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  1. She is 100% deserving of the crown but it feels like a shallow and bittersweet victory.

      • Well, take your penis for instance. You’ll never be man enough to father any children and bring a son into this world to make your father a proud grandfather. Instead, you’re just a shallow of man, who was born with a penis but acts and lives like an unatural woman. Clear dear? BOOM!

  2. I knew it! The moment I laid my eyes on Jamie, I knew she had the capacity to outshine all the candidates! Congratulations Jamie! That win is very much well-deserved! She looked so glamorous in the finals and her inner beauty certainly harmonized with radiating physical beauty last night! I’m very much pleased to see that all of her hard work has paid off.

    And just like any other competition, you’ll always get displeased watchers. Doesn’t matter if you’re the host the country, if you’re truly deserving you’ll undoubtedly snatch that precious crown! And if Miss Earth is a cooking show, why have we only won 2 crowns? Shouldn’t Philippines win more than that if Miss Earth is a really biased pageant… Haters will always hate. Philippines is just in a vulnerable situation right now in the pageant world, that’s why it’s so easy for other countries to create silly, nonsensical comments on Jamie’s victory!

    • Even the victory of Megan Young was contested last year. So we really cannot please everybody. There will always be issues thrown at the winner. But at the end of the day, Jamie won and that’s all that matters. 🙂

  3. Without a doubt, Philippines is the deserving winner. She is definitely the best rep from the Philippines – even better than Sandra Seifert in 2009.

    Unlike in 2008, when Karla Henry won, I do not question the results.

    Congratulations to Jamie. So far the best Big 4 pageant winner

  4. Congratulations Jamie ! A victory well-deserved notwithstanding all the comments be it favorable or not 🙂

  5. wawa lang si ms. brazil. sana hiniram nalang nila sila matsunaga…even si bianca …dami dami nila marunong mag salita dito. yun lang naman….

  6. Congrats to Jamie for a well-deserved win. At sa mga kontra ng kontra sa win nya, puede ba. Kung ang candidate natin eh matalo sangkatutak na reklamo ang sinasabi nyo. Ngayon, kung manalo reklamo pa rin kayo. O sige, ano ba ang gusto nyong gawin ng representative natin? Maging baliw tulad ninyo sala sa init sala sa lamig. Kaya ang mga ibang lahi napakadaling yurakan ang kandidato natin eh kasi mismong kayo na mga kababayan nya ang unang gustong punahin ang pagkapanalo nya. Suot na ni Jamie ang korona kaya let us celebrate the win with her. Let us stand behind her and be proud. I love the Philippines and will always support our own canditate come rain or shine.

  7. Congrats Jamie..pero mas OK yung sagot ni Venezuela yun nga lang diretsho retsho
    Niya yung sagot nya..nalito tuloy yung translator at hindi natranslate nang maigi..
    Kung putol putol eh di sana naitranslate nang mas maigi..super confident sya eh si
    Jamie medyo kinabahan sa answer pero mas difficult ang question net

  8. Congrats jame walang duda kaw na deservng tlga..

    Walang sablay…

    Bkt hnd na png uusapan sa crown c val?? Haha nganga nb??

  9. Congratulations Jaime! You should wear that crown with pride and dignity. It is a well-deserved victory. You can’t please everyone, including candidates you defeated and people from other countries and even your own country. Such is human nature. Failure is a human weakness. But the most important thing is to move forward. Show to the whole earth, your victory is worth more than winning the crown. Work towards fulfilling your advocacy. Be the best Miss Earth ever!

  10. If only you folks can see the Latin pageant sites blowing up! This decision is giving them fuel that adds to the obvious patronizing win of the local girl. She looks pretty and worked hard but the credibility is missing.

    To quote one Spanish comment: They are desperate for fucking up in Miss International and not doing well in Miss World so they made the plain girl win in their own fake pageant.


    • Bakit naman nawawala ang credibility e deserving naman siya?Sa pre-pageant activities magaling din naman performances niya. Wala na bang karapatang manalo ang host country?Kung magka ganun, e di dapat ang host country e wala na lang representative db?

    • Dear Franco, Ms Earth’s advocacy is to save mother earth. Your advocacy is to destroy Ms Earth, right?

      • It’s called constructive criticism. I do not really care for ME because it’s a demi-pageant. My advocacy is credibility, honesty, and truth.

