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  1. After watching the ME2014 video, I also believe the title was between Misses Philippines and USA for the title. They were the two that stood out for me in all aspects.

  2. The irritating part is that yung mga pilipinong nasa abroad na feeling kano sila pa yung ang lakas magcocomment ng negative about jamie. Kakaloka feeling kano ang mga gago (sorry for the term sir norman pero kaka asar kasi ang fifeeling)

  3. Out of 8 Miss Universe from the USA, 6 are crowned in US soil – and yet you don’t hear people complaining about it. And USA missing the cut 4 times in 63 years unlike Philippines in Miss Earth missing 2 in 14 years – what more in 60 years?

    Miss World crowned their reps 5 times in British soil – even had a back-to-back win.

    Bashers will bashers no matter what simply because Miss Earth is a Philippine based pageant and let’s admit it, most foreigner think lowly of Filipinos and they we can be submissive easily.

    Jamie deserves the crown period. Her win will not only boost Miss Earth’s cause but the credibility as well. Everyone kept saying Miss Earth lost their credibility when Karla won but it didn’t, then the bribery scandal but it didn’t.

    Everyone kept saying Miss Earth will lose against Miss TQI – where is Miss TQI now? Then Miss Earth will lose against Miss Supra – now the organization is divided and the number went down. Now they are saying Miss Grand Int’l will take over – let’s see in 3 years (I doubt it)

    Miss Earth remains strong and supreme against other new pageant who wants to take over Miss Earth.

  4. In all cases, it is always controversial whenever the host country crowns its own candidate. That is why Carousel needs to have ME hosted outside of the Philippines to avoid this issue once and for all. Maybe Carousel is making efforts — which might explain Miss Egypt’s inclusion as a semifinalist. Jamie might have deserved the title, yes, but so did Sandra Seifert who got thrown under the bus instead, simply to avoid this very issue we are now discussing. ME does not yet have the 60+ years of history or reach behind it like Miss World or Miss Universe, so its most important assets are its brand and its credibility, that is why it has to tread far more carefully each time it picks and chooses its titleholder. This means its choice always has to be beyond reproach in order to strengthen and serve its brand and credibility. Did Jamie deserve to win? Yes, but there were at least 2 or 3 others who did also. The real question here is: Did the selection of Jamie strengthen or weaken ME’s brand and credibility?

  5. Deserving naman c jaime na manalo! Everything going into place, her beauty, EG,SS and Q&A thats why she crown as the new Ms.Earth 2014..

  6. ang OA ng reaction niya ha! hehe I LURVE it! Baklang Bakla si Jamie when the announcement was made. Kulang nalang lumuhod sa stage #TheTea

  7. Just saw this girl in The Buzz and I really get it now why she won. Her personality is very magnetic, very smart in responding to her interview and has a presence that cannot be ignored. These are all some of the qualities our past international titlist have so it is not a surprise she won. Iba ang aura niya and katulad ang presence kina Megan, Bea, etc. Very confident but humble yet fierce. When I watched the coronation night and there was 10 left, it was very easy to pick her out as the winner. So sa mga doubters lalo na ang ibang lahi in case they are reading this blog, move on honey to the next pageant.

  8. She won because she gave the best answer. A lot of the girls had equal footing during the final question and answer, but they failed to impress. But I think Venezuela should have won too if Jamie didn’t.Brazil though was unlucky..

  9. Hahahaah yung National Director ng Chile bitter masyado sa pagkatalo ng kangyang kandidata. Not sure if true: Kaya daw dumalo si Nawat para kausapan lahat ng National DIrector ng MissEarth. Iimbitahan daw na sumali sa pageant niya.

  10. She deserved the crown. Yung Miss USA thunder naman tignan. Ilang beses na nag give way yung Pilipinas. Maraming taon na Pilipinas ang pinaka magandang sagot sa miss earth pero runner up Lang. I firmly believe that that Miss Philippines ended the race first way far from the rest.

  11. Jaime’s eg presentation was superb. Her body in the swinsuit competition was also one of the best. I truly feel that she deserves the crown.

