18 comments on “Yvethe gets ready for the PTAK Fashion World Show

  1. Nakita ko lang sa thread sa Misso. Results of Miss Fashion World.

    Miss Fashion World – USA
    MFW First RU – Belarus
    MFW Second RU – Poland

  2. Out topic valerie posted her attire for beach beauty on her facebook , I hope the organizer will not ignored her this time! Especially her BWAP

  3. Yvethe, pag ikaw hindi naka pasok sa top 10 kagaguhan na to. napaka consistent mo! sa iba hindi na kami makaka palag medyo may kulang palagi. ikaw sa inyong lahat na pinadal dyan ikaw ang first honor….medyo sablay lang glam shots mo pero still…hindi mo nga fault yun. Go go go Yvethe!

  4. Yvethe seems to be on her A game and I have a really good feeling about her. I think a back to back win is possible with her BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t take home the crown because judges are always so cautious about back to back victories. Because of that I hope she places at least and lands us a runner up. And I think we should lower our expectations for the pageants that were previously won by our country such as Miss World and Miss Supranational. Kasi, being a part of the Top 5 is such a great blessing already! And I just hope this happens to Val and Yvette!

    Anyways back to Yvette. Regardless of what the judges have to say this year, I think we can all agree that she is stunning, charismatic and very intelligent.

    Keep fighting Yvette! I know you can do it! Continue the winning streaks Philippines have achieved so far; JM Sunglao, Manny Pacquiao and Jamie Herell

  5. Yvethe’s moves are very strategic… I can feel that she will not disapoint! It’s all now up to the judges and pageant organizers if they want to crown another Miss Philippines. 🙂

    • Hi Basil, I know we are all entitled to our own opinion, but If you have nothing good to say, please shut up. That would be the least that you could do to support our bet. Your comments are not even constructive. Suporta man lang sana.

      May you have a good day.

    • basilik!!!! true ba to? i ba ban ka na? but who will take your place? ikaw ay IMPALPABLE hahaha mali irreplaceable pala…gusto ko lang gamitin word ni madame cinco.

      • Actually, Jopet, may ibat-ibang press-releases at ibat-ibang interpretations sa “signature campaign” na tsugi-an ang beauty mo:
        a. I- BAN-aide lang daw ang part na virgin pa sa yo..
        b. Pasakan daw ng Coupon-BAN ang bunganga mo para di marinig ang ungol ninyo ni Facundo
        c. Tatalian daw ng Rubber-BAN ang yong pototoy
        d. Isasadula daw, Jopet, ang love-sory niyo ni Facundo sa IpaglalaBAN mo…
        e. Yong mga galit sa yo, Jopet, nagplaplanong mag-ala Pemberton na…gagasain ka nila sa BANyo!!!

  6. Sir Norman, is there any news if someone from A&Q will be in Poland to watch the show on December 5?

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