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  1. I am disgusted with fellow filipinos who critique our representatives as if their one of the “judge” or even one of the contestants. Geez! Mahiya kayo sa sarili niya! Rather than giving random negative feedback of how she performed, why not lift her spirit up and trust her. Support her and pray that she makes every category with her best move.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there’s a substantial difference between expressing your viewpoint and being ill-mannered. I also understand the anxiety that’s lingering right now because it’s pageant season and we’re all anticipating a back to back win with Valerie, but needless to say, we shouldn’t let our emotions get the best of us. There’s a lot of pageant fans out here that are getting too attached to the pageant to the point na they aren’t even aware anymore of what’s coming out of their mouth. Slow down on the criticisms here please. We all want Valerie to succeed but bashing on her won’t help her current situation. Let’s leave it all to Valerie, her mentors, her camp, the MWP organization na lang and most importantly God. I’m sure she’s in very good hands and they all want the best for her just like us. And whatever happens on that precious stage on the 14th of December, let’s make sure that Valerie will still receive our outmost love and support.

  2. I’m still in shocked as to why Valerie didn’t make the cut. Her gown is so enchanting and I saw a short clip of her walking down the ramp during the Top Model event and she performed very well! Despite the big ball gown she was dressed in, I think she really did work it! Kaya I’m really confused bakit hindi siya kasama sa Top 20 😦

    Oh well. It is what is. Let’s move onto the next fast track events na lang. We still have a chance eh with the beach fashion, beauty with a purpose, people’s choice and multimedia award! Let’s keep on supporting her cause we all know Val has so much potential. Maybe she’s really nervous and thinking too much at this point kaya she’s not catching the judge’s attention! But I have faith in her and we can all help strengthen her!

    Kasi look at Gwendolyn in MW 2011, She didn’t win any challenges but she was a runner up for two events I think and she finished as First Princess overall. So push lang ng push! As long as she places in one of the events along with our votes, she can make it to Top 6! Whether she brings home the crown once again or ends up to be a Princess only, I’ll be contended either way!

    Keep on fighting Val! We believe in you!

    • here’s the clip. i don’t see any remarkable catwalk skills. there are 120 equally gorgeous and more competitive women. imagine the odds to be chosen for a performance like this. it’s lackluster.

      • I wouldn’t necessarily call it a lackluster performance but hey freedom of speech right? Her runway skills may have not been outstanding but I personally thought Valerie performed decently enough to be qualified for Top 20 but unfortunately that was not case. I guess let’s just wait for the full footage of the eventso we can see all of contestants’s performance and decide whether the ladies who made cut we’re all deserving!

        But other than that, congrats to the girls that did qualify for the Top 20!

      • unfortunately, the judges found her ramp skills lackluster, thus, the exclusion. she didn’t do anything else aside from put her hands at her waist and drag her skirt. there’s no quick pose either. just a walking mess with a very big, beautiful gown. i respect your opinion but that doesn’t mean that i can’t express mine too. the judges simply were not impressed. that’s all.

    • Oh I’m not saying you can’t express your opinion! I respect and understand your views and opinions! It’s just dispiriting kasi to see Val be left behind by the other girls! Cause she’s undeniably beautiful inside and out. I just wished she turns it around in the future fast track events! She’s capable of excelling! She has the right elements to work with, she just doesn’t know how to put them together flawlessly. I’m not even expecting her to win. I just want her to be a part of the Top 20 and in God’s grace, finish up as a runner up! But whatever happens, I’ll still love and support our dear Valerie <333

  3. 1) The stage was small and the runaway was too short. Not enough drama and flair to showcase the gown.

    2) What’s up with the ball gowns worn this year? The princess look does not work anymore. Show your body and physique! Megan’s top model gown and evening gown were all fitted. Bea’s gown was fitted. Molly’s gown was fitted. PR in MI 2014 was fitted. Can’t anyone see the trend here?

    3) No MW will win based solely on BWAP or Multimedia. A top 10 feat is good enough.

    Bottom line, Valerie is pretty based on Philippine standards but not worldly and exquisite like Megan last year.

  4. The gown is top-notch. Yan na lang ang ipahiram kay MJ and we will see baka sa Doral pasok sa panlasa nila.

    • hindi bagay kay MJ yan. papandak si MJ diyan. at hindi masho-showcase ang vavavoom body niya. figure hugging dress for mj. no no no to ball gowns.

