14 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Miss Earth 2003 Dania Prince of Honduras

  1. Dania Patricia really looked stunning when her name was called as Miss Earth 2003.

    Yes, she has that sincerity factor!!! XD

  2. Napagod ata yun isang candidate at nakaupo habang nag farewell walk si Miss Earth 2002.

  3. Kuya Norman, if you are looking for a more refreshing representation of the causes and objectives of Miss Earth, then Miss Valerie Huber fits very well that description. I hope she is included in your top 10 list, hehe

    • Kuya Norman, I have reviewed your top 16 list…it saddened me that Miss Autria wasn’t there! I hope she can pull a surprise for you come coronation night!

  4. I think it is high time ulit for Miss Earth to give more emphasis on purpose and cause rather than beauty. I’ve noticed that for the past years, those who can be really good environment ambassadors end up with the elemental crowns, as finalist, or worst, excluded from the top 16. I remember back in 2012, there were so many girls who have more passion towards the cause. Although I adore Teresa, I think Miss South Africa Tamerin Jardine should have been given a spot in the Top 4.

    • I disagree with you on Teresa Faksojva. She became the most traveled Miss Earth ever! And compared to Alyz, who in my opinion did less during her current reign. Katia Wagner did a better job as Miss Air so far.

      • Teresa did really well on her reign. I’m not bashing her though. It’s just that there are also other girls who might also do well. I agree with you on Katia. Halfway Alyz’s reign, I was already feeling that she might get dethroned. And now, Katia was not invited by Carousel for the coronation which saddens me. I think Miss Earth has become more of a beauty pageant than it’s true essence of being a cause-oriented pageant. Parang nagiging plainly pagandahan nalang siya which is sad coz I really loved the past queens.

    • Why does BPCI insist on boring colored muslim princess costumes?!? Ok, I’ll admit na this is in a better color than what they made Bianca Guidotti wear but our costumes from down south are very vividly colored!!! Rich gold, magentas, lapiz, verdant greens, deep blacks… Haaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!

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