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  1. I have never been a fan of her but I wish her well tomorrow. Of the current BBP girls, she and Guidotti are overhyped candidates. I am hoping I will be proven wrong so I have 50-50 win & lose record.

  2. Kris during the rehearsal for Ms. Intercontinental. Nangangamoy na ng korona! She’s being focused on the camera all the time and dayum, but she’s so pretttttyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go go go Kris!!!!!!!

    • Kris in the National Costume Rehearsal. Grabe, naka-focus na, sinusundan pa ng camera. They’re giving her a very good exposure. Lakas ng laban. Go Kris!

  3. Missosology
    Xamurai verdict : Miss Intercontionental 2014


    One reason why I am interested about Miss Intercontinental 2014 is the fact that I trained Miss Japan, Eriko Yoshii, in preparation for Jordan. But, when the pageant was postponed, we barely got the time to catch up in terms of preparation, and everything became “rushed up” because of Miss International, and the fact that Eriko had to work doubly hard for the lost income due to the postponement. Yeah, Eriko is a professional accountant and translator, who had to give up job appointments in favor of Miss Intercontinental. Before Eriko flew to Germany, we had to redo her costume to make her baggage lighter. Cold Germany means, more clothes to bring, and is heavier.

    So, I’ve been following this pageant because of Eriko and what I noticed are the other delegates who are being promoted by the organizers in the Miss Intercontinental Facebook Fan Page, sponsors and blogs, as well as the official YouTube video of WBO. So, there is only one girl is basically “competing” at this year’s edition, while the rest are just battling for the runner-up position.

    So, here’s my verdict for the Miss Intercontinental 2014.

    1st Runner-up – CUBA
    2nd Runner-up – ECUADOR
    3rd Runner-up – TURKEY
    4th Runner-up – NIGERIA

    TOP 15


    Kris Tiffany Janson of the Philippines is poised to win her country’s first ever Miss Intercontinental crown. Personally, I believe that now is the perfect time because it can’t be denied that the respective reign of Megan Young and Mutya Datul as winners of two European-based pageants (Miss World is based in London, while Miss Supranational is based in Poland), have brought a new and higher level of popularity to the organization that they are representing. Miss Intercontinental, which is based in Germany (although the WBO office is in Panama City), can capitalize on Kris’ huge fan base. She is one extraordinary beautiful young woman, whom many believed should have been sent to Miss Universe, when she competed in her national pageant.

    Miss Intercontinental is basically all about Kris. The rest of the candidates, in pageant term, will act as “decorations”. Unless something extraordinary will happen to prevent Kris from winning the crown, we must all be ready to witness the crowning of another Cebuana beauty in less than a week!

  4. to those who are commenting on Kris’ make-up, must be the cam’s headlight or mini spotlight. kaya ganon,

    anyway comments ko:

    1. I love Kris’ confidence, but andun din yung hindi siya complacent sa sarili niya, and that’s a good thing, palaban pero di pabaya.
    2. I love how articulate she is and her gestures are just very natural, i think.
    3. I want her to sport that clean hairstyle she sported on her headshot, the one she’s wearing Cary than this kinda messy wavy hair. but she’s still beautiful.
    4. don’t focus on her teeth, look at her beauty, whole face para di madistract.
    5. Nakakaloka si Pawee. yun lang. hahaha

    Goodluck, Kris. I know you will do great on your finals night.

  5. Hi Sir Norman, did Kris actually win the Best in NatCos and Miss Photogenic awards? I bumped into the Miss Intercontinental 2014 wikipedia but it’s in Spanish. I saw the information there. I thought I might cross check with you. lol 😉

  6. According to Global Beauties, she’s in their Top 5 with a possible win for Miss Intercontinental. Hoping!

    • @ FAbian: Hala, ngano man kang magboot. Kon dili ka kasabot sa minteryo ka moungot. Ker ko kon dili ka keribels mo understand with our dialect that so rich and very diverse. Now you know what our edge compared to you. Get life. Kon spokening dollar, wiz ka panama kay Benjie. Kon eklavu de eklava, I am here to fight for my right. Na hala katulog na lang haron masantos ka.

      • Ganun ba? tabalu kekayu taksyapo ali ku aintindyan ing panyabyan yu. ot e nakayu mu managalug josko loleng.

      • @MISS TISSA: so ang ibig mong sabihon de sotanghon monging latvia ahobeya to the max.

      • @Sophie, salamat atin kung kayabe, balamu murit la keng panyabyan da ding bolang ne? Maybug ku nong palmuran makanyan la panasbuk! Ay rugo bubsuk ku pambuk karela!