  5. I just remembered how simple Megan’s dress during the top model competition in Bali where she won. Juts like these Top 20… Val indeed deserves a spot in this competetion. Go Val 🙂 ❤

  6. Masakit man sa kaloblooban ko pero matagal ko nang natanggap na talonan tayo ngayon na taon na ito. Maghintay na lang tayo ng ilang taon para may makapag-uwi ulit ng maraming korona.

  7. she did her best..maybe the judges were looking for something that she didnt have..thats the rule of game..sometimes you win, sometimes you lose..lets just stop blaming…

  8. Ano kaya and kulang sa ginagawa ni Valerie at bakit hindi sya napapansin ng mga judges? Masyadong mahirap kasing tapatan and Megan Young kaya siguro nahahambing sya kay Megan and hindi nya maabot. Ang hirap sobra ng sitwasyon nya kasi sa simula pa lang eh uphill battle na. si Megan finalist sa beach beauty tapos winner pa ng model of the world kaya #1 sa Top 20 and 10. Tuloy pa rin natin ang dasal kasi hindi pa naman tapos ang laban hanggang di pa nakokoronahan ang bagong Miss World.

  9. Kala ko pa naman kasali siya sa top 20. Ang ganda ng gown parang buhay na barbie, sa totoo lang hindi kagandahan ang damit nung iba finalist. Ewan ko kung ano naging basehan nila! Sa totoo lang kinukutuban ako kay bumbay! Laban Philippines!

    • Top Model, by the very essence of the title, is judge on how she walks in the runway. How can the judges see how she strut if she wears a ballgown?

      • Bless you. So you mean to say models cant be judged if they wear ballgowns? Cmon. Do you even know what you are saying?

      • ang risk kasi sa ball gown, kung hindi masyadong super sway ang hips, hindi gagalaw ang katawan, ang damit, kasi ang laki ng skirt. katulad nung nangyari kay bianca. para lang siyang skirt na naglalakad sa stage. walang movement sa hips. baka ganito rin nangyari kay Valerie. dapat tulad nung ginawa ni jaimie sa natcos niya. liyad na kung liyad, sway na kung sway. diyan lang kasi lalabas ang graceful na movement pag malapad ang skirt. unlike sa body-hugging gowns. konting kembot mo lang eh tumatalbog na hips mo. may movement ng nakikita. kaya siguro ganun.

  10. dami daming theories kung bat d xa kasali sa top 20, ganito ganyan, kesyo maliit any stage, cooking show,etc,isipin dn natin na 100 plus sila hindi naman imposibleng may 20 sa mga yun na mas maganda at magaling sa kanya,matuto rin tayong tumanggap ng pagkatalo, may ibang challenges pa naman,baka dun xa umangat at mapansin.. good luck Valerie…

  11. Still shocked by the this Top model shut out.

    This is just my opinion :
    I think (I maybe wrong) Val is being deliberately ignored by MWO no matter how well she does in this competition, just because another Pinay is the outgoing queen. Maybe MWO just wants to give other girls/countries a chance. It’s not Val’s fault. Maybe we are just sending her at the pageant at the wrong time.

    I don’t believe in what everyone is saying that she is a blender beauty. Remember, Ruffa was mestiza too. Yet she almost won 20 years ago. Carlene Aguilar is Chinese mestiza yet she was the odds on fsvorite to win that year (but only settled as semi finalist). More recently na lang, queenie rehman. She wasn’t also included in Top 10 model competition, beauty with a purpose and sports competitions. There is nothing wrong with Val. She is just being sent at the wrong year.

    And Pls….I hope no one is going to raise this theory that Val is having all these losses
    Now just because we backed out hosting a future edition of the pageant. That’s crazy. Remember what made megan win last year? First impressions! MWOwaa just blown away by her beauty upon arrival as per CQ story. The awards that she took were just an icing on the cake afterwards.

    She is really being deliberately ignored. This is my opinion. I am no longer expecting she will still make it in other key competitions, even the BWAP aspect.

    So let’s just focus on soemthing we, the fans, have control of. Let’s channel all our energy and resources by voting and downloading the MW app.
    This is the only way.
    What we can do guys is propel her to the top by wining the social media award. This is the only way to proper her on top. If we were able to propel Ara to top a Miss Universe last year, I can’t see why we can not do the same thing for Val.
    And I am so happy, we are in the Top10 now.

    Kontng push pa guys. Spread the word in your fb accounts. I hope “Eat Bulaga”will promote her MW fb page soon. I hope we can do our share of downloading the app rin.
    I hope Sir N, you will use your blog to promote and remind us to keep voting for Val double time!

    Pwede ba install and un-install yung Mw app para ma-maximize boto nAtin?

