not a big fan of Valerie, I really really think the results were unfair.

    I don’t blame Valerie for this at all… I personally think her cocktail dress and gown belong in top 10 at least. Specially the gown segment, she definitely nailed that!

  14. I couldn’t agree more!! I miss the days when the comments in this blog makes as much sense as the article itself. Too bad napasok na ito ng mga papansin.

  15. Wow. I always wanted to see a video of this event; however, after having watched it, I think I am even more perplexed with the results. When it came to the Top Model results… I am surprised to see Zimbabwe (with her stiff neck), China and Croatia (looking petrified at something) in the Top 20. I don’t think they were looking for “model” material as most of the ones that made the cut were very “cute-sy” which is not what a model makes. When I saw that a bunch of 14-year old girls were judging the Fashion Award, it made sense that the Top 5 were selected. India and Trinidad & Tobago were the only ones who belonged there. France’s dress looked like something one would get for the “mother of the bride”. I think it is an insult to the world-renowned fashion designers (whose gowns were worn by some of the delegates) to be judged by the “Twilight” set. I really appreciate these videos… ‘cuz it wasn’t until I saw these that I really appreciated the beauty of South Africa (although she dressed like a frumpy piano teacher in the Top Model section), Australia and Venezuela (whose exclusion in the Top Model is baffling).

  16. Teka lang ha!?
    Cocktail dress palang waging wagi na o
    Kahit di na sya maglakad eh

    Parang may mali lang sa pagpili ng top 20.
    Ano pa ba magagawa ko? Tapos na at may top 20 na.
    Ang hirap mag move on. Haay.

    Laban pa more Val!!🙌🙌

  17. Ho hum. Let’s leave it to judging is relative. It goes down to each juror’s preference. Win or lose Val, you are our Miss World 2014. Winning this pageant will only be another feather in your cap among the many feathers you have already achieved at such a young age.

  18. Parang LA na talaga magawa. Na ka download na tayo na ka vote na rin. Sya na lang talaga gagalaw mag isa dun. OK na sakin masama man lang sya top 10. Hindi consistent si Val. May highs and lows (mainly because apir disapir drama nya sa London). I checked Rolene’s IG account. Pucha winner to. Hirap man lunukin pero di rin. Astang winner mukang winner. Sa nga fitness photos beauty shots candid shots…alpha female. Katakot. India mukang maputlang matamlay. Wait wait wait….and how about my beat friend na parang nanahimik ata??? Mukang supporters na lang nga nag popost ah….hmmmm

    • South Africa really has the aura of a winner. She’s a combo of Molly Isler and Olivia Culpo, with bits of Oxana and Natalia Glebova. How would you beat this girl? I still haven’t heard her speak so let’s see.

      • Alex, I suggest looking for a video of the Oxford debate. SA is a quick thinker and an extemporaneous speaker! Her substance and wit are rolled into this cool and quiet confidence which can seem threatening sometimes.

      • I watched an interview, but haven’t seen the Oxford debate. What an elegant, humble woman. You know those girls that are really pretty but has this “i-don’t-know-i’m-pretty” vibe? So she’s a med student and very proud of her South African roots. Plus her accent is very endearing.

        Winner 100%. You guys better watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDRzp6VBenI

      • Great interview! I had no idea she was from Melinda Bam’s batch in Miss South Africa 2011-2012.

      • Laila Dear…I guess, you have have to be realistic…to see things in a more objective way…to contextualize the results within the given parameters and criteria…add to that, the standards of the “third world country” in terms of art-appreciation — may it be still arts, performing arts, theater arts, fine arts — are way below par from the cultured and discriminating taste of those in the First World. And so, dear Laila…fanatics will always see greatness in mediocrity…but the fact is, a third-rate greatness is not worth an iota in the World of Brilliance and Excellence!