      • hala ka diha! dili diay pwede? kung in.ana, ganahan ko nga ni Tito Norman jud ang muingun nga dili pwede.
        Na unsa naman tawun ni nga naa namay mag buot! ahahaha
        Kalataw-an jed kaayu jed.!

  7. @JING…kahinumdum hinuon ko sa usa ka panaygon:

    • Bulahan ug bulahan. Ang tagbalay nga gi-awitan.
      Awit sa halandomon
      Sa tanang pasko magmalipayon.

    • Naay gaguol o seguro naturbar iyang utok ngano tang magsigi ug binisayaay. As in naugtas siya ug sabot sa atong pinulongan nga lisod sabton ilabi na sa tawong kulang ang paminsar.

      • nakaingun ko ug kulang ug seminar! ahahahah
        pero lami! naay naglain ang ginhawa kay wala kasabot.
        Bahala na xa ui kung madunot iyang fallopian tube sa kalagot. 😀

      • @lumiaboy: trulili. Daan ng dunot iyang falopian tube. Maski pa bulkitan sa vulcanizing shop dili gihapon mo-obra. 6 ft below the ground iyang padulngan sa iyang pagkapungot sa atong pinulungan.

  8. something changed with her teeth..it’s like she got some sort of veneers after Binibini..it’s subtle but try comparing her pre-Bb photos with her new ones..it’s like its a bad fit, or the dimensions are a bit off.

      • Para kasing napush backward yung mandible nya kaya ganun siguro ang dating ng smile/teeth niya nung BBP days niya. But I think, better na yung ngayon. Go go go! 🙂

  9. Since she arrived in Poland, she’s been smiling so differently — very big and very toothy.

  10. Kris is a typical Filipina candidate who loves to elaborate on such simple questions with a tendency to turn-around the bush. Long answers could be good if the answer is delivered with so much charm and humor…unfortunately, Kris did not display those two qualities. Kris has to be cautious of the repetitive, “Very, very” and “so, so”…

    • I actually can see some validity to this criticism. It is actually constructive. Something for our trainers and mentors to consider. Sometimes shorter is sweeter.

      And least our international queens are no longer saying “I want to be Miss [….] por my pamily and por my God.” Sorry, but for foreign listeners, especially US (like myself) and non-religious European cultures napaka corny and not sophisticated sounding at all. Might be appropriate in Asia or Latin America though, but the girl needs to say it like a woman and not an 8 year-old schoolgirl.

  11. @Jing,,,aah, pertihang paspas kaayo ang mga bisdak sa pagsuporta…gwapo unta na paghuman kay Jamie Herrell, usa pa ka Cebuana ang mudaug…unya paghuman, si MJ na pud na kabalo pod magbinisaya ang intawon pa mudaug pod!

    • Tinood gyud na Benj. Dako ko ug pagsalig aning Kris kay gwapa pa unya mogahot pod ug todo. Duna man goy sulod iyang utok. Usa pa, anad man god na siya pod ug hosting sa Cebu aside from being a Financial analyst. Basod pod lamang ug molinya ang mga kabituonan sa iyaha.

      • Kalipay nga way sama. Uban ta, uban ta sa kalibutan sa hudyaka. Pakanaas lang ta ani ug ginagmay haron pod mahigmata ta sa kapuol sa trabaho. As in super mika ko karong panahona. Tawoan pay dalakit.

      • Mangalipay ta…sa pag-awit mangaambahan…duol na ang pagkorona sa atong reyna…maniagit ta sa tunghay na kalipay!

      • Sana nga matupad lahat ang mga salita mo. Maganda nga talaga at may utak si Kris. (Something in the waters of Cebu give rise to memorable beauty queens. Wish I could go down there myself for the elixir.) For me, di pagyud ako sanay sa bag-o niyang ngipon, but beautiful’s still beautiful regardless. This is the pageant that I’m anxious to view talaga. I’m excited to see what mark Kris impresses upon the European pageant organizers there. Panalo sana talaga.

      • Bason pod lamang Benj dunggon ang atong pangamuyo nga tim-os ug tiunay haron mapuno ug kasadya ang mobansiwag sa mga nawong ug agtang sa mga kabayotan nga sa pagkakarong panahona ang pakontes sa mga nilalang maoy ilang hinagiban haron mailhan sa katilimban.

  12. @BAsil: Nganong naulahi man kang mo comment? Hain naman kang panulaya ka? Sulayi ra gyud ug comment diri kay dila ra gyud nimo ang walay labod.

    • Walang maitutugon ang wika sa tanong ng pag-ibig buhat sa isang sulyap na kumikislap o palihim. Sa halip, sumasagot ang ngiti, ang halik, o ang bugtonghininga.”

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