    • that comment is busted! jamie a plain girl? ow come on! she’s the most charming and prettiest from the bunch. mas matangkad lang si venezuela. ganyan naman yan lagi. eh venezuela nga may issue sa ms. universe. na kesyo malaki ang kinikita ni trump kaya palagi nananalo. at kinontest naman ang win ni molly last year kesyo nanalo eh hindi naman sinagot talaga ang question. and based from the answer that i read (translated) of venezuela, sablay siya. hindi na naman sinagot ng diretso ang question. mas maganda pa sagot ni ms. usa. at swak at may substance naman sagot ni jamie. kahit na medyo nag-buckle. eh charming pa rin at ang tamis-tamis pa rin ng smile. sino ba mas marami crowns sa ms. earth? palagi ngang favorite yang venezuela na yan. palagi naman sila nananalo. saka na sila mag-alburuto kung hindi na sila pinepeborit ng MEO. lol!

    • I was already expecting to see foolish comments on Jamie’s victory the moment she was declared as the winner! Sure we started off on a rough patch but that does not mean we can’t turn it around.

  11. I was expecting usa to win! Philippines is very deserving naman,congratulations jamie harrel the new ms.earth 2014 ! Umariva na ang mga inggetera, naka isa na tau korona..sana may sumunod pa!

  12. Waking up in a cold morning here, what a wonderful way of knowing the news that miss Philippines won.

  13. Ang ganda-ganda ni Jamie. Her smile is enchanting, her charms are overflowing. Her beauty is very likable, sweet and not intimidating, pero palaban pa rin. And you can see how genuinely passionate she is. She’s a stand out among the bunch. Like Alyz last year. Come on guys, she deserved the crown that judges and the org would feel guilty if they don’t give it to her. Congrats Jamie! 1 crown for Pinas. Hope more crowns are coming next!

    • The main factor why Philippines and USA is in top 2 because there is something common in them(PERSONALITY). Not over confident pero palaban pa rin. As with Philippines vs USA, Philippines is far more beautiful and charming. Congrats Jamie!!!

  14. The string of Victory was started by JM Sunglao – Mr. Starz(?) World 2014…then came the Victory of Manny Pacquiao…and now with Jamie Herrell…who’s next: Yvethe Santiago and Kris Janson?

  15. Ms.Philippines Jamie Herrell deserves the crown. D lang naman Q & A basehan ng scores, anjan ang swim suit , ang gown, at di rin naman magkalayo ang sagot ni Venezuela kay Philippines. Tonight, talagang stand out si Jamie among other contestants. Sa personality na rin, Venezuela is over confident, parang nakakainis nga xa panoorin e. Jamie really stands out kahit tingnan nyo sa pic na naka swimsuit cla tatlo ni Puerto Rico, Philippines and Venezuela, Philippines stands out. For me, its either Philippines or USA talaga.

  16. I was actually hoping for an elemental crown for the Philippines. Spain, USA or Venezuela could have won this. I feel bad for Brazil…… that moment is really disappointing…. 😦 and usually other candidates congratulates the winners right? But no one seem to go in front with the winners to congratulate or something…. Or maybe it was not shown in the livestream…….. the production was really nice. But IMO, it will be nicer if another delegate won.

    • I agree! This victory is questionable. She may be deserving but it doesn’t work to hold the prestige of the pageant.

      • Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning the result, I’m just hoping for a different one. I totally believe that Miss Philippines deserves her win, it’s just that, I fear that this could cause a lot for MEO, after all the issues that they’ve been in the past years. Congratulations Jamie, Best of luck MEO!

        Btw. Have you seen the evening gown competition? For me, it was the best in 14 years! The sound and staging was outstanding! Kudos to that ME! 🙂

    • ang mahirap sa mga pinoy masyadong sensitivepagdating sa tinatawag na kredibility. na kailangan eh sacrifice ang sariling delegate kahit naman deserving para lamang hindi masira ang credibility. if you really want to maintain your credibility, be fair. koronahan ang dapat koronahan. hindi nga masisira ang kredibility sa ibang bansa pero paano naman ang nasa bansa mismo? ilang beses na yan ginawa ng ms. earth. ilang candidata na ba ang sinakripisyo? kaya nga nawawalan na ng gana ang mga pinoy manood. kasi kahit gaano pa kagaling kandidata ng pinas, dahil sa pinas ginawa ang kontest eh hindi papanalunin. kasi nga takot masabihang may favoritism. kalowkah!

  17. MEO took the risk of crowning the homegrown candidate…it was indeed such a courageous act…it was a just one, however, and the right one to do! Salute to you Miss Earth Organization for a job well done!

    • After spending a lot of money for the production, it makes sense to pick the local girl because they won’t be spending much during her reign. It all comes down to money, right?

  18. Congrats sa ating kandidata! At least may Pinoy pa rin sa Big 4 pageants. Si MJ na lang ang isa pa nating pag-asa.

    Pero, wala akong gustong sagot sa kanila. Si Miss USA lang ang medyo bet ko ang sagot. Medyo sablay rin si Miss Philippines. Pero kebs, nanalo pa rin! Mabuhay! Dadagsa na ang #pinoypride. ☺️👍

      • Eh kase, for me lang naman, for me lang ha, andun na ang sagot niya eh, matutumbok na niya pero parang kinulang. Kaya nasabi kong MEDYO sablay. Hindi SABLAY.