      • @ Benji pak! Eh pucha kung ikaw sinali sa oxford debate sa explinasyon mo na yan taob lahat. Pero teka feeling ko mad may gusto lang I address dito hahaha. Ikaw talaga..so controversial…

        Kidding aside I love val to bits but it cannot be denied that she is being overshadowed by the other girls. She may be doing enough but not enough to really get all the important exposure. Maka semis man lang Sana sya super happy na ako. Umabot lang sya sa gown segment he he yung favorite ko eh…

  19. In a debate, the speaker needs to be concise, trite, substantial and direct to the point. Val was given the chance – hers was the spotlight and the stage and the captured audience – to shine in the presentation of the BWP. She squandered it by not being cohesive…her many becoouzzzes made her took off many times from the runway without landing safely on the target area. It was just okay that she didn’t talk in the debate, otherwise her long spiel will waste so much of the time (as they waste so much time in Bayan ni Juan) given to the whole duration…otherwise she would be the subject of ridicule that Miss India is reaping now.

  20. Ghana barely made it to the top 10 last year but managed to finish 3rd. I have high hopes for Val.

  21. I can’t see Valerie’s catwalk in the cocktail wear video… Was she not included in the video???

    • The video editor must have thought it was a waste of running time to include her stint…hence, her performance did not merit a slot in the video.

      • I find that a little unfair though. The video still featured some of the girls that didn’t make it on the list. Why was Valerie not a part of it :/ very odd indeed

    • Same here… they definitely did not include Val in that Video to prevent us from discrediting the judges’ decision! Hmmmmmpppffff

      • I’m starting to think there’s a cooking show going on behind this pageant. Parang sinasabotahe na si Valerie. I just can’t help but feel bad for her because she’s trying so hard and she has so much potential and has so much to offer but it seems like she’s being ignored on purpose. I hope the MW organization pays more attention to her soon enough.

      • Jake…MWO will not put at stake their reputation of more than sixty years – reaping the respect of more than a hundred countries – just to put up a cooking show. If those judges were not impressed with Val’s performance…it’s mainly because Val didn’t register well at all. Only the overly fanatics would insist that Val is the greatest, that Val is the most elegant, that Val did an amazing job, that Val was superb, that Val is a sure winner, Blah-blah-blah…etc..etc… Sarap pukawin ang common sense ng mga panatikong dada lang ng dada!

  22. dapat kasama siya sa mga nakapasok e. hay naku. well, malay na lang natin kung anong nasa isip nila at hindi nila isinama si Val..

    who is she wearing sa cocktail dress? they shouldve also borrowed a cocktail dress from MC. para all out na. though her white cocktail dress is also beautiful.. 🙂

  23. Im sure pasok sa semis ang wales,england ,scotland and ireland at cyempre ang india….its between india and SA ang malalaban dito….maqqueenie rehman ang peg ni val sa finals pero sana malampasan nya kaiy 2nd princess lng…pero ung crown mukhang malabo….but still hoping👑

  24. If young designers of london ang bumoto jan…talagang india ang mananalo kahit gaano pa kapangit yan…why? Because almost 80% ng mga tao sa london ay mga lahing indians especially east side…eh kung naginfluence pa sila ng ibang lahi just to vote india to win…kaya most of pure english people sa countryside naninirahan kasi sa influence ng indians sa london kaya medyo madumi on some parts…tska iba ang ugali ng indians…mafia din yang mga yan lalo na sa UK….if koyal will win this pageant di na ako magtataka….

    Maganda nag rampa ni val…i hope madaming pinoy ang manuod sa finals…malaki din ang population ng pinoy sa uk i hope masuportahan si val ng bongga

    • I told u so may Milagrosa nangyayari, sinasadyang wag isali c val sa mga event! Laban Valerie nasa likod mo lang kami!kailangan talaga ng tulong ni val sa boto at multimedia, pati eat bulaga tumutulong na rin! I checked her Facebook ang citizens panay bigay ng moral support. Nahihirapan c valerie marami humaharang!

      • Ill rather SA win than india this time and of course ill be happy kung si val…theres always politics behind this lalo na its UK na majority ng mga tao sa london ay indian by blood…maimpluwensya ang india sa uk parang mga pinoy yan sa US kaso UK ay sa india….look most of india rep na nanalo ay ang location ay sa uk like priyanka noong 2000…theres an india mafia behind this….kung hindi winner ang india lai yan nsa semis….aside UK reps,india ang favorite ng MWO …parang USA at venezuela yan ng MUO

  25. At the Oxford debate Valerie wasn’t chosen to be one of the speaker. Sayang! Almost all the top 10 BWP nag speech except for her and India. Si South Africa panay answer ng mga questions. Hay I like South Africa but of course I want Valerie to win! It’s obvious they are favoring South Africa.