    This is the only way. Double time Tayo sa pagboto guys!
    Sorry to say, but Julia is back to to being a bitch to us again.

  12. I dunno ah but I have this theory that maybe MWO doesn’t want the whole pageant to appear like a cooking show if they favor Val over the other beauties during last night’s Top Model Show. I saw a video of Val walking down the runway with that ball gown and while I agree that the stage is so small for a gown like that, Val was every inch of a queen. I am somehow disappointed with the results knowing that Val could easily get a slot in the Top 20 (with that face and smile!). I am still hoping that she will place in the Beach Beauty Challenge and BWAP. Lugay na ang buhok, please. Wag masyadong pa-Audrey Hepburn, Mama J!!!

    C’mon peeps, show Val some moral support pa. And yes while I admit na nakakawala ng gana ang MW ngayon because of Val’s seemingly lack of sparks (and non-exclusion sa ibang events) these past few days, I know she’s not gonna give up the crown without putting up a damn great fight!

    Go, Valerie!! We’re still here for you! XOXO

    • Just accept it that there are more 20 impressive presentations of Evening Gown than Val was able to credibly execute. What “cooking show” are you implying about? Face it…if Val was deserving of the 20th place slot, then she should be in the top 20. The fact is : SHE WAS NOT. Just face it…accept it with sportmanship-ike demeanor!

  13. Ok gising na ako….sa totoo lang nasasad ako. The sa gown no doubt is stunning. even sa mga nag rerepost ng photos nya bilib sa gown kaso aanhin mo magandang gown kung wala kang impact? it pains me to admit na wala syang impact. hindi ko masabing nawalan sya ng steam kase parang hindi sya nag init at all sa london. i don’t know baka too much focus on the “purpose” part kesa sa beauty?
    mahirap pa sumupport kay val kase 1. mukang naka download na tayo ng app. 2. pano tayo gagawa ng ingay for her eh ang tipid tipid ng updates about her? hindi ko alam kung san pa natin huhugutin…. sana magising na sya and her handlers habang may time pa, cge na umariba na sya ng husto. They really have to work on her visibility…kung hindi man nya pagkukulang ibig sabihin hindi sya napapansin kase even the international reporters are not paying attention to her…alam na kase around the same stage last year nagugulat na lang tayo sa mga posts on megan eh…kung hindi publicity shots stolen shots…sadly kay val wala…. huhuhu

    MJ! Laban! Wag tayo pahuhuli ng buhay sa kanila! Lamunin mo sila sa Doral! Ilabas na ang checklist at alam mo na gagawin. Inulan tayo ng Santolan ng pictures nya…mukang gumagana strategy nya.

    Support pa rin Val! Hindi pa naman tapos ang laban…yun lang basta lumaban ka lang…all the way kame nandito…

    • Tama ka! Ang tipid tipid ni Val sa mga updates. She’s blending in and not standing out. I remember when Megan was crowned Miss World Philippines, Cory Q received congratulatory posts from NDs around the world. Ibig sabihin may impact. Medyo serious ung mga posts ni Val. Sana may humor and IMPACT! Un ang kulang. Again, humble pie please

    • ilang beses na ako nag-download ng miss world app. ayaw. pano ako makakaboto? huhuhu…

  14. Ang dami na naman nagmamaruning dito. Support lang mga bakla. That’s the least thing we can do. Kastress na nga at di nakapasok sa top 20. Pati mga negative comments nyo, nakakastress pa rin.

  15. Mukhang ayaw ng MWO ng masyadong magarbong gown. Check nyo guys yung mga suot ng nakapasok sa Top 20. Mukhang hindi pang Top 20.

  16. Sana si Francis Libiran na lang gumawa ng gown. I remember Michael Cinco also designed for Rehman pero hindi siya nanalo ng Top Designer award. Miss World org (Megan, Julia and crew) visited India 3 times in a row (Philippines being the exception of course!). Valerie have some tough competition this year and is no different from Megan’s roster of competitors last year. The back to back is just a dream for us, India and Venezuela are stalwarts in that league. Furthermore, it will be years before we can send another delegate in the Megan mold and she is a jewel! Valerie is statuesque, slim and beautiful lacked the spark which Megan has when in front of the camera. I think this will serve as a lesson to us, to keep our feet on the ground while reaching for the stars. Ang dali nating magsalita na back to back agad ang aim. As with Miss International, Bianca’s gown and hair was a disaster. Let’s hope Valerie can give us a semis slot, no more no less. A humble pie for Philippine beauty coordinators please.

