15 comments on “Make way for Miss Earth 2014 tonight!

    • Huwag lang sila magkakamali na ibigay kay Jamie ang mic for the final Q&A….naku po..panalong panalo.

  1. Impressive…astounding…captivating…those adjectives are proper alone to the NatCos of Miss Venuezuela…what more if they are coupled with sexiness, statuesque, restraint attributes of the physique of Alexandra?
    It is my wish that our Filipino designers can learn from the maker of Venezuelan Natcos. It is doesn’t need to be bulky to be attention-getting. It just needs to be refine, suitably fit for the candidate and harmonious.

  2. sir norms, im so nervous,.maiba lang po ng topic,. napost kasi ni valerie weigmann sa fb page nya na hindi siya kasama as finalist sa miss world top model..hay bakit ganito,.parang nalulungkot ako,,may pag-asa pa ba siyang mapansin,. parang mahina yata ang kanyang laban,,.hayyyyyy,,

  3. Super excited for Miss Earth.

    The stage looks stunning and big. Finally, Miss Earth listened to their fans and the stage finally have a video backdrop.

    Good luck to all delegates.

    • I have
      You have
      We have
      They have
      He has
      She has
      It has* … the stage* finally HAS a video stage backdrop.

  4. The best of luck kay Miss Philippines! Sana manalo. 🙂

    I think Rappler will be live-streaming the pageant later. 🙂

    • I look
      You look
      We look
      They look
      He looks*
      She looks*
      It looks*

      I eat
      You eat
      We eat
      They eat
      She eats*
      He eats*
      It eats*

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