    • I was really surprised that Valerie did not answer any of the questions. The moderator said any of the contestants can answer questions from the audience. To me, this was a missed opportunity for Valerie to show that she can go head to head with Rolene who was calculated and in pageant mode.

      • I was really hoping that she would stand up and answer some of the question like what Miss India did. Oh well.

      • India miscalculated her risk to speak because it exposed she has weak public speaking skills. Lots of “ahhhhs” and pauses. That was perfect opening for Valerie to show she was a better speaker.

        The disappointing part of the night was the Oxford University students laughing when Brazil was having difficulty speaking English.

        USA, Egypt, and Hong Kong stood up and spoke although they weren’t asked. That’s guts!

  26. This is freakin crazy! I can’t believe Val did not even make it to the TOP 20!?! Her moves were spot-on, her whole performance was screaming Miss World and she was even better on the runway than my beloved Megan! Valerie Weigmann is one of our TOP premiere commercial, print and high fashion runway model.. It is impossible for her not to win this! Ughhh…. I am starting to think that the MWorg made her lose in this challenge to piss us off and encourage us to vote for her as the people’s choice!…. grrrrrr…. Everyone, please just pay for that freakin app and get this over with! It is for @#$/%& charity for god’s sake!?!

    Valerie Weigmann FOR THE WIN!!! 😀

    • C2f, its clear who MUO is favoring. Val is a huge threat so i guess they are deliberately ignoring her. (I can’t help but speculate.)

      • I agree! It’s so unfair pero ok lang… pagandahin nalang natin ang Miss Earth as in more sponsors, better production and bigger prizes! 😀

    • It’s all a matter of taste. When a tv producer or executive already favors someone, those contestants will be given all the exposure and platform to shine more. They will also add fillers who will not be a threat. Of all the events so far, India and SA are the only 2 who have appeared in everything. But the debate last night showed India’s poor public speaking skills so there can be an opening for someone to steal her spot.

      • Even though English is Valerie Weigmann’s 4th language… Her trainning as a TV variety show host is a sure indicator that she is way better than India… How come she was not given this opportunity?!… Sana binigyan nila ng chance si Val lumaban kay Rolene makipagpaunahang kumain ng mike! grrrrr

      • They all had the opportunity to answer the questions as the moderator instructed the audience. Only Indonesia, Guyana, Netherlands, SA, Barbados, England, T&T, and Brazil were handpicked for the speeches. India stood up but it exposed her weakness. Egypt, USA, and Hong Kong also stood up but it was minor.

  27. I spent too much time just to watch the whole video presentation. I cannnot really imagine as to how Miss World judged the candidates. I simply could not grasp and comprehend why Valerie was not included in the top 20. Clearly, she is one of those who stood out here. I don’t know if I am sad (for Val) or I am dissapointed with Miss World at this very moment of time. But I am still hoping for a favorable result for our candidate this December 14.

  28. I was just thinking maybe when she was called and she didn’t come out right away, baka na bawasan points niya. But she looks amazing, she totally deserve to be included in the top 20 spot.

  29. I totally get you Tito Norms. She truly deserve to be on the Top 3. She is flawless. And to those who keep blaming Valerie for not placing should feel guilty because she did what she was expected to do! She did her best and in fact one of the best!

    I could not ask for more!

  30. South Africa’s (and most delegates) performance are easily forgettable. Idk what to say. Maybe I’m bitter, but I know for sure they weren’t outstanding for a top model. India on the other hand is superb, she did an amazing job.

      • I hope this is just a tsismis coming from an insider in Miss World. There is a faction that deliberately trying to pull down the representative of the Philippines. The advent of this act was apparent during the
        world top model and the designer event. It was very clear that the decision was a travesty. Norman, you know more than i know ?

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