      • You cannot expound everything in 30 seconds…Jamie, however, was able to state the very substance of her answer: continuing campaign for the awareness of Climate Change…and the best best to start the education with is to do it to the children…because they are the future of the world! Wala ng use-tse burets pa…clear and direct!

    • walang sablay sa sagot niya.,tsk tsk tsk,. check mu nga ulit ang airing bukas ng miss earth ha? pakinggan mo ng mabuti sagot nya at magtanggal ka ng tutule ha?

      • Hindi ba pwede magcomment dito ng kahit konting negative man lang sa kandidata natin? Dapat puro positive lang? Ganun ba dapat? Kapag medyo negative, inaaway? Ugaling Pinoy talaga. Tsk tsk tsk. May kanya kanya tayong pananaw. Respeto. Linisin mo utak mo!

      • AK…pwede ka namang mag-comment ng negative kung may basehan…kaya nga tinatanong kung alin ba ang sablay sa sagot nya…kung masagot mo ng tama yon (kung ano ang basehan mo), then, walang problema…maging malinaw sa amin kung saan siya sumablay…Sino ba ang nang-aaway sayo ha?

    • For me Jamie had the best answer. Global warming is a very broad issue. Won’t even be fixed in just a decade. It takes time. And the only generation who could continue the campaign are the youth. Because they are the ones who will be greatly affected by the adverse effects. Kaya dpat sa kanila i-inculcate ang values to save the planet. Of course, with the help of the adults, which Jamie woiuld do.

  19. Jamie deserves the crown. Walang lutong macau na naganap. Sila talaga ni USA ang nag laban sa huli! Buti nalang di nagparaya MEO kasi para sakanya talaga eh… ganda ng sagot. Sayang si Spain..

    • Pero pansin ko lang parang wala siyang buddy buddy during the pre-pageant activities and parang walang happy for her?

      • Siempre, most girls are intimidated by her… She is Miss Philippines in her home turf and she’s absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

      • Mas okay naman yong walang buddy-buddy kaysa meron nga pero pakitang-tao lang at halatadong peke ang dating at may “ulterior motive” ang alliance!

  20. I would just like to repost what I have written days ago (though in tonight’s final I thought it’s a tight race between Philippines and Venezuela)..

    Philippines has earned the respect of the World in terms of producing agreeable winners. It has become a power-house of beauty…a force to be reckoned with!
    Crowning Jamie Harrell will not be much of an issue as Olivia Culpo was crowned in her native land. Jamie is deserving of the crown…she should not be deprived of it. Otherwise, local candidates may stop filing for slots in the next Miss Earth Philippines if they knew that a deserving winner will have difficulty in snatching the Miss Earth crown!

    • TAMA!!!! Deserving talaga si JAMIE,,.Naku kung hindi siya ang nanalo,,tatambling naku sa sobrang tulig! SALAMAT kay JAMIE! PInasaya niya ang mga PINOY!

    • oo nga naman. actually disadvantage pa nga if yung pageant magaganap sa home court eh. so kung manalo ka man dun sa palgay ko mas deserve kase mas mahirap yun. i’m not saying this kase nanalo tayo ha..i’m just saying na since may stigma mas mahirap masungkit yung ganung panalo. parang if mangyari it better be for a good reason and a really deserving candidate.

      kung sobrang kontra talaga edi gawa sila ng official provision na bawal mag padala ng candidate kung sa home court (irita court talaga) fine home turf gaganapin pageant kung talagang i pu push anf fairness.

  21. I’m not really comfortable with Jamie winning the pageant. Her answer is so cliche. An elemental crown is enough. I expect that there will be withdraws from other countries by next year. Sayang maganda pa naman ang production this year only to find out hometown decision pala.

    • And the girls didn’t seem happy with Jamie winning the crown. Obvious naman dun sa court niya na parang naiinis sa decision. Iyong mga girls sa likod, wala rin paki. Sila sila lang ang naghahug sa isat isa.

      • Dear Franco, Ms Earth’s advocacy is to save mother Earth. Your advocacy is to destroy Ms Earth, right?

    • Pageantry is not just the Q&A… Jamie’s performance through-out the whole pageant is something you just can’t ignore… I saw a few of her interviews and I knew then and there that she’s not the usual Miss Philippines candidate… She has the personality of a winner. She’s a fighter, an achiever and a performer thus, she is very desserving.

    • It doesn’t matter if a candidate’s answer is cliche or not, as long as it it delivered genuinely, (which Jamie did with justice), then who cares. The answers to the Q&A portion of any beauty pageant shouldn’t always have to be “unique” or different. Even using simple words is acceptable as long as your message is powerful and understandable!