  17. I don’t know but one should have at least do good from the very beginning where they pick the top15.. but I like Valerie more than the binibinis right now which most of them too don’t have a chance especially in MU.

  18. maganda ang gown,maganda din si Valerie,yun nga lang marami pang mas maganda kaysa sa gown nya at sa kanya..

  19. i dont think we can have a back to back victory in miss world. but who knows? i hope valerie can pull up a big surprise comes final night.

  20. Although there is a great interest in the revival of “Fairytale” movies, with the showing on December 25 of “Into the Woods” (an interweaving of different fairytale characters with the like of Cinderella in it), and the showing of “Cinderella” starring Lily James (with Cate Blanchett in it) in March 2015…it doesn’t mean though that Cinderella-like Evening Gown is in !!!
    Gone are the days when Classical Evening Gowns – the Vestidos de Quinceaneras – were the theme and the boast of every party….where glamours were measured by the layered ruffles.
    Now-a-days…with the continuos evolution of technology where gadgets become smaller and smaller and space has become a precious commodity, and time has become a new dictator, bulky Evening Dress is a no-no! Who would dare buy something that cannot be accommodated in a travel-lite luggage? Who would pay extra charges for an assistant to carry and help fit those sort of dresses? Just plain impractical!!!
    WAKE-UP Filipino designers! Fairytales are there to inspire us of the triumph of the dreamers…but to go back to the Era of Fantasy for our Evening Wear is out of place in the World of the Avatars!

    • First time I agree with you. Same gown style worn by Bianca. Gaffud never learned. Ive been trumpeting here a gown that hugs your body will look terrific. I hope MJ will not fall for the same mistake.

      • I’m not here to convert others with my truth…I do not write to make others agree with me. I’m here to share my point of view on the reality that is not one-sided but multi-faceted. I don’t need your statement of being in “agreement”…Write your own piece without dragging others to add credence to your opinion. Maghanap ka ng bang kausap…huwag hang basta makisawsaw para sabihin lang na yan din ang opinion mo…Tsupii…Ha-ha-ha..Taray ko naman…emotera galore, haha, SARAP ng BUHAY!!!

      • mare!!!! ang ganda ni MJ dito…sa Leo Almodal shoot. Sexy fairytale ang peg so sa sana ito ang direksyon na puntahan nila kase bagy sa katawan ni Mj talaga!!!!! The curves NAMAN!

      • Bakit ba ang ating mga kandidata ay gustong nagmumukhang constipated sila?
        Basil…ano ba ang insight mo tungkol dito,ha?

      • Ryan, the gown did not suit Bianca because she simply did not have the feminine grace that the gown needed.
        Valerie, for me, was as good as anyone of us could have wanted her to be.
        I think she looked great. She was simply not one of the judges’ favorites.
        I’m just glad Thailand did not make it either hahaha(Ang sama ko(:)

      • @fabian reyes….takte uber badtrip siguro yun kase nga MOWDEL talaga sya na may 20 covers in one month tapos ngayon nga nga sya…hihi ang sama ko rin but i am so tickled by this hihihihi…

        p.s. hindi ko lang sya bati habang may miss world.
        pag tapos ng miss world babalikan ko sya at susuportahan ko mga endeavors nya.
        gusto ko pa rin etong si ms. santolan pero for now galit galit muna.

    • True. She looked very beautiful in the gown. Sayang. Hindi bumagay sa maliit na runway.

  21. She is wearing another MC gown on the finals right? Ilabas na kasi at nang mahusgahan. Parang wala nang element of surprise sa mga isusuot nya…puro disappointments nalang.

  22. And I just noticed…most of those who made it to the Top 20 didn’t even have to wear a big/extravagant gown.

    I don’t know. Maybe the people behind CQ Global Quest Inc and Val’s handlers are just trying too much? Parang masyadong pinaghandaan (which is a good thing), yun nga lang lahat nalang tuloy “sumobra” rather than “just right.” ‘Di ba nga, TOO MUCH OF SOMETHING IS BAD ENOUGH.

    I think we forgot how it worked for us last year. We have to understand that Miss World’s core is a statement that revolves around ‘simplicity is beauty.’ Hindi kailangang pabongga and pabibo para manalo.

    I really wish Val is not pressured. There is still hope.

  23. To anyone who is Miss-World-Point-System savvy, can you enlighten me/us on Val’s chances to still make it to the top, after last night’s Top Model fastt track event?

    I still have hope.


