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  1. Oh I guess I’m the only one who has a differing opinion. Yes I can definitely say that Rolene is beautiful and I do like her. But she gives me more of a Miss Universe vibe rather than a Miss World vibe. That maybe because of that mature look she has. She reminds me of a mature version of Marine Lorphelin. And I really want her for Miss Universe (Is that bad?). Other than Val, our representative, I’m leaning towards representatives like India, France, Serbia, Mexico, etc.

  2. I like her actually, she is like an MW prototype. but still, Val has my support and prayers! 🙂

  3. What if she ends up as Runner Up? Will she still compete for Miss Universe? Wag naman sana, give chance to others lol #NoTeaNoShade

  4. nalito nako naka tulog ako sa sama ng loob (nhaks) pero ano balita? pasok ba tayo anywhere?
    ok ok bnabasa ko na so pasok na tayo ganun? nakow…Val alam mo na gagawin….mag enervon ka na ng husto!

    maganda si rolene oo pero may pagka manly pa rin for me
    kaso lang…yung exposure nya this year parang exposure ni Megan last year
    Si Ms. Santolan kase ang exposure nya this year super dami pero gets? Trinabaho nya kase i expose sarili nya…..

    The mere fact na may separate segment sya na ganito sa NB must mean..malaks talaga itong babaitang to….


  5. Hope she wins 1st or 2nd princess tapos back to back Pinas. Para wala na rin malakas na kalaban si MJ for MU2014 crown.

  6. as of now, South Africa and Hungary are leading the pack. With Hungary placing 2nd in Sports and winning the Long Jump while South Africa placing 3rd and winning the Dreaded Bleep Test. Both made the Top Model.

    I still have hope for Valeria. There’s still the Talent, Beach Beauty, and Multimedia.

  7. Valerie’s biggest competition is herself…Rolene comes next. Valerie at this point should have figured out what she is lacking and should learn how to make up for that. She is on her own now and the only help we could offer is to make her top the online poll. Kaya tama na ang mga criticisms…boto na!

    • yes, docky..tama yan..pasok na si Val sa People’s Choice..ang winner ng people’s choice, kung hindi ako nagkakamali, pang-number 6 na magspeech after tawagin ang top 5…Sana makuha natin ang people’s choice so dapat, hindi tayo magstop sa pagboto…I have high hopes for Val dun sa beach beauty…and other areas…

    • agree! val doesn’t need to watch out for any other contestant but herself. she’s not standing out. look at her Top Model performance. Para lang siyang naglalakad na skirt! kaya pala talaga hindi nakasama sa top 20. she better improve her catwalk skills. the other girls are amazing, she’s not catching up.

  8. ang ganda ni Rolene,pasok nato sa top ten panigurado, maganda performance nya sa mga challenges,pag nanalo to mababawasan ang tinik sa landas ni MJ..koronahan na yan

  9. Mark my word, she is the next Ms World.
    She is Megan Young of class 2014.
    Sige koronahan na nga Siya para mabawasan ng sakit sa Ulo si MJ sa Doral next month.

    • not yet finished till it’s official.. top 3: india, philippines, south africa.. any of the three could win the crown.

    • It will not be a surprise if the winner this year is from 1) a European Country or 2) a former colony of UK. Regionalism plays a big role in pageants because the judges are influenced by what they see and know everyday in their country. Of the top 20, the stats are very clear – 9 Europeans, 6 former UK colonies/part of the Commonwealth of Nations, 3 Latinas, and 1 Asian (HK but China technically). Part of Megan’s win last year can be attributed to Indonesia’s hosting. A winner from Asia Pacific will be slim.

      • So kasali pala tayo sa TOP if ever… We were colonized by the Brittish for 2 years eh… Ganun ba ang sukatan?!

  10. There is no doubt that she is the candidate to beat. Like Megan last year, the hype was supported by her performance. She may go easy on BWAP or Multimedia but it will not matter since her points are already high enough to qualify in top 10. The only chance she can mess up is with an incoherent and cliche answer as to why she should be MW. Personally, she is my pick for this year. I bet MJ’s pick too so she has one less gorgeous girl to battle!

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