65 comments on “Miss Earth 2014 is Jamie Herrell of the Philippines!

  1. I knew you will win after I’ve watched your first interview after you were given the national title. Unknown to the many, you were so focused and determined in your two-year preparation of wanting to serve Mother Earth. No one else deserves the crown more than you, Jamie. Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Miss India robbed big time once again this year!! Her non placement is definitely questionable and quite shocking as she has been a consistent performer throughout the competition. How come countries like korea and Slovak Rep who have not been consistent performers be in the semi-finals???!??!

    • I think those two are included based on beauty… Miss India is not that pretty… but I really wonder how Scotland became a semi finalist…. hmmmm…

    • Don’t be sad @lutchmunkeesoon, that’s the reality of contest or pageants. As a fan or supporter, we have to accept and move on. Though it is really frustrating that the ones whom you think are truly deserving fails. I will share same sentiments that Philippines gown is far better than India in the MW Top Model but sadly, she was not even included in the top 20. Just shrug the shoulders and smile and DEADMA!

    • They aced the no make-up round. Medals have no bearing who gets in the top 16.Didn’t you visited the Miss Earth site? It’s the prejudging round that affects who gets a slot in the top 16. This has 2 parts. First the no make-up round while wearing swimsuit. You’ll be forced to use baby wipes if your wearing any. Expect your candidate to clap if she cheated on this round. The second is close-door interview where they explain their environmental advocacy. Remember last year during the close door interview, Sobhita would not shut up even when told that the interview was over. Alankrita on the other hand gives me an arrogant vibe during the JoJo A. show guesting. Who knows? maybe she failed the prejudging part.

  3. Congratulations! Sabi ko na nga ba, hindi pwedeng hindi manalo ang kagandahan ng batang ito. Many predicted for her win.

  4. Sir Norman can anyone shed light on the Yahoo Philippines award, parang bulong bulungan sya sa mga candidates & fans. Biglang nawala.

  5. if there are screenings for candidates in beauty pageants, perhaps there should be screenings too for the hosts.. the male host simply fumbled, and was visibly nervous.. maybe his first time to host something of this magnitude? there are better male hosts out there waiting to be tapped, MEO should be on the look-out, aside from making sure interpreters are always ready during the most crucial q & a of the finals night.. and yes, biggest CONGRATULATIONS, JAMIE!!!

  6. I agree! Si Lorraine Schuck parang nag slam dunk lang ng bola sa ulo ni Miss USA… wahahaha 😀

    • Ilang beses ko inulit-ulit… parang me sinabit lang sa Christmas tree… parang nagsampay lang ng basahan… parang naglapag lang ng plastic na pingan… parang me galit sya kay Miss USA?! LOL

    • oo nga, nakakahiya panoorin di man inayos yong kay miss russia sa noo ba dapat ilagay yon, tapos basta parang tinatapon lang sa ulo nila.

  7. Watching delayed telecast. Gosh! I feel so gad for brazil and the male host jus awfully handled it. I don’t understand why the org could not provide an interpreter.

  8. Congrats Jaime for a well-deserved victory!! You gave the best answer notwithstanding all of you at top 8 were equally deserving. It’s not always pleasant to win in your own country lest you raise some eyebrows but it’s not fair to you to be ignored if you worked so hard and performed very well. When things are looking gloomy on the horizon you were like a looming cloud that that tells us the sun is here to shine. Thank you very much.

  9. Congratulations Jamie Herrell!

    From the pre-pageant competitions to the corronation night.. You are the most consistent…
    You trully desserce the crown. 😀


  10. Yung styling ni Venezuela 14 ay kaparehas ni vene zuela 13. Konting konti lang ang binago sa gown

  11. I didn’t even watch the show anymore because I knew she was going to win. The next morning, voila. You already know she’s a winner from the very start.

    Now the other candidates that I can feel winning is Kris Janson, and if she’ll add more “naturality” to her confidence and the right makeup, MJ Lastimosa. Yvethe Santiago and Valerie won’t make it, unless for some miracle. Still, go Philippines!

    • I love that u r gravitating towards kf, hence ur acceptance for tallyin. I cant blame u. To say that Val and Yvethe dont stand a chance in winning… smh. Isn’t it too early to tell na wala silang laban unless a miracle will parade on them? Tsk. But then again opinion mo yan. So i respect that.