  12. this is the problem if manalo tayo as host country or home court advantage nga, BUT if the girl is really deserving especially sa mga mata ng mga judges, who are we to complain and judge the winner/org.. di ba?

    after all the issues being thrown at her.. like how could she win if she’s not present on some of the pre pageant activities.. hindi ko alam.. pero ang Org at ang mga kinuhang judges ang pumili para maging mukha ng miss earth and do their advocacy for the mother earth.

    • I agree with you, besides they (MEO) chose those judges based on the relevance to the advocasies of MEO.

  13. paging valerie, yvethe, kris, and other philippines representative, bawal na gamitin sa q&a ang mga sagot na ito, to inspire, to be able to share and influence, et al. ibahin nyo sagot nyo ah, i know kayong tatlo papasok sa top 3, galingan nyo.

    • Lol, oo nga nman parang may template tuloy haha. Palitan ng to motivate, to put to action, to advocate, to cultivate, to propagate, to harvest na rin haha..

      Better yet mag-interpreter na para maiba nman. Nang maiparinig din natin sa mundo ang ating wika o mga wika. Magbibisaya si Kris, Bicol nman si Yvethe, ano bang dialect ni MJ?

    • Ako rin, ganun…walang pagkakamaling nang husay sa sagot ni Janine Tugonon, pero so many beauty contestant hopefuls have worn down the impact of repeating Janine’s words when answering Q and A’s. Hindi na original ang dating.

  14. I saw her interview on the buzz, ang cute nya when boy abunda told her that he’s also bisaya. Nakipag-apir ang hitad hahaha.

  15. Too bad for our candidate next year…I’m sure Carousel Productions will have the decency not to award the same Title to the Philippines, for surely it will leave a bad taste to many stakeholders…not unless the competition will be done outside the Philippines. If they decide to hold it in the Philippines, we might at least send a very hospitable candidate and someone who is known for her advocacy in taking care of Mother Earth…she needs not be the most gorgeous and the most stunning!

  16. Ninang, bakit wla manlang sa mga unplaced delegates ang lumapit kay Jamie nung in-announce na winner sya?
    Or is it the instruction of the Carousel na bawal lumapit at sabunutan ang winner?

    • read from the other site (as posted by a poster who was in the venue) that it was instructed by the floor director. winners will be left by themselves for photo ops. at the tail end of the coverage, doon na daw dinumog si Jamie and her court. here’s a bts clip

      • She is truly deserving! Maganda at palaban sya during the finals night. Walang duda na standout sya. Di kasalan ng Pilipinas kung ang mega kandidata na pinadadala natin eh magagaling, magaganda, palaban, at sinusupotahan ng mga pinoys. yung mga nagrereklamo, maingay lang sila kase inggit. Kaya mamatay na lang kayo sa inggit! 🙂

      • Sa missosology ko unang nakita ung post na wala man lng daw ng greet sa winner ng miss earth…di ba ky pawee ang misso bakit lagi binabash dun ang mga ph rep. Even sa top pics…so bias yang misso na yan! Good thing theres this video…pski dampal sa ngpost sa misso!!

      • Ah, kinalamay muna ang kalooban ng mga talunan, para maiwasang saktan at gilitan si Jamie?
        Got it!

  17. Honestly, I am rooting for Miss USA. Her answer was not a rehearsed one. However I am not the judge who will decide who will be the winner. There were judges that are not Filipinos and they made their final judgment in favor to Jamie Herrell. Congrats then Jamie for a crown that you won fair and square.

  18. Buti na lang walang Judge na may pangalang BEA sa Miss Earth 2014…otherwise, di makapasok si Jamie sa top 16…From a posible 1-10 na scores, 10 being the highest, she will surely give Jamie the lowest 1…it’s because she has already set the bar higher, and Jamie simply could not be at par with score of 2.

    • Dear Benj, congratulations! You’re making good progress in further fanning a wild fire. Sabagay, kung masaya ka sa character assassination na ginagawa mo, siguro nga tama yan at dapat mong ipagpatuloy to the point na sa kahit anong topic o post yata ay naiuugnay mo ang pagkamuhi na namamahay sa dibdib mo laban sa 1 babaeng walang kalaban laban sa u sa blog na ito.

      • aj…if this is the way to teach her a lesson to what she has done to Bianca and to the Filipino people, then why not? A traitor deserves death by guillotine ! LOL

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