  24. Hay sabi ko na nga ba eh. Hindi outstanding ang ramp skills niya. Siguro hindi na nag-improve from the Miss World Phils days. Hindi impressive. I thought they’ll gonna work on that though she just had a short time to practice since she won. Beach beauty and BWAP nd multimedia na lang ang pag-asa. Sana makabawi pa. Mag-moment ka Val. Just do your best. Good luck!

    • I was curious and I saw India. She won this category. And this is her credentials:

      “Koyal was born in Royal Jaipur, before growing up in Delhi. At the age of 19, she set up the Moksha Foundation with her friends, an NGO focused on encouraging green energy production and awareness campaigns for health and legal issues. Having studied International Finance at Harvard, as well as Business, Koyal hopes to eventually influence policy changes on a national scale through her work. Aside from her career path, Koyal likes adventure sports alongside less unusual activities like swimming and badminton. She is also a skilled dancer, specifically contemporary and semi-classical disciplines.”

      Who can beat that? I think we have a winner. :/

      • This girl has already began her advocacies even before joining the pageant. Now this is genuine. Not “pakitang-tao”. Unlike the others who will just start their advocacies right after winning the pageant or while competing. Plus her education and elegance. Remember India and England got it going on.

        Slim chance for Valerie winning, I am so sorry.

      • palagay ko rin South Africa, India, Dominican Republic at Thailand maiingay. Pero grabe South Africa ah….ang effortless. Wala masyadong selfies pero ibang tao kuha ng kuha ng photos nya or katabi nya.

      • In fairness ang ganda ni south africa at india. at maganda ang gown ni india. very, very figure flattering and the patterns are intricate. deserving!

      • at feeling ko rin makukuha ni ms. india ang bwap. her beauty with a purpose platform is better than val. for me lang naman.

  25. she didn’t place in sports, now top model.

    hoping she will do well in talent, multimedia and the beach beauty.

    there’s still hope.

    • Somebody should advise her to change her styling/make-up. It’s the only way to reverse the losses. What is Valerie’s original hair colour? Somebody tell her to add a fiercer attitude to the way she projects. This is a competition, she probably is just enjoying. Enjoy but well, you have to compete too and remember the other candidates are stunning. It’s not enough to be just stunning.

  26. I was observing her candid photos along with other candidates, and I didn’t see what I saw in Megan young in her. Try checking out her group photos, and your eyes will not be drawn to her right away. I feel sad. I hope she isn’t pressured.

  27. Let’s admit it guys. Valerie has no it factor. Even when she won Miss World Philippines I did not see anything special in her except her “good, humble heart” and the confidence the other candidates lacked. But physique/beauty-wise, she will not stand out. Her face is the typical Russian/European face you’d see anywhere. Her beauty is for modelling, and not for a beauty pageant.

    I salute her advocacies, but Miss World of course will always choose the most beautiful in all aspects.

    • i’ll just expect the unexpected Alex,. come what may andito na to eh,. i have hopes but a back to back parang imposoble yata,. hayyyyy,.kakalungkot

    • No. You see, seeing the it factor in someone is relative. If you on the other hand will say she is having difficulty shining out among the other delegates, then that i would admit.

    • No. You see, seeing the it factor in someone is relative. If you on the other hand will say she is having difficulty shining out among the other delegates, then that i would admit.

  28. sir norms, may laban pa ba si VAL? nalulungkot ako na sa dalawang fast track wala sya,.hayyyyy,.mukhang nahihirapan siya yata sa mga kalaban niya kasi magagaling din ang mga ito,.maganda ang gown pero panu nalang kaya ito,.parang hindi siya napapansin masyado

    • Now is not the time to give up. The competition is still in progress. Win or not, the support should remain intact.

      • Im with you Sir N. Win or lose, we should show our support to our candidate. It’s not all about winning.

  29. Masaya yong mga sumasangayon sa paniniwala na wala sa sinusuot kundi nasa nagsusuot. Di ba eto sabi nila tungkol sa mga wardrobe na ipinasusuot sa ating mga binibini? This adds fire to that argument.

    Don’t take me wrong but I like Valerie and I think the judges for this event were blind.

  30. Unfortunately the stage was small. This kind of gown is just meant for couture style of
    Ramp. For some reason the Philippines are riding in the band wagon of ball gown. Hindi na madala, remember the gown of Charlene in MU! What a waste of opportunity.

  31. i hope im not confused but i think Val was just referring to the designer competition and not the final- still to be announced – definitive list. Because how could she be not in it??? She’s a model for chrissakes and far better than half of those in the purported list

  32. Saddened by this news. Pero alam ko may pag asa pa. May 3 fast track events p naman eh. Kaya ni Val to!!!

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