  22. congrats Jaime, pero ME ha,next time maghanda kayu ng interpreter kawawa naman si ms brazil…

  23. Air -USA
    Water – Venezuela
    Fire – Russia

    Philippines pa ata ang mananalo!

  24. Let’s give the title to the one who is deserving…and for me it is Venezuela
    Ist RU – Philippines
    2nd RU – Slovak Republik
    3rd RU – Brazil

  25. Maganda answer ni Venezuela though I think she should have given the translator time to translate it. Tuloy-tuloy lang siya magsalita eh kaya nahirapan iyong translator. 😦 Pero I’m rooting for her. Si Jamie medyo halatang kinakabahan, kulang sa conviction or maybe that’s how she really speaks. But damn, she is GORGEOUSSSSS!!!! Who designed that gown?! She screams Miss Universe!!!

    • dinaan lang ni venezuela sa confidence ang sagot niya eh.. if you really look at it, she didn’t directly answered the question.

  26. kung di rin lang naman makapag-provide ng interpreter ang meo, mabuti pa e tanggalin na nila ang q&a sa coronation night at pag-speech na lang ang mga contestant parang mw o mi. wala na bang budget ang meo dito at mismong contestant e ginawang interpreter, di man lang nahiya..

  27. USA slovak russia Zambia
    favorite talaga ng ME ang Brazil at Venezuela laging present though magaling naman talaga candidates nila.para iba naman

  28. The Q & A is so biased to English speakers. Wala man lang pinrovide na translator for Miss Brasil?!!! This is so unjust!! Nakakaloka lang ang Miss Earth. Halata disappointment ni Brasil sa face niya.

    • true!! at siguro may kasunod pa yung sasabihin ni brazil at tinapos agad nung host, nakakaawa lang.

      • Actually, if you can speak Spanish, you can somehow understand Portuguese. I wonder why they didn’t ask the translator of Miss Spain to translate what Miss Brasil said. Nakakapagtaka talaga sila. Iyong host parang hindi naman nabrief.

    • and if translators were provided, they seemed to be inept. a total disappointment! i feel for those who needed their answers translated! brazil looked crestfallen 😦

    • The Brazilian pageant org should have thought about providing their own interpreter before they sent a candidate… The winner will become a spokesperson for the advocacies of Miss Earth org from the Philippines to the whole world, therefore an English speaking candidate would be the best choice. Besides, the Miss Earth judges are not biased. In 2012, Czech republic can barely speak english, did not bring an interpreter nor understand her question and yet she won.

      • I know that but hello, give the girls equal playing field naman. Lamang na lamang talaga iyong marurunong mag-English kung ganyang mentality rin lang naman ang mangingibabaw. Iba ang judges ng Miss Earth 2012 sa 2014, Closer2Fame. Kahit saang angle mo tingnan, it’s Miss Earth’s responsibility to provide an interpreter. Kahit sa UN, sila ang nagpoprovide ng interpreter sa mga Spanish and French-speaking reps noh.

      • but i still think that it is the principal responsibility of the organizer to provide for qualified interpreters to those who cannot speak english, unless it required each delegate to tag along her chosen interpreter prior to flying for the finals. choosing a winner only because of her english speaking ability is also rather prejudicial against those who cannot speak english. after all, the MEO has openly and legitimately accepted those who are non-english speakers to represent their respective countries. it should therefore be willing to crown one at any given year and consider her also as a best choice, at par with those who are.

      • I think MEO wants to imply for those participating is to include to learn how to speak the universal language and also the local languange in their trainings. Kasi pag nanalo yan pupunta sya sa ibang bansa para I promote ang advocasies nila. Alangan naman magsalita sya ng native language nila pano naman sila magkakaintindihan. Just my opinion.

      • @Simply Gorgeous

        I agree with Pompei… They all know that Miss Earth rarely provides an interpreter… They all know that Miss Earth is not just about beauty and pageantry. Why would you send a candidate that lacks the skills to win a pageant… Why would u send an unarmed soldier to a battle? Nobody said non-English speaking people can’t join but everyone knows the winner will become an International spokesperson… Are they suppose to bring an Interpreter the whole time?… The Q&A portion is a test of grace under pressure while being asked an English question.The last winner- Venezuela can barely speak English and yet she tried and she was charming.

  29. para maiba lang i’ll go for mongolia, usa, russia and spain or slovak rep. kasawa na kung parating may brazil, philippines at venezuela sa top 4 ng miss earth 🙂

    • I am committed to an important family gathering somewhere in the south of the metro. Family comes first in times like this. 😉

      • Oh okay. Sayang. Was waiting pa naman for your real time updates. Enjoy your time with the family. 🙂 great weekend!

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