12 comments on “Challenging Glennifer Perido

  1. I honestly am very scared for this girl. This isnt a challenge, it’s a suicide mission. She might win come 31th of December and make the country proud or just crash and burn. The girl has what it takes it win, but will the judges allow a three win streak? I highly doubt it. Buti still wish her all the best.

  2. she has the toughest challenge sa lahat ng queens natin. if Yvethe and Val is competing for a back-to-back… so Glenifer naman is Back-to-back-to-back. kaloka

  3. Eto tunay na maganda, di tulad ng iba na nagmamaganda lang. Tulad nung kandidata sa Supra.
    Hayyyyyy…..please come home Yvette, we badly miss you.

  4. If she shines through, stands out, impresses well, performs outstandingly, then a back-to-back-toback win should not be deprived of her. If she is deserving of the crown, by all means, she should have it! Best of luck to you, Glennifer Perido!

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