  12. the male host was dumbfounded after brazil’s answer and all he can say was “ok, thank you” as if what he actually wanted to say was”ok, whatever that was you’re beautiful, thank you.” and brazil didn’t stop there that even after the other candidate came to her rescue she went hand gesturing to the male host kinda saying “you gotta listen to her you asshole” and the male host just kinda like “whatever you two said, thank you”. LOL ! Wow! that was classic.

    • Agree. I feel so sad for Miss Brazil. I feel like she wanted to say more or express more than that one sentence. HUGEEEEEREE AREA OF OPPORTUNITY for Miss Earth organizers.

  13. A&q-0 kf-1, thus congratulation jaime…cebuana knows how to win miss earth crown next to carla…crowns to go PHILIPPINES!

    • do you really have to tally the camps of the respective beauty titlist at this point in time? are you serious?

      • @Alex Y Is her winning battle between camps? Or a battle for the philippines? Seriously i dont see any reason to put up a stupid tally, it just brings division

      • Actually na shock lang ako kung bakit imbes na icelebrate mo ang pagkapanalo ng Pilipinas, gumawa ka na ng tally board ng camps as if to show who really is supreme. Anyway go on. Push mo yan.

  14. I was translating tweet and surprisingly, hindi ganun karami ang bashers. I just saw one thai na nangbabas. Most venezuelans accept Jamie as Miss Earth 2014. 😀

  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Deserve deserve!!!!! hindi ito luto! Ang lakas nung Sinulog costume nya!!!!!!! Feeling ko talaga!!!!!

  16. Venezuela passed the Miss Earth crown to Philippines.
    Sana ganito din mangyari sa Miss Universe 2014. Venzuela will crown Philippines.

  17. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! JAMIE!!!!!!!
    You’ve made it! Top 4 is perfect, jamie is very deserving.
    Its a not a cooking show, dahil she truly stunned and shine as our mother earth. So beautifull!!!!!!! Tama ang top 4 ko, YES!!!!!

  18. well-deserved! i’m glad MEO didn’t rob her of the crown. ang ganda-ganda naman kasi talaga ni jamie. kakaiba ang charisma! yes! yes! yes!!!!!!!

  19. Jamie worked hard for this! But get ready sa mga bashing galing sa mga karatig bansa natin!

  20. I CANNOT. hahahaha hindi ako mapakali. i was watching the live stream while on NB’s blog. hindi ko maka comment kasi kinakabahan ako hanggang sa nanalo. I knew it that she’ll win. there’s no doubt that she is really deserving! I love her gown and red lips.

    BTW, whatever happened to Brazil’s Q&A? no interpreter? and was cut by the host? hmmmm uh-oh..

    • yes, i love her gown, too! i just hope they’ll dress mj with something like this. bonggels and curve enhancing. yey!

    • Nag tar tar na nga ang santolan! Isama moo pa ang sibuyas! Asar ako sa santolan as if mas deserving daw yung retokada nila!

      • Buti nga pinaabot pa natin sila sa semi-finalists… Yung pambato natin sa Miss Grand pinili pa ng Thai pageant director mismo para lang maligwak..

  21. For me Venezuela nailed the best in Swimsuit and the long gown…but Miss Philippines has the face and the Charisma!

  22. This is the start of another string of victories!!! Another crown or two, one from Miss Intercontinental and the Miss Universe crown and they will all start bowing to the real beauty powerhouse of the world!

    • The string of Victory was started by JM Sunglao – Mr. Starz(?) World 2014…then came the Victory of Manny Pacquiao…and now with Jamie Harell…who’s next: Yvethe Santiago and Kris Janson?

      • Oh yeah… I forgot about Mr. Asia JM Sunglao. I really feel na malakas tayo sa lahat ng remaianing pageants but Val is the most vulnerable. She needs our support (and vote) more than ever. Ger non-inclusion in the Top Model was a real shocker. Sana mapansin na siya starting with her eing shortlisted in the BWAP.

    • Shortlisted daw si Val sa BWAP eh. Kasama siya sa Top 27. Sir Norman, can you confirm this? Sana siya ang manalo sa segment na’to para mabuhayan ang mga Pinoy na bumoto at sumuporta sa kanya. 🙂

  23. she deserves the crown…I watched her overall presentations in the final night…galing!!!!!…mabuhay ang Pilipinas..Itaguyod mo ang pangangalaga sa inang kalikasan…

  24. well deserved win.. venezuela or usa could have bagged the crown but miss philippines is more beautiful!!

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